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Animals Were On This Planet Long Before Humans

73 years old
Lubbock Texas, Texas
United States

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Horror and some Sci-Fi and Old Westerns

Native American
Love Opera
New Age (love Celtic), Folk, Country, and Classical but I have favorites in just about all genres except rap, punk & heavy metal

Anything Stephen King, Harry Potter and a hodge podge of misc.

Sky Blue is my absolute favorite, from there it depends on my mood, I have even been known to fancy certain shades of pink.

Coffee has to be number one
Tuna on toasted rye with lettuce and tomatoe Pastrami on Rye with a good Provolone cheese


My emergency contact is a local friend, if I am unable to log in for any reason, she has been given instructions on log in and will keep everyone updated.

Come on in, sit a spell, I do not bite, honest.
The Coffee is always fresh and hot.

I thought it high time to let all my friends and visitors get a look at what makes me tick, what keeps me going, what motivates me.

I have no Native American Blood, I live by, follow and honor Native American traditions. My mentor growing up was an Apache Blood Brother and Family Friend. I also have a Cherokee Blood Sister that taught me a great deal.

I can and have survived in the wilderness living on what berries and roots "The Great Mother" has provided. This was my entrance into "Manhood" at the age of Fourteen.

I love cooking over an open fire, but I will not cut down a tree for fuel, I use what has been discarded by Nature.

If per chance nothing is available, then I use the traditional electric stove as I must eat.I personally will not kill any creature for any reason, not a fly, mosquito or any others, they have as much right to live as I do.

If practical I would rather ride a horse than drive a car.

I have lived a hard life, but I would not change any aspect, I accept what I have and what is to be asking for no more than a morsel of bread and sip of water. I am Me, I take what I am given with great ceremony.

I am Disabled, I do not complain or gripe about it, that does nothing to change the situation, I accept what I have and live life the best I can.

My survival is a daily struggle, soime days worse than others, with this I strive to have a good day and be thankful for what each day brings.

I was Forced into retirement by illness, I had the mortgage crammed down my throat by a judge. Gas, heating oil and food prices are going through the roof and I get a stinking pay cut, my ends meet as long as nothing breaks.

As hard as life is and has been, I enjoy the life I am living, sure, I wish things were different but they aren't so I accept what I have with great ceremony.

I only go out once a month to a computer club meeting. I drive though my doctors all wish I wouldn't and I have my groceries ordered online and delivered.

Politics and Religion, I have my own views and beliefs, I will discuss neither and that is not for debate.

Animals,Big and Small. Our very existance depends upon them. I embrace Mother Nature and all she has given.

Right now I have 5 Cats, 1 Dog (these are my children, my family, and companions (they are not pets, I hate that word).

People with a true heart, its the inner beauty I look at.

I love to cook, especially outside over a wood fire. Inclement weather, blizzards, sleet, snow, hail, and rain do not stop me, Wind is my only enemy. I cook over wood "Low and Slow".

I love the Fall (My Background Is Reflective of the Beauty Mother Paints at this special season.

My Relatives (a brother, three sisters, nieces & nephews to be exact).

People that only care about themselves (see relatives above this).

Anyone that is abusive to animals or humans (yea, that be those stinking relatives again).

Liars, Thieves, Back Stabbers, Scammers (yea, that be those stinking relatives again).

Also at the top of the list, those that bang on my door insisting I need a religious experience.

Wildlife Rehab
Outdoors Grilling (I use wood only)
Anything Computers (I will not Program)

My Twitter Name is:

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