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01/22/2018 17:50:09

01/21/2018 18:41:24

Hi, Pat:) Hope you've had a relaxing weekend. What's new on your PT appmt? The eye drops I use for my glaucoma is Combigan... is that what you're using? It has kept my pressure checked since cornea transplant. I didn't have it until after that, and now dx'd w/it in both eyes. I could write a book, as I'm sure you could, too. Once it started, it all went to heck, and lingers there still. That is a blessing that you like your new retina doc. I hope whoever he refers you to for glaucoma is a good one in all aspects of "doctorhood". Glad you didn't get rained on, but know you need rain, too. We're watching the Elementary series each night, and Glenn's asking me now, "...we gonna watch this?" haha Take care of you... love and *hugs*...

redondopat1955 wrote:

That rain never materialized...not one drop so I stayed dry.  It was a bit cool here though...the 60s and they say it will stay through the weekend.  I saw the new retina doc and he is going to be just fine.  Much younger than my last man and seems right on top of things.  He's in the same office so he had access to my records.  No change in vision or retina but he wants me to see someone who's specialty is glaucoma as he says my eye is a prime candidate for it.  I don't have it in my good eye at the moment but the bad one does and I have used drops for it for some time.  They worked so well that I have to stop using them as the pressure is on the verge of being too low...how bout that!  He'll take care of the referral and getting me the appt.  There are tests they can run to see what the chances are of my getting it.  Other than that, all went very well..  They are telling people here to stay home and away from places with lots of people.  That just breathing in the air of someone who is sick can give it to you. I'll be staying in too and hoping neither of us gets it!  It's at epidemic porportions here now!  Stay warm and well...you and Glen!  Hugs...Pat

01/21/2018 13:52:22

Hi, Hope your Sunday is going well.


01/21/2018 09:33:56

01/21/2018 01:32:14

Oh no, back to your PT. Hopefully your pain will be rewarded in the long term.

My new page is like a spring version of this one. I haven't been very inspired lately but will get back to my Layouts soon.
Take care, hugs ...

01/19/2018 20:08:55

It's time for you to send us more of your winter cool. lol
Still, our days may be hot but the nights have been a little cooler. Sure makes a different for sleeping with that lovely hint of cool.

It's a shame that recovery time isn't as swift as the accident that caused the problem in the first place.

I'm closing down for a while and will check back later.

Take care and big hugs ...

01/19/2018 08:31:36

You mentioned one of my favorite words... loblolly. I remember when I first found it in a tree book when trying to ID the pines (not easy!) on our lot in '74 after moving in.  Each day is a bit warmer here, and more people out and about, I'm sure. We're gonna stay in awhile longer while this flu is so widespread. Have a fun Friday, pal. Glad your PT scheduling is rolling along now. Hope your retina doc appmt went well, and you didn't get wet! *hugs*...

01/18/2018 16:07:10

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01/17/2018 12:25:14

Andrew really did a job on Homestead. What total devestation.  Opal hit the Gulf and walked all the way up the height of Alabama, felling 5 trees on our house, as a downgraded tropical cyclone and 60mph winds. Scary night. It was 9º when I got up this morning, and 22 now. Auburn got some snow yesterday I think I saw. We had a dusting, or sleet... I couldn't tell which. All schools closed. But sun will maybe get rid of the icy patches on roads today, even if still freezing. Warmer weather this weekend, they say. I took the longest shower this morning... was so warm I just couldn't get out! lol  *hugs*, pal!

01/16/2018 15:28:49

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Another beautiful morning here and Pete and I are going out for lunch today.
Now that he's feeling a little better we will try to get out and about more often.
Hoping that you're coping with your physical torture. How much longer do you have to endure it?

Enjoy your afternoon Pat,
hugs ....

01/16/2018 14:24:31

Was that Opal?

redondopat1955 wrote:

Hi Di,  We lost a lot of food when the hurricane came through Auburn.

01/15/2018 15:42:31

Hi Pat, We finally have the cool change that we've been longing for. Oh but it's been unbelievably hot here. This morning, it's perfect and I hope it lasts.

Hoping all is well with you and sending luv and hugs ... time for that second cuppa for me, shall I make that for two?

01/15/2018 14:49:06

My pal... you've put two movies' quotes in my mind after reading your last comment. "Second Breakfast" from Lord of the Rings, and "Chinese Turkey" from The Christmas Story:) Glad you enjoyed your very busy day w/the girls! They are so good for you, and take such good care of you. What a blessing.  Well, I've been playing w/stuff all morning and guess I need to get up from here and see what I can unload from the freezer for tomorrow's meals. That thing is 19yo and is acting quirky. I don't know how much we'd be able to fit in the freezer drawer of the fridge. To think of losing anything... maybe it'll be really cold long enough for us to replace it should it fail. We could store it all on porch and guard it from squirrels, chipmonks, raccoons, fox, and deer. ha! Take care! Yes, nudge those medical ppl along, and get rested from your good times:) *hugs*...

01/15/2018 13:21:49

thanks, Pat!

redondopat1955 wrote:

Hi Jean, Just dropped by to check out your music.  Nice!

01/15/2018 12:52:43

Hi Pat - I'm taking some time to reply to all the comments I have thus far received here. Sorry the problem has arised with Photobucket though as it has upset my applecart about posting graphcs.
We'll just have to do the best we can with our balancing acts between here and FB!! 

redondopat1955 wrote:

Hi Jean, how are we ever going to keep up with all of this and Facebook too, hahaha! Anyway, it's nice to see you here again!

01/15/2018 09:56:21

Well, guess I'd call that something else besides life, and know you do, too. Life isn't always fair to the average joe. We're okay here, sweetie. They just issued winter storm watch and hard freeze for tomorrow a.m. thru Wed. a.m. I don't pay much attention to any forecast issued this far in advance. I'll wait til tomorrow morning:) Weather is so weird they just about have to guess to have anything to say. I would not want their jobs! Hope you had a good weekend. When is your 2nd Christmas? I've forgotten...  Enjoy, dear friend! *hugs* 'n love...

redondopat1955 wrote:

The fires took 2 weeks and 8.800 firefighters to get it almost out.  The
rain and mudslides put it out completley.  Montecito is a huge mess. 
Many homes were lost but Oprah's and Ellen Degeneris't homes were spared
thanks to the firefighters that were right there to make sure.  Of
course they could always go stay at one of their other several homes,
mansions really and other people could not.  That's life I guess.  I saw
freezing rain and bad conditions for No. Alabama.  Are you OK?  Don't
be going out in that mess.  Too dangerous!  xo

01/13/2018 12:48:24

Wrong location... ummm.  Amazing.  Good luck for next week!  The dentist appmt was a winner, tho.  Pat, its awful about Calif fires, mudslides, deaths. It's hard to watch cov'g on all that has happened. Hope you're feeling okay and not feeling the absence of PT.  Take care! *hugs*...

redondopat1955 wrote:

Yes they did and got it all set up and OK'd.  Too bad it was in the wrong location  :-/.  Now it has to be done all over again.  Maybe next week...if the stars align right...lol  they did get my retinal specialist set up and I have an appt for next week.  I also went to the dentist yesterday and that went well but I arranged that one myself.  I was surprised with some good news as I had no cavities and the plaque was not bad at all.  Considering I was way overdue but 3 months past when I should have seen him.  They deep cleaned with the laser last time and treated my gums with an antibiotic and it really worked magic.  If only they had had them both years ago!  xxooPat

01/12/2018 21:28:50


Hey you, that was fast.  You were right on top of things.  lol.  Nice to have a page keeper who changes things for you but I sure can't complain with a good friend who gives me my favorite codes for my page!  We're both blessed.  Hugs...Pat

redondopat1955 wrote:

Hi Joe,

Remember me?  LOL I didn't realize you had done your page up for Christmas.  It looks very nice. Take a peek at my new/old page.  I still love my poppies!


Hi Pat. Welcome back my dear old friend. No I didn't do up my page. It was done by my friend from Germany and under the name of Angelika. Every time there is change I know that she did it. Take care. Joe!!!!!!!

Hi Pat. I know that I haven't got the time to look after things when I am away. It's hard for me to thank her for doing the changes for me. So when I see changes made on my site I know who did that. I don't know of Autumn 08. Take care. Joe!!!!!

01/12/2018 21:01:46


Hi Joe,

Remember me?  LOL I didn't realize you had done your page up for Christmas.  It looks very nice. Take a peek at my new/old page.  I still love my poppies!


Hi Pat. Welcome back my dear old friend. No I didn't do up my page. It was done by my friend from Germany and under the name of Angelika. Every time there is change I know that she did it. Take care. Joe!!!!!!!

01/11/2018 15:37:22

Did your doc's ofc call you back?

*hugs* pal...

01/09/2018 15:47:35

Thanks, pal.  We were both worn to a frazzle. Looking at the 1st half especially. Hope you're having a pleasant week. Do you have a new PT provider yet? I hope you don't end up w/an iron maiden... lol Love ya!...

redondopat1955 wrote:

Big Congratulatios!  That must have been a real nailbiter from what I read!  WOW.  That new Quarterback is a keeper!  :-D 

Roll Tide!


01/08/2018 14:33:27

Lee left for overseas assignment in Afghanistan for several months. Not at all pleased, but his company didn't ask me. Tonight's the big game. Have our snacks planned, and runway cleared down the hall.  Have a good week, dear one. Hope you're feeling okay. *hugs*...

01/07/2018 20:35:13

That's a good question, Pat.. lol 

redondopat1955 wrote:

Hi Jean, how are we ever going to keep up with all of this and Facebook too, hahaha! Anyway, it's nice to see you here again!

01/07/2018 18:56:54

redondopat1955 wrote:
It's Sunday so I didn't do very much.  Wasted 2 hours watching a so so movie and put out the trash bins :-D  Hugs to you!Pat

Sundays are your day of rest and the perfect time to catch up with old movies. Shame that it wasn't a good one. Pete is in charge of the remote control here and I don't always love his choices. lol
Enjoy what's left of your day.
Big hugs ...

01/07/2018 15:21:39

That's better Pat.

Other than a little ironing, I have a lazy day planned for today.
You have a good one.
Hugs ...

01/07/2018 14:03:51

It's beginning to look a lot like "Old Home Week" lol I love it!!  *hugs* 

01/07/2018 11:23:44

That made me giggle out loud!!

redondopat1955 wrote:

Darby runs the Derby...lol 

01/07/2018 09:34:26

Hi, sweetie. I giggle inside everytime I read your "Twitter" statement. So cute. Know this snow isn't happening at your house, nor do you miss it, but he kinda looked pretty among Pat's Poppies:) I want to thank you for the good wishes for our taking the Nat'l. I have the habit of walking the hall when we're playing a tight game. I have a feeling after tomorrow night the carpet will be thread bare. Our little Darby has calmed down alot, praise be! She was about to rattle my brains. Every once in awhile now she still goes into a tear, running madly thru the house. But still a kitten, I guess she has to exercise as an inside cat. Just want to be sitting down or away from fer while she's in mid run. Don't want a fall around here.  Well... YOU know what I mean, don't you pal. When will you be seeing your doc for another referral? This insurance flap is so aggravating and IMHO, unnecessary. I'm so glad you have another Christmas coming, w/Julie and Kimberly this time. Yes, you've had time to wrap. You're so smart to arrange it like that. haha Have a lovely Sunday, dear one! Love 'n *hugs*...

01/06/2018 15:01:58

You have your beautiful design again! I love that Pamela named it "Pat's Poppies"... ♥ You're all set up now, sweetie! ♥  *hugs*

01/06/2018 09:51:38

A very special thank you to Pamela D. for once again finding and giving me her beautiful Poppies layout to use.  It has always been one of my favorites!

Thank you Pam!

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