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01/29/2023 13:24:02

For small creatures such as we, the vastness is made bearable only through love

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01/29/2023 13:09:11

Hello, enjoy, this beautiful Sunday, and a good start

to the week, have a good time

great take care,kisses,maria

01/29/2023 10:35:51

we got about a foot of snow last night...it's so pretty out! hope your sunday is happy...much love marykay

01/29/2023 10:12:37





I wish you nothing but blessings this day and in the week ahead as we end this month of January with cold, freezing rain in our area.  


01/29/2023 05:18:52

The way some of us were.............

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01/29/2023 05:04:06



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01/29/2023 04:28:30

Happy Sunday. It is about 7*. I think it is going to drop another couple of degrees by daylight. Windchill is -10* but I am in the house. Looking into the darkness, I notice a light snow semi covering things in the outside world. This is going to be a cold two weeks. Live long and radiate. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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01/29/2023 03:47:08

Good morning Lorri, fill your Sunday with lots of relaxation.

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Blessed Be my friend.

01/28/2023 21:59:57

Happy Sunday morning - Download on Funimada.com

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01/28/2023 18:42:20

evening did nothing today.,

had a dish of ice cream  for dinner and 24 oz of water

hope you had a good day and a great weekend

01/28/2023 14:31:11

Take care~~ hugs, debijo

01/28/2023 12:36:18

this day in 1986.............

Seven astronauts in blue flight jackets posed for a picture.

01/28/2023 11:10:53

hello, enjoy, this beautiful, saturday, have a good time

Great, take care of yourself, in Spain, it's very 

cold, take care of yourself


01/28/2023 10:58:13


Good Morning from Colorado!  Did you know they had Giraffes in Colorado?  I guess every state has a zoo of some kind.  


Good Morning from Mount Kilimanjaro!  What a beautiful background.  Giraffes are all over the world.  


What happened to all the trees and the beautiful scenery?  Are you blowing smoke clouds up my... tree?


I have an itch.  Would you scratch... oh, that's it... right there!  That is what good friends are for!  Thanks my friend.  


It has been a long day all around the world.  Now I am hungry!  Let's go get a bite to eat.  Do you think the moon might be made of cheese?  


01/28/2023 10:08:23

my early morning visiter..

01/28/2023 09:41:53

Enjoy this last January Sat/Sun. Looking forward to a spring thaw. 🐇

01/28/2023 04:47:23

Anniversary of Henry's death, or Hank as he was known around the bar. We knew him well

Henry VIII Dies at Greenwich | History Today

01/28/2023 03:58:45

Good morning Lorri, wishing you a most wonderful weekend of

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Blessed Be my friend.

01/28/2023 03:46:53

Good morning. Saturday is here and the start of the cold. It is 9* as of this typing and this will be the last reasonable day for a couple of weeks. Too many slippery spots to make the walking protocol today. Church later and then I shall hermetically seal myself in for the duration of today. Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet! 

I used to be madly in love with this woman decades ago.

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01/27/2023 22:26:43

Happy Saturday Gif - GIFcen

Flower Gif - IceGif

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01/27/2023 17:48:36

I love to watch kids play, especially when I get lost in my grownup thoughts. At those times, I yearn to join them, but my height and looks would give me away. Kids delight in the truth. They see with eyes unclouded by judgment. They’re hungry to learn and excited to discover the wonders all around them. Dandelion bouquets and dead bugs are the gifts to others from their humble hearts. I want to be a kid again.

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01/27/2023 12:16:55

Hello, this weekend you can do what you have always

wanted, enjoy it to the fullest, take advantage

of every minute or to rest or to occupy yourself with 

something that makes you get out of the routine

take care,kisses,maria

01/27/2023 10:01:30

01/27/2023 09:31:05


Ok!  I am ready to read a book now that I have my new glasses.  What do you think?  Do they make me look younger?  


Do you have a good book you just finished that you might like to share or recommend? 


Let me show you my favorite part in the book I just finished.  I laughed and laughed at this part.  


Then I started looking for another good book by the same author and got so tired that I just closed my eyes for a minute.  


Oh, who am I kidding?  When I read I just seem to fall asleep and dream.  Now where was I?  Time to get up and go do something exciting.  Where is that ball of yarn?  


01/27/2023 04:49:05

Looks cold

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01/27/2023 04:16:52

Good morning. Opening this morning with 18* and supposedly  light snow. I looked out the window and did not see that as I had cancelled the walking event due to it being slippery. Supposed to get into the 20s this afternoon. I may try to walk then. Game time decision. Tomorrow will be cold. Sunday the real cold starts. Reaching sub zero. I am planning on church today. Maybe a trip to Walmart for recreation and human contact. Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet! I have been hoping this machine would update to Windows 10 but it has not. The first time around it forced its way onto it.

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01/27/2023 03:49:09

Good morning Lorri, wishing you a fabulous Friday of many smiles.

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With love from my page to yours..Blessed Be.

01/26/2023 22:07:00

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01/26/2023 11:20:41

Hello, I wish you a great day Thursday, that your way

and help you to carry out all your activities

successfully. saluzy peace

take care, kisses,maria

01/26/2023 10:22:22

Happy Thursday my sweet friend. Take care, hugs for you.

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