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02/05/2023 03:49:17

Good morning Moe, may you have a peaceful Sunday.

Woman in winter by Philip Mckay, Digital art, Composition | Art Limited
Blessed Be my friend.

02/05/2023 02:19:09

02/04/2023 22:36:09

Happy Sunday | Happy day gif, Good morning gif animation, Good night gif

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02/02/2023 19:22:36

Good evening Moe and thank you..Its been very much a challenge but I feel worse for her because she does not understand whats happening to her...Hopefully test will tell us where she is at..or what stage she is in..I'm just trying to do everything I can to make her feel comfortable and still enjoy her life..Have a nice evening my friend..much love being sent your way.

01/28/2023 15:07:24

Hello Moe, 

how are you doing?  Hope you are staying warm, no fun having to get out and about when it is that cold. It has been cold here also. Been below freezing most nights. The days have been sunny and it is actually supposed to be around 50 today, which is nice for a change. I'm ready for some nice Spring weather, which your lovely page reflects. I really like it.  Maybe Spring will come early... One can hope anyway.  

Well, your son has gone back to Mexico now.  I do hope he had a safe trip. And I'm sure it is a big adjustment for you again. I know you really miss him not being there. Always so nice to have the company and the extra help around the house. Hopefully he will come back soon for a visit. 

Yes, we are in the Honeybell season again, as well as some stonefruit.  Got some lemon plums in and packed them up yesterday. Have nectarines coming in on Monday, both the plums and nectarines are from Chile since they are not in Season around here. Anyway, pretty much the same ole thing around here. This weekend will be doing the usual housework and laundry (sigh) About time to get started on the Spring cleaning. Need to go through my closets and get rid of some clothes, clean out drawers, move furniture etc. Just not in the mood for it yet.

And no, I didn't have the day off for Martin Luther King day. We used to get that day off as well as Presidents day off for a paid Holiday but when 1800 Flowers bought out our company they took those two Holidays away from us. So nice of them wasn't it??  But it is what it is, can't really do much about it.  At least they didn't take away our other Holidays. Still get two days paid for Memorial Day, and 3 days paid for the 4th of July, then just the one day paid for Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. 

Well, I suppose I have rambled on enough for now. My tummy is telling me it is time to get something to eat. Seems the day is flying by, can't believe it is 1:00 already.  You take care of yourself and enjoy your weekend~~ sending love and hugs, debijo

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