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04/18/2021 14:56:54

Hello Moe, how are you doing?  I hope all is well and that you are enjoying your weekend with some nice weather. Going to be quite warm here today with temps around 86. Little warmer than normal but it will cool back down this coming week.  Haven't had any rain for awhile so I had to drag out the hoses and start watering the lawn, it was starting to look a little dry in places. I mowed last weekend so think I will skip it this weekend.  I think every other weekend will be ok. 

We did finish the main pineapple pack but have a few to do this coming week for the clean up orders. I'm really not a fan of pineapple so don't buy it. The main fruits I eat are bananas, peaches, and strawberries. I do love grapes also but just never seem to get around to buying them lol..

I seem to be having a rather lazy weekend.  Need to snap out of it and get some things done before it is over. Have you been doing anything special lately? Lunches, or a little walk in the sunshine?  

Have you had your second shot yet?  We had a shot clinic at our work this last week but I didn't get one. My mom got hers at the rehab center a few days ago.  She wasn't going to get one but my Aunt talked her into it. My Aunt got the Johnson&Johnson one. Sure hopes she doesn't develop the blood clots like some have from that shot.  Though it is a very small percentage.  And a small percentage of people still get the virus even though they are fully vaccinated. Though they really don't know why.  I don't really think they know much about any of it. Just kind of a guessing game. 

You know, I really do like your page. It is a lot different that most that you have done. And yes, I do wish Doc Shell would get her site running again. There are so many to choose from on her site. Though Designing Girl has nice ones also, just not as many. And there are some new people out there making some. Soon I will have to change mine to a summer theme. Maybe I will do it when I have my week off around Memorial Day.

Well, here I am just rambling on and not really saying much lol... So, I guess I will close for now and see if I can muster up some energy and get some things done.  Hope you enjoy your day and have a great week~~ love and hugs, debijo

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