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07/16/2018 06:42:23

Good Morning

07/09/2018 12:04:05

Knew you'd love this tag:)
Hope you're having some kind of relief
from pain, pal. Big *hugs*

07/09/2018 09:30:52

Hope Your Day Is As Special As You Are - Have A Awesome Day Graphic

07/07/2018 07:42:31

Stopping By To Say Hello Hope Is Well

07/05/2018 19:30:05

I enjoyed so much talking w/you today, pal. I'm so sorry for your pain and hope it will soon be a thing of the past. *hugs* to you...

07/01/2018 21:08:00

Hey, pal. I think I owe you an email and I will get that done. I've been playing catch-up w/myself for awhile. lol Hope you have fun plans for the 4th, eat good food, and enjoy your low temps. We're roasting here, Pat. Heat indexes outta sight. Take care! ♥

06/25/2018 11:44:54

Days Of The Week Comments

06/25/2018 11:16:49

May you have a bright sunny day sharing your smiles to all.

A wonderful rain shower came down this morning and watered all the flowerbeds and yard.

May you have a  pleasant week.  Smiles  Gloria

06/20/2018 21:53:05

a breathtaking summer day this has been  and sounds like it will be the
same for the rest of the week.  The lawn is mowed and more of the
summer flowers are coming out of the flowerbeds.

perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing,
the birds are singing, and the lawn has been mowed. May you have a nice
week enjoying  the wonders of nature.  Smiles  Gloria

06/18/2018 18:33:39

May you have a pleasant week enjoying life. Smiles  Gloria

06/18/2018 18:17:35

Have a beautiful week 7

06/15/2018 19:07:14

06/13/2018 10:21:52

Image may contain: plant and nature

06/11/2018 14:31:08

         Beautiful Monday day to you.

Rain showers for most of the day so all the rose bushes and flowers
around the yard are happy. May you have a pleasant week. Smiles Gloria

“God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun
without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the
tears, and light for the way.”

06/08/2018 19:23:05

Weekend image 10

06/08/2018 08:53:07

Just dropping by to wish you a Happy Weekend. Pat, when is Jennifer's graduation... I know it's this month, but not what weekend you'll be going to UCSD. Have a safe journey and enjoy so much being w/your girls. I sure think this page is purty!! *hugs* and love...

05/31/2018 13:48:32

My goodness this week is flying by fast as I enjoy the moments.

What a blessed treat for the humming birds are now coming to the feeder.

May you have a breathtaking wonderful day treasuring your moments of life and I will do the same in my neck of the woods. Smiles Gloria

05/30/2018 14:57:48

Hello Girl Puppies quote

05/28/2018 01:01:00

Thank heavens you have good pain meds. You've been so unlucky with your health of recent times.

Pete's just returned from his afternoon walk and presented me with two blueberry muffins ...
I think that this is the hint, that he'd like a coffee.lol

Take good care of you.

Enjoy your looong weekend.
Hugs ...

05/26/2018 08:38:55

Not Fair! that you're having to deal w/this now. I know that pain is wretched and can radiate terribly. Hopefully the irritation and swelling will ebb away soon. Is the pain Rx is helping? Happy Memorial Day. ♥ Know you want to go to (is it Rosecrans?) this occasion, and hope you're able somehow.  Continued appreciation for your husband's service to our country, dear pal. Love and *hugs*...

05/25/2018 23:03:46

This is what you need now Pat. R&R big time.
You poor darling, now dealing with sciatica.
Pete and I are going well
and our weather is great. Getting way cooler but still very enjoyable.

Really hoping that soon you can get out and about again
and pain free too.

Take care.
Hugs ...

05/25/2018 15:27:44

Image may contain: text

05/13/2018 02:16:55

I'm way behind with catching up with everyone Pat but just had to take time out to wish you a wonderful Mom's Day. I'm sure your girls with have something nice planned for you.

Big hugs ...

05/12/2018 08:58:29

Wishing you a day of Love & Blessings:)

05/04/2018 22:01:12

A quick reply, while my internet is actually conneted. The new so called "super fast" network that our Government is working on is a total mess and when it goes down, we're even without a phone connection. Frustrating for us but imagine business people who need that net and phone connection.
Keep up your PT Pat and sending love and hugs ...

05/04/2018 14:30:06

   wuv you! :)

04/28/2018 15:08:01

Image may contain: flower and text

04/25/2018 09:58:56

Leaving your page love 21

04/23/2018 13:28:46

So glad for your "graduation" trip and plans. So thankful you and daughters are so very close. I know they always take care of you. Sorry I haven't responded to your emails. I'm in process of cleaning out my email client... so much I've stored there in many added folders. It has bogged it down to almost nothing. Printing out what I feel is needed; discarding others. Why am I explaining that to you, of all people, who has just gone thru file after file in your 'puter:) Have a beautiful week, dear PAL. Love you...

04/21/2018 17:07:08

I lost the comment I left last night and was just too tired to rewrite it. lol
I haven't called by for a while and wondered how you're going with your PT.
How are your daughters?
Just thinking of you and hoping that all is well in your little corner of the globe.
I'm heading out with friends today and really looking forward to the outing.
Take care dearest Pat.
Hugs ...

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