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is hell really earth
Posted On 09/03/2017 15:24:33

lucifer an alledged fallen angel cast into hell by god, with texas in mind today i think of another name for hell, we humans call it earth, personal oppinion of course, arthur

manchester bomb
Posted On 05/22/2017 23:27:42

My heart felt sympathy to all members with families involved with this terrorist bomb in Manchester, Salfordians are next door neighbours to Manchester but to my knowledge none of our own families are involved, time will tell on that subject

back on the hill, i missed you guys
Posted On 08/12/2016 16:26:41

hi every one  Diane's death threw me for a six but i am getting better hopefully, janet my daughter came to canada and took me back to her house in australia she had the best intentions i think but it was a nightmare i moved to my new home in the albert gardens a retirement village in beaudesert Queensland it'sidependent living but all my meals are provided either in the dining room or if we prefer our own units i have seen and felt a lot of TLC since getting here from residents and staff i really needed that but never felt it in janets house boo hoo  forarthur sad but true bye for now my brain is fading, been crook the past few weeks with hospital stays for bladder and lung infections now clear hopefully

bye for now till i get a new puter in oz
Posted On 04/26/2016 10:46:51

My family from oz a arrived safe and sound yesterday on april 28  couple of days, we leave for Disneyland then on to my new life and home with them in Australia on may 1st, I will get a new puter soon as possible  so I can keep in touch with my internet friends here and by email,Diane is tucked away in my heart so she is coming with us


A Woman called Diane



She’s in my heart and in my soul

And warms my spirit when night grow cold

The love she felt while still a girl

Was carried with her, across the world


No longer a girl, she’s a woman today

Had a difficult life, as some might say

The troubles and Strife she’s had to face

 made her the woman she is today


A woman so strong, yet mellow inside

A woman who fills my heart with pride

A woman I’ve loved for most of my years


message to the hill
Posted On 04/07/2016 13:06:41

My lovely daughter Janet and her family ,husband Brent and my 2 eldest grand daughters becky and jrssie arrive here at Victoria bc on april 25 then on the 29th leave for Disney land ca until april 29 leaving LA on may 1  on a direct flight to Brisbane Australia, Janet tod me ,not asked me lol you’tr coming with us dad all your tickets have been booked and paid on the same flights a s they are on it will take me a bit of time to sport out a puter when I get to oz and will be out of touch with friends here on the hill so please bear with me  ialready have an I pad and a  tablet but haven’t a clue how to use either of then Diane is, was our puter whiz but ass most of you know she died on easter Sunday after having a massive stroke the day befor, she will always live in my heart though nothing will ever change that while it’s still beating, our souls joined a long time ago so when it’s my turn to leave earth we will be together again to fly through eternity as one conjoined soul just for now though I’m stuck here on earth, bye for the moment  though ma step son mark and his wife trish will be helping mee sort out Dianes legal affairs I  couldn’t have got through their help without them, they are not my own children but I would be proud if they were I hope my message makes sense to you, since my stroke a couple of years back, I always asked Diane to check it  bye for now, arthur

heart broken
Posted On 03/27/2016 22:08:10

Diane ( salfordian) died today easter Sunday after a massive stroke Saturday evening I’m heart broke she was, is my soul mate best friend and love of my life, I am heart broken and have’t a clue what to do, her son mark and wife Trish are supporting me right now we were with Dian all day until she passed onm she put up a hell of a fight but lost the battle, that’s all I can write tonight, I’m very upset obviously

facist power in the white house
Posted On 03/04/2016 14:47:52

Silly old me, I thought the Nazi party had been defeated in ww11, but  looking at the republican race for the white house, it looks like there is a new leader for the nazi attempt to win the peace, the only difference between Hitler and trump is their appearance , political aims and views are identical rule the world my way,

donalt trupps daily reading matter
Posted On 01/02/2016 02:29:14

Itaccording toDonald trump has a favorite book, an original publication of Hitler’s -mein kamph, why am I not surprised?

remberance day tribute
Posted On 11/10/2015 02:01:42

Our Soldiers


They serve our needs, protect our shores

Ready for action to face the hoards

Those hoards who threaten our way of life

Cause all the nations trouble and strife


Most have families, husbands or wives

Many have children they’ve left behind

To assure these families will survive

These wonderful people risk their lives


Thought of death are pushed aside

All dangers taken in their stride

The ultimate price that some will pay

Breaks hearts of families every day


Some return with shattered bones

They’re always welcome to our homes

 Others return with shattered lives

Their damage hidden deep inside


Damage like this may often be

The kind of damage our eyes can’t see

Look with your heart and give a smile

For you they have walked those extra miles


Arthur Val Hoolachan © Dec’ 2011

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