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04/21/2018 17:07:08

I lost the comment I left last night and was just too tired to rewrite it. lol
I haven't called by for a while and wondered how you're going with your PT.
How are your daughters?
Just thinking of you and hoping that all is well in your little corner of the globe.
I'm heading out with friends today and really looking forward to the outing.
Take care dearest Pat.
Hugs ...

04/21/2018 07:52:40

Well now that was weird ... Di warned me that hitting the Submit Button may take me to places that I hadn't meant to go and that's exactly what happenned.
I'll just say take care and I'll catch up again soon.
Big hugs ...

04/20/2018 08:49:47

Wishing you a wonderful weekend 2

04/13/2018 21:54:49

Have a wonderful weekend 18

04/12/2018 07:18:45

Good Morning - Have A Beautiful Day

04/11/2018 11:18:07

Big Hugs, sweet pal!!

04/10/2018 18:59:34

Good Week image 10

04/09/2018 09:17:04


04/04/2018 08:48:02

Dropping By Graphic #34

03/30/2018 14:38:44

Enjoy your girls, sweetie, and Happy Easter w/love...

03/28/2018 19:53:52

Are you allergic to pollen Pat?
It seems I am ... never was when I was young but with time, comes so many changes and I really could live without most of them lol
You are doing so well with your PT. Keep up the good work.
We have a couple of local Bakeries that make beautiful hot cross buns but the local supermarket only produce dough drops. Oh Pat, they are terrible. So tough and heavy. You quickly learn where NOT to shop. Enjoy your Easter with your beautiful daughters Pat.

Big hugs ...

03/27/2018 23:25:03

Pete and I had a lovely day out yesterday and it certainly doesn't seem like over half a century since our big day ... then again, the mirror might be telling a different story. lol

Do enjoy your Easter with your girls Pat ... that is the best way to entertain. I agree totally with you on that one.
Our Family come for morning tea with us ... hot cross buns and a lovely catch up. Quite different to the days of egg hunts and the Easter lunches of over indulgence and chocolate overload. lol

It's wonderful that you're progressing well with getting full strength back in your leg and probably good that you are a little scared of falling again ... that fear will keep you safe and stop you running through the garden and hurdling over the front gate.

Bye for now, hugs ....

03/26/2018 15:39:34

Good Week ecards

03/22/2018 17:20:07

Hope all is going well, sweetie. "It's a long way to Tipperary"... when going thru gazillions of 'puter files. I feel for ya! Cya soon:)

03/20/2018 15:10:08

Happy 1st day of spring.  Spring is marked on the calendar but outside there is snow all over on the ground.  March is such an interesting  month for winter wants to stay and spring is trying to come come in around the bend.  My how I enjoy this month. Smiles  Gloria

03/20/2018 10:10:16


03/17/2018 22:40:38

03/17/2018 10:51:46

*hugs* pal!

03/15/2018 14:42:10

A blessed day to you. Spring is trying to come in the back door but old man winter is still deciding to bring snow to the area early next week. March is such a surprising month for you never know what it will do or bring, snow rain and or winds.

03/15/2018 12:00:50

That's me, Pat!! Thanks

redondopat1955 wrote:

I love this and woudln't you know you would have some puzzle pieces in there...lol

red valentines

Valentine Treasures 
Valentine treasures are people who have often crossed your mind; family, friends and others, too, who in your life have shined the warmth of love or a spark of light that makes you remember them; no matter how long since you’ve actually met, each one is a luminous gem who gleams and glows in your memory, bringing special pleasures, and that’s why this Valentine comes to you: You’re one of those sparkling treasures! 
Author: Joanna Fuchs 
HappyValentinesDayHeartPuzzle photo HappyValentinesDayHeartPuzzle.gif


03/12/2018 17:15:06

Wow  what a beautiful Monday afternoon in northern Minn. You can actually smell spring in the air even though snow is all over the ground.  Just had to send  flowers your way to make your day a little more special.  Such a treat to see  winter days gradually fading away and spring trying to come around the bend.

03/12/2018 16:35:45

Lovely that you enjoyed your birthday with your girls Pat.
Pete and I celebrate our 53rd anniversary this month and then I have a birthday next month. I look for any excuse to go out for dinner. lol
Hoping that you're doing well and about done with your PT.
Hugs ...

03/12/2018 15:43:05

Whatever you find to do, may it turn out 'jes right! *hugs*...

03/10/2018 10:46:13

Image may contain: coffee cup and drink

03/07/2018 13:08:57

Just a wonderful pick-me-up talking w/you this morning, pal. Thank you. Hang in there getting the 'puter back in shape. Walk away often!!:) Love and big *hugs*...

03/06/2018 12:58:36

Oh my goodness  I guess I should say afternoon  for it is lunch time.  Thinking of tulips for some reason as I look out the den window looking at the fresh new snow that came down ever so nicely   in our area these past days.  Such a treat to have the sun shinning of the snow and showing all of its gems as it is  glistening and  putting a huge smile on my face.

03/05/2018 21:15:39

Image result for Happy+Birthday+Sweet+friend!

03/05/2018 14:51:30

03/05/2018 07:46:12

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για happy new week

03/04/2018 22:34:32

.... tomorrow! Hope your day is as special as you, dear Pat! *hugs*

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