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05/25/2024 14:50:52

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Hi my friend...Thank you for stopping by.

Hope your day has going well, 

Have a wonderful weekend...

Love & hugs,Hugs.


05/25/2024 10:21:31

Hello my sweet friend, have a fantastic weekend!     I send a kiss

05/25/2024 05:44:09

05/25/2024 05:13:58

Hello, Happy Saturday, FRIENDS. Thank God,

we woke up, a new, day, together, with desire,

to have a GOOD time and ENJOY LIFE to the fullest,

of this, new, Saturday, I wish you, an EXCELLENT,

day, good luck, GREAT, everything you PLAN today,

with new smiles, dream, without limits, big,

hugs, Maria, take care

05/25/2024 03:16:50

Happy Saturday. Low of 45*, high of 71*. Not expecting rain. Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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05/25/2024 03:11:57

Good morning Di

Mary's Creative Designs - ❤️💕Happy ...
Blessed Be my dear friend. *Hugs*

05/25/2024 01:26:33

05/24/2024 22:02:54

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05/24/2024 15:11:36


Hi there. I hope you are having a good Friday. Mine has been a busy one. We have a Wedding to go to tomorrow evening, and tonight we got to the Rehearsal. This is Tony's sister that is getting married tomorrow. I made a casserole to take tomorrow for after the wedding. Then I went to Walmart and got the things we needed. Then on Sunday afternoon we will be going to the cemetaries to decorate the graves. So a busy weekend for us. The wedding is going to be outside and it supposed to get up to 90* and be windy. At least I'm wearing a dress so it won't be to bad. My dress is white with pink roses on it. I'm going to be at the table where everyone signs their name at the guestbook and then I will be either serving punch or cutting cake. Well have a great weekend my friend and take care. Hugs, Cheryl

05/24/2024 11:18:59

Some sights and sounds of my day yesterday and today. I turned off the sound as there was some ridicule of someone pushing stuff out in the street in violation of some code or ethical behavior. I included my Walmart experience and why it is not as enjoyable as when you go to Walmart. I am early to the party and the real people have not come as yet who entertain. And then of course prepping for Memorial Day.

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No photo description available.

No photo description available.

05/24/2024 09:44:26

this is the 1st of my homegrown tomatoe's, completely organic...I picked it this morrning, hopefully, it's big enough to have a tomato sandwich from it...even though I'm not supposed to have either one, I am will to sacrifice my tummy woes to enjoy this...LOL!  I was hoping to share this moment with Angeleyes since she was the one that encouraged me to try growing them. 

05/24/2024 06:44:51

Hello, Finally, it's FRIDAY, Thank God for creating,

on.Fridays, and for, giving us, HEALTH, to, ENJOY IT,


May peace and joy be with you, enjoy the end,

of the week, to your liking, enjoy, joy, and smile,

a lot, that rejuvenates, don't lose your smile,

kisses,maria,take care---------------

05/24/2024 06:17:11


Are you ready for the weekend?  Our Grands are all out of school already!  


Let the summer fun begin!  Now that looks dangerous at my age but it used to be fun. 


 So what plans do you have for the summer?  Have you ever thought of taking the Grands SkyDiving?  That might be too exciting for my heart!  hehehe


How about swimming or floating down the river at Schlitterbahn Waterpark in New Braunfels, Texas to slow things down a bit.  


No matter what plans you have, just spend time with them and teach them about what is important, to LOVE each other.  


05/24/2024 05:53:27

05/24/2024 05:01:18

Hello my dear friend, have a nice Friday!    I send a kiss

05/24/2024 04:08:14

Happy Friday. As I look out the window, the Moon has a thin cloud going between it and this writer. I can see it clearly but there is a haze. I looked at the radar and it is clear for now but a thunderstorm seems possible after 8 AM Colonial time. I mowed the lawn yesterday. We have been given dispensation from having to mow during the month of May for about three years now to assist the bees. This year I mowed before now to test the new mower. After mowing yesterday, I had some aches and pains from doing so. It is ironic. I can go out for the walk in the morning for 4 or 5 miles with no problem but mowing the lawn for a half hour......... But then again, one I am used to, the other, not so much. I am not a slave to my lawn. I am planning on a safari to Walmart later. An emergency. I may go to church but that is a game time decision. Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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I think this makes Charlie look weird.

May be an image of 3 people and the Oval Office

05/24/2024 02:49:11

Good morning Di

Beautiful Blue Flowers in a Vase
Blessed Be my dear friend. *Hugs*

05/24/2024 01:25:59

05/24/2024 00:59:36

Letter writing is becoming a lost art, so dropping a note to wish you a peaceful weekend, Di.  Hugs

05/23/2024 22:17:11

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05/23/2024 20:45:25

05/23/2024 12:19:53

My Dear Friend Have A Terrific Thursday

Hello dear Di

I wish you peaceful and beautiful  evening

with your loved ones.

Warm hugs and much love .


05/23/2024 08:06:52

Good morning my dear friend: I hope this Thursday is full of smiles for you. Kisses

05/23/2024 05:33:27

Hello, May the light of the sun of this beautiful

day I wish you always a happy and blessed,thursday

for everyone, I wish you a beautiful day under the

protection For you, and your loved ones,

 with much peace,and health, full of joy, and

beautiful, smiles, and that you take care of yourself,

very much, I wish you, the best, kisses, Maria

05/23/2024 05:32:17


Thursday is here and we had rain yesterday and more today.  It looks like after the rain leaves today, we should have a break for about a week.  


With the rain comes muddy doggie prints left all through the house.  Wouldn't it be nice to have help like this?  


We all know that after the prints dry, the only thing that will help is mopping.  Does anyone really like mopping or steam cleaning?  


Oh well, it must be done so I will do the best I can.  


As most of you know, for all the troubles they get into, their love in return to us makes it all worthwhile.  


05/23/2024 04:06:08

Good morning. The weather looks calm today. My schedule is open today. Memorial Day is next Monday and people will/can start wearing white again. Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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05/23/2024 02:56:44

Good morning Di

Happy Thursday ...
Blessed Be my dear friend. *Hugs*

05/23/2024 00:41:09

05/22/2024 20:00:56

Still thinking of you my friend...cant wait to see you back...hugs

05/22/2024 15:14:37

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Story Pin-Bild

Happy Wednesday!!!!Always Special, Blessings


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