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In our home, we rarely have absolute silence. We enjoy background music to create a calm atmosphere. We play a variety of styles ... gospel, classical, country, jazz, Celtic and instrumental; but never rock, hip-hop, or any of that other stuff that is now called music.


I now do most of my reading on my tablet and e-reader. It's so handy when I'm waiting ... wherever! It's better than reading five-year old magazines. It travels well, when necessary, and eliminates a pile of books by my favorite chair.

"The Message", is a modern translations of the Bible that reads like a story. Eugene Peterson's desire was to engage his congregation in the Word of God in a way that would make its relevancy obvious in their lives. His goal was to bring into English the rhythms and idioms of the original language. He says, “I hoped to bring the Scriptures to life for two different types of people: those who hadn’t read the Bible because it seemed too distant and irrelevant and those who had read the Bible so much that it had become ‘old hat’.


I am reading through 'The Voice', another modern translation. I love to read this modern translation of the Bible. It is a collaborative process whereby scholars and writers could work together to create a translation that was faithful and accurate to the original languages while at the same time beautiful and readable to an English-speaking audience. In some cases scholars and writers worked closely together; in others, they worked at some distance or even anonymously. Members of the translation team from Ecclesia Bible Society and Thomas Nelson coordinated the overall process. (Copied from Bible Gateway online)


Some of my favorite authors are:

- Wayne Jacobsen
- Lee Strobel
- Jim Henderson
- Brian McLaren
- Michael Yaconelli
- Eugene Peterson
- Tony Campolo
- Donald Miller
- Larry Crabb

My current read is:

"A Language of Healing for a Polarized World" by Wayne Jacobsen. Creating safe environments for conversations about race, politics,sexuality and religion.
It's a fascinating read!


Our family and friends add color to our lives. I'm so glad that we are all different. Life would be so boring if we were all the same.

My Blogs can be read here... I AM a "person of words" more than a "person of graphics"! If I'm not talking, I'm writing words! The one thing I can't do with my "words" on The Hill is to make hand gestures for emphasis!!!!


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  • I am a native Albertan … I didn’t come from anywhere else, and I’m not going anywhere.

  • About my siblings … I don’t have any! I never wanted to be known as an “only child” because it would then be assumed that I was a spoiled brat! I wonder if I fooled anyone?

  • I graduated from C.G.H. School of Nursing in 1961.

  • Holwegner

  • I am happily married to my best friend. We celebrated our 57th wedding anniversary in May 2020. We didn't have a party, just thankful for another year of being together.!

  • Our_Wedding63-1-1

  • After working in a 19-bed hospital for two and a half years, I took on a new career as a full time wife, mother, and domestic engineer.


  • Both of our children have celebrated more than 25 wedding anniversaries. We couldn't have done a better job in picking a spouse for either of them. We are so thankful to have a great relationship with the "other" families. Our five grandchildren are independant adults!

    I have a second page that hasn't had much attention this last while... but if you would like to drop in, click on the "old lady" below (NO, that is not me in the picture!)

    I have a deep spiritual commitment, but no longer call myself a Christian. The word has been so misused, giving a wide variety to its meaning. Now I just want to be known as a lady who is on a journey of following Jesus, my Savior, and loving God, my Heavenly Father.


    I like...
  • Conversations with friends in quiet, peaceful surroundings.

  • Music in my home.

  • Learning new 'stuff'!

  • Computers that work! Thanks to TC and EB!

  • WORDS...Lots of them! On NOTH, I most enjoy receiving two sentences or two paragraphs of words in a message or comment instead of a "pretty" graphic that doesn't help to get to know my friends.

    I love to receive invitations to join someone's group of friends, but I draw the line when I discover that they have blocked their page to anyone who is not on their Friend's List, or if they have no text in any of their 'boxes', only graphics. I want to learn a bit about them first before I accept their invitation. We may have nothing in common, except that we are both still breathing!

    I'm "old school"... when we had pen-pals who were friends we would never meet. We got to know them by exchanging letters and sometimes photos. NOTH gives us the opportunity to meet new pen-pals!

  • Get-Me-Out-Of-Here

    I don't like...
    • Going to bed early.

    • Getting up early.

    • Spicy food

    • Gossip

    • Opinionate people ... they DON'T know everything!

    These photos are of some of my collection of telephone/telegraph insulators. I love the sparkle of vintage glass in the sunlight.



    I love Garage/Yard Sales, Consignment shops, and Second-Hand stores. One never knows when we'll find an item so cheap that we can't afford not to buy it. Sometimes we even find something that we didn't know we needed.
    If we don't need it, we can give it to someone else... as an unexpected gift.

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    04/15/2021 04:29:47

    Good morning Mona, the weekend is in view! Wishing you a wonderful Thursday/Friday Eve.

    Spring Equinox 2021: When Is It, and What is It? - Farmers' Almanac
    Blessed Be

    04/14/2021 20:23:40

    Hi Monica -   Hope you  a wonderful Wednesday.  The sun has been out all day but is clouding over some - rain is on the way.  The wedding shower I got up early for, was yesterday!  I wrote it down just like the woman told me, but it was the wrong day.  Oh well - things happen.  I was so looking forward to going and seeing all my friends and having a good time.  I did get two peices of coconut cake and a half dead basil plant.  Looked a lot better after a good watering!  So instead I took a ride almost to Vrginia looking for a thrift store I have seen several times , but couldn't find it.  Did stop at two others, but they didn't have anything that I was looking for.  Sometimes it's like that.  Hope your day went well - have a great evening and sleep well with pleasant dreams.  Leaving you with some springtime flowers and love.  Wendy

    See the source image

    04/14/2021 15:42:11

     Such a crazy afternoon for we are still getting off and on snow and a rainy mist.  A nice Bear Creek Soup Mix day. Always like to have several on hand on this type of a day to make one feel warm and cozy.  Spring are you still here? Hope you show up again one of these fine days.  The tulips planted last fall are starting to come out of the ground.  May you have a nice afternoon.  Smiles   Gloria

    04/13/2021 15:33:16

     Hope your Tuesday day has been a happy one so far. We are truly having a snow day. The snowflakes are coming down ever so gentle. 

    This has been a great day to make up some Chili with oyster crackers. Yummy in the Tummy for sure as one sees the snow fall. I do believe I shall have another cup of coffee and continue  to read  another chapter in a book.  My what a lovely day I am having and I hope you are also.  Smiles   Gloria

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