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05/30/2018 18:14:01

 photo 8aca6270-c725-415f-abd8-d7008c47f6b3.png

Well hun ,
i went to PB.resized the picture.changed the frame,gave her a new name ,and now i am hoping she shows for you .
Happy Anniversary hun .
Have a lovely day tomorrow .
X Summer X

05/12/2018 16:46:35

Wellso good to see you,LOL.

05/09/2018 22:41:28

Image result for have a happy thursday

Hi Rick, I loved the video, it was amazing!!! Thanks so much!! 

Thanks for the Happy Mother's day, we are suppose to go eat Saturday for me and my daughter. 

Take care, I'll write soon. Hugs, Jo

05/04/2018 00:31:15

Oh, I wanted to tell I liked your Elvis creation.

05/04/2018 00:30:36

Child by the sea Joyful226

Hi Rick!! Wishing you a beautiful day. Seems like Spring has arrived in New England!! even just a touch of summer.  So glad you like my page!  Your friend Connie

xRick7701x wrote:

Elvis and his Gal April 27th,2018 by xRick7701x

Have a beautiful week ahead Connie  :)
Your page is pretty.Stay well.

04/16/2018 22:38:57

A Mother's Love Joyful226

Wishing you a beautiful Day no matter the weather outside. :) 

We had snow today. WOW! in April mid-April even. I updated my page.  I have gone to a friend who hasn't been well suffering from a major asthma attack. So I haven't been on here for awhile. 

I hope you are doing well, Take care Hugs... Connie

04/10/2018 18:44:43

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Thought i would make something completely different,
Peaceful And Serene.
Hope you like it .

04/03/2018 18:24:01

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My New Creation.hope it shows .

03/30/2018 23:06:40

Image result for happy easter

Hi Rick, it's warmed up here quite a bit, everything's pretty with the trees and bushes all coming out. I really love spring but it sure has been windy.

Hope you have a nice Easter. Hugs, Jo

03/29/2018 18:14:37

happy easter may the world find peace

 Just popped by to wish my dear friend a Very Happy Easter.
God Bless You Always Dear Friend.Thinking of you all over Easter and praying for you each day that you have good health and happiness always .

03/15/2018 23:00:35

Hi Rick, hope you have a nice weekend too and a nice St. Patrick's day. It's still windy here but was warmer today. Looks like next week will be nice.

That's good you got some food, always makes us feel better. Fill up the cabinets and pantry. 

You take care, talk to you soon.

God Bless you!!

Hugs, Jo

Image result for happy st. patrick's day

03/13/2018 18:56:47

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I had to go get the code hun .i hope it shows this time ,and hopefully if it does show i can use the arrows to make it smaller before i submit it .

02/14/2018 13:55:14

Happy Valentine's Day by Joyful226

Happy Valentine's Day  Your Friend Connie

02/13/2018 22:45:10

Image result for happy valentines day images

Hi Rick, hope you have a happy Valentine's Day. You're probably like me and it will just be another day, LOL!! Was cold here today, only in the 40's and Friday it's suppose to be up in the 70's. Everybody's gonna be sick!!

Have a good Wednesday, hugs, Jo

02/01/2018 23:39:04

Hi my friend, I have finished my page for Valentine's Day I hope you are fine. Wishing you a beautiful Weekend. Love and
hugs Connie

01/10/2018 19:37:49

Keene NH in the snow Joyful226

My friend I am surprized you didn't use a Elivs background. This one is pretty though.. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to
you too!  Wow hard to believe that it is 2018 and not long till
Valentine's Day. I made this one several years ago but still like it
even if the horse and buggy are going fast! The background is
NH's Town Square not far from where I live, and that is what the
weather looked like yesterday and most of this month. We have lots of
snow in the New England! Today it is sunny and by Friday a high of
56 and Saturday drops down so we could get snow again. At least that is
what I have been told by the weather service :) It has been a good but
busy Time for me since Christmas! Wow! Now I haven't been anywhere on
line not FB which I don't like anyway but have had a lot of compnay
and been invitied to different places so have had a good time just busy
plus getting out my weekly publiction. WOW.. Anyway I wanted to show my
face so that  you know I am still alive.. Here is wishing you a beauiful
day and a wonderful week ahead filled with only good things.

Hugs and blessings Connie

12/19/2017 21:40:24

Hi Ric.  What a cute Page you have. Hope you have a really nice Christmas and all the very best for 2018. Hope it will be a great year for you. I'm off to the City Friday morning for 5 days as it's my daughters 50th Birthday on Saturday and will be returning on the 26th.  Will take my Tablet with me so hopefully will get online during that time. Take care...Pat.

oie_qLcEhCsvc3ko mmm.gif

12/19/2017 15:49:46


Hi Rick  cute page. Wishingyou
a Very Merry Christmas. Seems like things get so busy around this time
of year. But wanted to come and wish you a very Merry Christmas if I don't get on before. Christmas hugs.. Connie

12/17/2017 15:13:13

Image result for merry christmas

Hi Rick, Merry Christmas to you!! Hope your week goes good. I like that picture you made, it was so cute!! Your page looks good too

Talk to you soon, hugs, Jo

12/06/2017 00:36:26
Christmas concert by Joyful226
Hi Rick. What a nice Christmas page! Wishing you a beautiful day no matter the weather outside
Wishing you Christmas blessing each day of this wonderful season of the year. MERRY CHRISTMAS
Hugs and Blessings

11/27/2017 22:28:33

God Answers Prayers Christmas by Joyful226

Hi Rick My dear friend. Wishing you a wonderful and blessed day and week ahead. So sorry I have been off of here for over a week. Been busy but God is so good. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving my brother had heart surgery it was successful only he still has a-fib but this might make that better too in time that is our prayer right now. He was home in time to go to Thanksgiving dinner! God does indeed Hear and answer prayer! He is Christmasputz2 on NOTH. He lives in KS I live in New Hampshire over 1700 miles away. SO prayers were indeed answered. 

I got to have my grandchildren over the weekend.  I also worked on getting my page decorated for Christmas... Well more stuff but that is enough for now. Take care God bless. Christmas Hugs  Connie

11/22/2017 23:07:33

Image result for happy thanksgiving images

Hey Rick, I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving. I'm suppose to go to my daughters tomorror, but still having problems with my stomach.

My insurance company messed me up on some of my medication and I've been dealing with that for almost a month. I'd been on it for 12 years and they just cut me off with no notice. I'm suppose to get back on it next week, so we will see. I've spent hours on my phone and so much time, just getting the run around. I will write to you and tell you about it.

Other than that I'm ok. Glad to hear you are. You were suppose to get some snow a few days or so ago. It's been mild here, cold at night. 

Take care Rick, God Bless you. Hugs, Jo

p. s. I like your page!!

10/27/2017 17:47:39

xRick7701x wrote:

Summer your new page is beautiful Fits perfectly with all your graphics.

It`s pure Heaven :)

Really nice ,you did well. x Rick x

Thank You Hun .yours is nice too ,the colour is so warming.well done .x

10/25/2017 23:13:42

HI Rick I really love your new page. She has so many nice ones. Wishing you a great weekend. Like your blingees too and a great President Trump! Take care Connie

10/23/2017 21:51:34


Hi Rick Well Doc Shell shut her site down except of Halloween and will close those the first of Nov. DesigningGirl has some nice one.. But the reason DocShell closed hers down at least for now is becaue Photobucket is not allowing anyone to use 3rd party as in NOTH so if you upload something to photobucket they will not let you use your own work on your site. Not good.. There are other sites that will but Doc Shell has even paid for a site and now if you aren't the highest paid site you can't use it. So she would have to find another site and convert. DesigningGirl has a link on her site to some of her backgrounds though that free and very nice if you would like to check her out after get to her page you can scroll down to her link button to her backgrounds.. well dear friend he is Wishing you a beautiful Day I named this one "Halloween On the Farm"  Take care my friend wishing you wonderful blessings.. Connie

09/20/2017 11:52:07


Hi Rick.. I hope you are doing well. I named this one Autumn's Child, Wishing you a Beautiful Day. Hugs Connie

09/20/2017 11:51:35

Nice blingee Rick

xRick7701x wrote:

Sweet and wonderful memories of Elvis Presley   Sept1,2017   by xRick7701x

Hi Connie :) Wishing you a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. 
August went by so fast didn`t it?

09/13/2017 23:15:40


Hi Rick, Nice to hear from you. I was gone over labor day to a lake but then all it did was rain most of the time. May your day be filled with joy and happiness. Fall is in the air here in NH. Trees are just starting to trun to their beautiful fall colors a bit early but that is the way of it. Days are getting shorter as well. Take care. Connie

08/15/2017 22:19:06

Image result for happy birthday

Image result for happy birthday

Hey Rick, a great big Happy Birthday to you and many, many more to come. Thought I'd get it on here tonight, sometimes I'm slow going in the mornings.

I hope your day is a good one, I'd bake you a cake if I lived closer and we could eat all of it!!

Hope you have a wonderful day with lots of birthday wishes and blessings.

Have a great day!! God Bless you!! hugs, Jo

07/28/2017 15:01:19

Image result for thank you for birthday wishes

Thanks Rick, I don't have much planned. Just going out with my family to a local restaurant for an early supper tomorrow. Other than that, nothing much going on. I do have a test next Thurs. They are going down in my throat again, this time they are going to stretch my esophagus, not looking too forward to that. But if it helps, I'm willing. Just hope they can find the problem.

Hope you have a nice weekend!!! Thanks for the birthday wishes, hugs, Jo

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