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12/16/2018 09:21:32

Good morning Deb, make today the best day ever..with love from my page to yours..

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12/16/2018 09:05:05

very foggy here, i could'nt see across the street earlier, hoping for some sunshine...enjoy your sunday...hugs

12/16/2018 06:32:55

12/16/2018 05:04:20
Sunday morning, and a good morning to you.  It is 33°and this is the first time in a long time that he has been above freezing overnight.  I also noticed the stars.  There are so many and yet I could count every star in this quadrant of the galaxy.  I was not out long enough to notice if the rock I like to call the Moon was in the vicinity.  It almost made me feel like going for my exercise but it was too late.  I had already taken some nourishment and coffee and I never exercise after eating anything.  And to be quite frank, there are still areas that are slippery.

Yesterday I was able to remedy the situation at the grocery store where I was cheated.  I was able to make things right and I felt afterwards that everything was right in the universe.  I think I shall return to the store today as I wish to get some Jewish Rye with caraway seeds.  I have exhausted my supply at home.  It is rather expensive but enjoyable.  I have purposely left my motor vehicle out of the garage to enabled this writer to get some things done today, and tomorrow.  I was hoping that I would have received my property tax bill in the mail so I could also get that done at the same time I have to do something else.  Alas, it was not meant to be and I shall have to take care of that in a separate action.  It is one of the few bills I do not pay online.  It is not that I discriminate against this for security.  I just want the paperwork for completion of my tax returns at a later time.  I'm always the one to suffer.

I leave you now with my status the same as usual.  I'm drinking the good coffee, listening to the stereo, and composing communiques and other compositions online.  Have a good day.  Ciao for now in watch your wallet!

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12/15/2018 21:06:12

Only 9 days to go.
I can hardly wait for Christmas.
Remember This is the happiest time of the year.
Lots of Love & BIG Hugs, Judi

12/15/2018 19:10:36

It is a beautiful time of the year ...
enjoy every little moment Deb.

12/15/2018 13:01:02

It is indeed a lazy day here. This dreary weather does put a damper on things. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to get out and catch up on shopping. Hard to believe we are only 10 days from Christmas. Remember, when we were kids, it seemed like an eternity between holidays each year. Need to work on the rest of my cards, so to get them out by Monday. We will see how goes. Enjoy the weekend Deb -:)

12/15/2018 10:02:26

have a wonderful saturday...hugs

12/15/2018 07:37:40

12/15/2018 07:11:53

An enjoyable weekend to you &
hoping your keeping warm . Pretty nice here , nighttime in the 40s
& daytime in the mid 60s. Since we have no more small children we
don't buy for each other because we have all we need we buy a bunch of
toys & gifts for all age groups of kids to give to toys for tots or
our local blue Santa for distribution. Also for our family . Relax a
little & take care......George

Good Morning Because I said so.

12/15/2018 06:37:58

12/15/2018 05:29:15

May you have the best weekend...let it snow let it snow...

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12/15/2018 04:53:14
Good morning on a Saturday morning.  It is 22° out and I can see every star in this quadrant of the galaxy.  I was not dressed properly and so it did feel somewhat cold.  Yesterday, I actually got some things done as far as getting out of the house.  Unfortunately I was the victim of a crime or ethics violation at the grocery store.  I must have taken the wrong salad dressing because I was charged inappropriately (too much).  Some people might say that is my fault but I would issue a retort that someone should have realized I had the wrong item considering it was not the coupon item.  Fortunately I have my automobile in the street ready to go today and so I shall be able to rectify this matter in a timely fashion.  I have also closed the book on the attache case test.  I'm just wondering if there will be a time when the attache case reappears at the bus stop.  It sort of reminds me of the time someone stole some garbage I was going to throw away at the garbage receptacle at the grocery store.  I can only wonder what that person thought when they stopped running and realized it was garbage.

My agenda is the usual for a Saturday.  Nothing spectacular.  The only thing that shall be interesting is my return to the grocery store.  Have a good day as we move one day closer to where I like to call Christmas.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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12/15/2018 01:53:43

12/14/2018 22:56:30

Have a FUN Weekend !

12/14/2018 19:31:50

Just popping in to say,
hello and wish you a fantastic weekend my friend.
BIG Hugs, Judi

12/14/2018 18:58:33

12/14/2018 17:50:54

Had a long day with my grandson's and we had

fun even in the rain! Hope you are enjoying your evening!

Mine was nice and my evening is peaceful!

Smiles & Hugs Always!   

12/14/2018 16:53:53

Weekend Comments Images

12/14/2018 16:52:23

Have a happy WE xo

12/14/2018 16:07:01

12/14/2018 09:22:05

i wish you the best of this season...hugs

12/14/2018 08:22:30

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12/14/2018 05:39:52

12/14/2018 04:08:40
Good morning. Temps are heading for 35* today. Able to walk on the streets and sidewalks again, for the most part. It is MOVIE DAY, but status is uncertain. I have to activate my car for a trip to the store later. Outside of that, the agenda is open.

I decided to go through my house and find all of the things I wish to scan.  Things such as important papers, pictures, etc.  In either case, I started this action but it is going to take quite some time.  I have several attache cases, some of them in poor shape.  I decided to get rid of one of them.  I took it out and left it by a bench at a bus stop.  One of those enclosed bus stops.  I think tomorrow I shall go back and find out if there are any dishonest people who have stolen the attache case.  I was going to do that later but I got lazy.  I may give a report on my findings a later time.

Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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12/14/2018 01:00:03

12/13/2018 17:27:10

Have a peaceful night and a wonderful weekend my dear friend. Peace, love,  and blessings. 

12/13/2018 16:41:48

'Seasons Greetings' 100 ELVIS MERRY CHRISTMAS LOGO photo 717934fe-b039-4033-b1ed-9ebb3ed26365_zpsdqtcl4rz.png


Have A ''FABULOUS WEEKEND'' Deb Enjoy!

Have a fun time!



12/13/2018 16:16:21

 all is well here. Its a lazy day just doin nothing :)

I'm letting the crock pot do the cooking lol pulled pork. 

Have a great afternoon. Hug

12/13/2018 11:28:17

Well back from the dentist and ready for a 

rainy afternoon. Hope this finds you happy with the

life around you and having time to do what you do! 

Take Care and keep Smiling!   

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