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68 years old
Coldwater, Michigan
United States

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Comedies , action pics, anything with Bruce Willis and Steven Segal. Watched Bucket List and just loved it. Grand Torino was great.

60's rock, some coun
try, Classical

anything by Nora Roberts, J D Robb , Steven King, Just read The Shack by William P. Young. Everyone should read this book

Brown and blue.Those are my favorites but love most all shades.

seafood and fish.Coney Island Hotdogs, steak,mashed potato's,asparagus and corn.

Bert is my contact person. We met just after I joined and hit it righ
t off. She is a very special lady and I love her dearly.


Married for 34 yrs. My husband passed away 8/9/12. I miss him alot. Graduated from high school in 1966 and went to nursing school. Became an LPN but had to retire due to knee injury and advanced arthritis. Have a step daughter and 3 boys from her and her wonderful husband and a daughter with a boy and a girl.

Have a 14 yr old Shih tzu named Gizmo and a 8 yr old cat named applecat. Have a year old shih tzu, Tri colored brown and his name is Bandit.
My girl friend died of cancer a yr ago and I inherited her cat. Katie is almost 3 and has blended into our family very well.Love animals so much. Update on Gizmo. We had to have him put to sleep the 9th of April. He had been deaf and blind for months and got along fine.Then on the 7th he totally lost his ability to know where he was or where he was going. So we made the only decision we could. We miss him so much and so do the other furkids.

Cool weather, quiet days, reading, my computer, making friends around the world.

Judgemental people. Also bigotry in any form. Don't like anyone who would abuse any person or animal.

reading,making afgans you cross stitch on

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04/29/2017 13:45:41

Last night was date night and Geralyn and I spent it at our favorite music festival, Festival Internationale de Louisiane! The entire downtown area is closed to traffic and there are 5 stages that play music continually from Wednesday through Sunday. The festival celebrates music from all over the world but highlights the French culture and music. The bands are introduced to the spectators in both English and French. Bands from all over the world perform with a great number of bands performing in French!

Have a great weekend,


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02/28/2017 20:05:08
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===Stopping by to Wish you
a Wonderful Wednesday full
of Love and Happiness!!===

 photo 1203040447151396149532237.png~Mystic Rose~

02/19/2017 19:02:16

Ger and I went to our local Mardi Grad Parade today with Ger's son Greg and his caregiver Bree. As you can see from the video below the weather was hot and we all had a great time!!

Have a great week,


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02/17/2017 18:24:48

Old San Juan is the oldest settlement within Puerto Rico and the historic colonial section of the city of San Juan. The settlement is a National Historic Landmark District and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The city is characterized by its narrow, blue cobblestone streets, and flat roofed brick and stone buildings which date back to the 16th and 17th century—when Puerto Rico was a Spanish possession.

Geralyn and I were fortunate to visit Puerto Rico on the day of our wedding anniversary, January 22. It was also the day that Puerto Rico were celebrating the San Sebastian Street Festival.

San Sebastián Street Festival, is a very popular Puerto Rican festivity that takes place in the Old San Juan. It is a four-day event that starts the third Thursday of January through Sunday. This festive is in honor of Saint Sebastian. Puerto Ricans are well known for taking advantage of any special occasion to throw a big party, and the Christmas season is no exception! In fact, the island is known for having the longest Christmas in the world. Every year the holiday season ends with its biggest festival of the year, and surely its most famous, the San Sebastian Street Festival. This festival showcases Puerto Rico’s culture almost entirely. There are parades, live music, dancing, food, and locally created crafts to buy.

Have a great weekend,


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