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57 years old
San Diego, California
United States

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RELIGION: Christian - other
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My favorites seem to have Julia Roberts in them or Richard Gere. I love Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride,My Best Friends Wedding,Something To Talk About,Ghost,City of Angles,Pay It Foward(I really believe in that theory),Forrest Gump,Dirty Dancing,Titanic,Pearl Harbor,The Green Mile, A Star is Born,My all time favorite is a Movie with Christopher Reeve,(My Hero)& Jane Seymour in "Somewhere In Time" a truly beautiful movie.[/center]

I love music. It is a very important part to my everyday life. I had a Playlist here with all my favorite songs so that my friend's could learn a little bit about me and the music I enjoyed. Well, that site has changed so much now and I've tried to many times to make a list of songs and now they don't even acknowledge me after 5 years my email address that has NEVER changed.
Anyway, I love current Country Bands like Lady Antebellum and all the new artist in Country today. I love music from the 70's,80's,and 90's era and the new artist from the 2000 era. I do NOT like Hip Hop or that New type of talk to a beat that is so in with the younger generations now. If any of you that read this and know of a good sight I can easily put together a playlist and get it on this web page, I'd be interested in hearing from you.

Purple,Mauve,Teal I would say are my favorites.

I would have to say shell fish. I love Lobster and Crab. It is not hard when you live in San Diego county to go to the coast line and find nice Fish House Restaurant's.

I've gone missing from NOTH for some time now. I've always treasured my friends here very much. Those of you who have stayed with me, thank you. I've experienced the loss of 7 loved one's in less then 2 years now and one being a very close friend that was my age and also "my" Father and the Father of my 2 grandson's took his own life at age 26 years old. His boy's were only 3 and just turned 5 yrs. old he passed 2/5/14 and other's VERY close to my heart. I've found Grief is a difficult area for me and I've found out who are my REAL FRIENDS and who NEVER were. Many of my friend's here on NOTH left me because I was grieving and didn't come here for some time. I'm sorry to you all, but, it was not something I could really talk about as I didn't understand what I was feeling in the first place. Grief has been very difficult for me. Maybe some have harder shells then I do and go on without another thought of that person that left your life. Well, that is NOT Me. I'm a very sensative person and I take my friendships seriously and my relationships of every person I know to heart. Again,I'm dealing with a lot on my plate and being I live with Chronic Pain as well, I promise my "Friend's" here on NOTH that I'll do my best to stop in more often then I have in the past 2 years and I thank all of you that have not left me. You are the "REAL" friend's that I want in my life. So, please hang in here with me and if you can find it in your heart to Forgive me for not being here during the most difficult time in my life. I won't make any promises I can't keep and that would not be fair to anyone. All I can say is I'll do my best to stop in and say hello more often then I have in the past couple of years. It feels like just yesterday to me but,as someone has said, "Time Heals" and I'm praying the Lord helps heal my broken heart.
I've also not been well and have lost over 25 pounds now and really didn't need to lose any.It has not all been mental but, physical too. Please, hang in here with me and if you pray,please do so. In grieving, I've had to do it alone and really wish I could afford counseling to help me through it all. So, prayer's are very much needed.

I am a proud Nana of 6 beautiful grand children. The 2 oldest are 3 mo. apart. Alexis is 5 and she came Nov. 11 2008,then Noah came in Jan.25,2009 so they are now both 5 yrs. old, very close to each other. Luke is 4 born September 12, 2010. We gained a step grand daughter Nevaeh and she is age 4 and a doll. (her name is Heaven spelled backwards)The youngest are Joanna now age 2, born July 10,2012 lives in ME. so we see a lot of her via email and William born September 1,2012 now age 2 and a tiger!!
I have been married to my husband Mike for 19 yrs. The children are his, 2 girls and one boy. I love them all as if they were my own. His oldest daughter Julie is 36,his son Brandon is age 34 and the youngest daughter Jaymie is just 27. She is the mother of our grandson's Luke & Noah who's father took his life. She has remarried as of July 2014. I don't know how with the boy's father gone but, she must be stronger then I am when it comes to death. Her new husband has the daughter that just turned 4 and they have custody of her, so the boys have a sister now. She is a housewife for now and Noah and Alexis both started Kindergarten this Month. Noah loves it and Alexis hates it. When they were younger I would have thought it would be the opposite but, Noah is so hungry to learn. He loves his Nana and loves to be with me and talk with me all the time.So, get together's with all these kids except Joanna who lives in Maine, its still a house full of little one's running around crazy!!! I love them ALL!!! Brandon, Mike's son and his wife live in Maine.His wife Sarah is in her last year after 12 years of school/College/Medical School and they plan on one more child, so Joanna will have a sibling and then the kids are done, so they say anyway. We shall see.

I have been disabled since 1994 due to (SLE)Lupus and Severe Fibromyalgia. I live with Chronic Pain on a daily basis and take a lot of pain medication to aid in the control of this pain. I use a walker in the house often lately as the pain seems to be getting worse and a wheel chair when I have my bad days and we need to go out.

I love the grand kids. Their minds are always thinking of new things and are very creative. I do my best to talk, read and play and use our imaginations and not the TV or Cartoon's or even their IPADS they have even at their young ages. My grandson Noah asked if he could see my phone so he could check out what games I had on my phone. NO WAY!!! I said my phone was off limits to him to play games on it and that if he wanted to play, we would use our brains and think of things to do. You should have seen the look on his face, it was priceless!!! But, we did it and he actually had fun playing a game with his Nana. Can't wait for them to get a bit older and actually once out of kindergarten they will be able to do a lot more as they will know their numbers and what their right and left hand are and a few small words too. Then it opens up the door for more games to play. I refuse to let them get stuck on staring at some game on a phone. They need to get out and play and use their own minds and get fresh air and sun and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Especially the boy's. Their step Dad takes them fishing, hiking, and camping a lot. They will have the weekends only now until next Summer break now that Noah is in school. Alexis and I play beauty shop and she and I fix each other's hair and I do her make up and make her a Princess. Things that don't take a lot of me physically but, it makes them use their minds. Alexis already told me she wants to be a teenager and I said then you have to go to school for a long time to learn how to be one. She didn't like that answer to much...LOL :)

Learning new things on the computer keeps me busy. And, I keep in touch with a few family & friends from NOTH on FB also.

And,lastly I do love the Lord Jesus he is the Constant in my life and gives me hope that some day I will be well again and no longer endure pain daily or require medication's to make it through the day.

People who Lie and people who are dishonorable. The current war in Irac and all the lives that are being lost due to their beliefs is so wrong. And, what will have all the lives lost proved in the end??
People who Judge other's. It's NOT our place to Judge anyone. That is up to God, is my belief.
I have a saying that is in a movie I love. At the end of the movie the narrator says:
"Who is to say what a "Sin" is in God's eyes?" Like who are WE to Judge others. I leave that up to God.

Food I dislike,Liver,Beets,Brussle Sprouts,Spicy Hot food..Getting up early and living with pain daily. Not working. Loss of Friends due to my illness & pain.

Bev Ann Gilligan

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Tending to my Roses. I have 9 in my yard. Making greeting cards from Scratch. It is like Scrap Booking but, instead your making cards. Same type of tools to do a nice job. Making Floral arrangements with silk flowers. Going to plays that come to town. Shopping when physically able. My daily activities are always determined on how I wake up that day and how my pain level is to do all of the above.

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