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05/24/2018 21:01:13




             WHAT i DO ALL DAY, LOL ....

05/24/2018 10:19:37

hoppy thursday enjoy the day frog

Thursday graphics @ crystalcomments.com

i was sent your way to wish you a happy day

Have A Nice Day graphics @ crystalcomments.com
Hi I Sure Hope Your Enjoying Your Day So Far,I Am Sure Glad We Are Having Some Nice Days,I Just Wish It Wouldn't Get So Hot Here In Texas,Hugs Lillie

05/24/2018 09:38:55

Good Morning bud, hope you're feeling well today. I somehow just saw your comment about the plaids. You can sure send any of them my way that you find. I don't remember how to make them either though I used to know how. Lord that seems like a lifetime ago. Vectors and all that! lol. We're still getting daily rain. The pool is ready now and if the sun would stay out I'd be working on my tan. I'm going to pick up Spanky from the groomer later. No plans other than that.  Hope your day is good. loveya, Beffie

05/24/2018 09:34:08

 just leaving you a little note to say hello!

05/24/2018 07:23:01

Hi Di. Thanks for the nice comments re my page.  I gather my graphics were not showing so reset them all again.  Alls OK Now. Well, Your weather/Temps sound rather nice to me. We are in late Autumn and although so far its been quite a mild season tonight I can feel there will definately be a frost as there is a real chill in the air. My daughter who is living with me for this year has just walked into the room with a nice fresh Banana cake strait from the oven. Now I just can't say no to that LOL..She enjoys cooking. I think I will be putting on weight while she is here!!  Have been at the computer quite a lot today as I have been reseraching material and writing a Journal on our CWL group. It has closed after 80 years  of Charitable Work and this needs to be recorded. So far I've covered 30 years so still have a long way to go.  How has your week been.? Enjoy your new day..Hugs Pat.


05/24/2018 04:18:25

My Dear Friend

As you are reading these words my dear friend
I want you to know I am thinking of you
Just sitting here as I do each day
Smiling as thoughts of you come my way.

As you continue with all the things you do
Reading all the e-mail messages to you
Stop and think of me and say, Hey
My dear friend, I am smiling at you today.

I will never forget you I know
And kindly thoughts of you will grow
I shall smile as I think of you each day
For you, my dear friend, I will always pray.

Glenna M. Baugh ©2006
Living by Faith

"A smile, my dear friend, makes
a cloudy day sunshine bright"

~Quote by Glenna

05/23/2018 20:30:24

05/23/2018 20:11:23

05/23/2018 18:59:59

Enjoy Wednesday 10Have a nice evening  My friend Its very hot here in Verrmont Hugs Lynnie

05/23/2018 18:40:54

been a sunny, hot hump day for me, how about you? Because one of my
swings has a canopy, I was able to sit outside twice today and stay out
of the way of the sun's rays. Now that we've made it to midweek, I think
we can breathe a sigh of relief and start coasting to the weekend. Di, I love Taco Bell's taco salad, too! I always get mine without the rice. In my silly mind, I'm saving a few carbs and calories that way. We had Zaxby's for our lunch today. It's right down the road. Actually, so is Taco Bell, Wendy's, Pizza Hut, Bojangles....... no wonder I'm a chunky monkey, right? Of course no one forces me to eat at those places, do they?!



05/23/2018 18:10:38


Thank you for my coffee Di ... it's the only way to start my day.

One of my backup external drives, isn't working. Thankfully I have two BUT ... I so hope the one I can use, doesn't do the same. I am missing a lot of my old Layouts because of that faulty drive. Not to worry,
I'll just have to make more.

We are lucky to have so many Clubs in and close to our suburb. The Seniors meals at the Club are actually cheaper than the fast food outlets and the ambience so much nicer.
Today is a catchup day and I have a lot of that to do. lol

Sending much love and hugs ...

05/23/2018 17:26:47

Hey bud, had a busy day. The girls came over for lunch. I made a bacon and spinach quiche for lunch. It was so good. We had a mostly sunny morning, I filled up the line with clothes and wouldn't you know it, they got rained on! Dryer to the rescue. The pool is filling up as I write this. Gonna take a few days of consecutive sunshine to get it tolerable for this girl. haha. Talk to you soon. love you.

05/23/2018 16:10:40

Friends brighten my day come sunshine or rain

In my heart dear friends will always remain

They are with me through woes and strife

Friends bring so much happiness to my life.

Friends are like a chain of pure gold

They are shaped by God in a perfect mold

Every link is love, a smile, a laugh, or a tear

A loving grip of their hand when they are near.

Friends are like a never ending circle of light

On the darkest night making my path bright

Every friend is unique in one's own way

And all together they make a lovely bouquet.

Friends are precious gifts bestowed by God's grace

I will always hold them close in a loving embrace

I have been blessed by friends God sent my way

And I will give thanks to Him each night as I pray.

Glenna M. Baugh ©2005

Living by Faith

May God's peace, love, light and joy
fill your heart and your every day !

05/23/2018 14:00:50

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”

05/23/2018 11:08:08

wags1 wrote:

Lovin' your pictures here, LilyMae... I think you've added some?
Happy Hump Day! ...

thank you Di!...no, I don't think I've added anything new to my page...I'm already thinking about changing it again! maybe....LOL

05/23/2018 10:10:34

LOVE your page, Di!!!



05/23/2018 09:19:21

Good Morning Dear Di. Wow, I didn't know it would be 40yrs. for Somewhere in Time!Time travel books & this was movie was one of mine & my grandmothers  favoritNo movies. Yes, that was so sad & shocking about Christopher Reeves.  No one would have ever imagined that tragic accident with his horse.  I know his wife died shortly after he did because of lung cancer. Jane Seymour seems to still be doing well & she still acting. God bless you Sweet Di. We finally have a day of sunshine here. So going to try &enjoy it because the weeked looks to be a wet one. Love & Big Hugs, Kimberly :)

Ask rain from the LORD at the time of the spring rain-- The LORD who makes the storm clouds; And He will give them showers of rain, vegetation in the field to each man. Zechariah 10:1


05/22/2018 18:23:50

Maybe this is what Miss Darby needs. lol

We have our main meal at lunch time too. I'm not cooking today. We're going to the Club for lunch. I do enjoy dining out.

I haven't heard from the Wallpaper Sites that I wrote to. So disappointing. I so enjoy using them from time to time.

Enjoy your evening.

Luv and hugs ...

02/23/2018 05:17:23

happy friday...have a fun day...hugs

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