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LOVE to go to the theater for live Broadway shows - any thing from opera to musicals, and to the movie theater to see drama and action! A good sappy *make me tear up* type of movie is fun too - Somewhere in Time, Shawshank, Forrest Gump, My Blue Heaven and Labryinth are some of my favorites.

My all time favorite Broadway shows would be Les Miserabes, Lion King and Avenue Q was actually pretty good!

Classic Rock and the Beatles. Just seen RAIN for the 2nd time, "1954",and Paul McCartney; what fun! I love to go to classic rock concerts. Pink Floyd, Tull, Yes.. going to see Roger Waters The Wall soon.

Old country singers I grew up listening to and their love songs of course! I like to fall asleep to Jewel, Norah Jones, Sarah McLachlan, Adele and Vanessa Carlton.

I like a lot of the new comtemporary and bands like Maroon 5, Plain White Ts, A Fine Frenzy, Dashboard Confesssional, Jewel, Adele and Blue October. Love Nickelback; great in concert.

I love when my BFF plays guitar and sings to me.

Long list but mostly like dark tales (Koontz, Robin Cook)and ancient civilizations (Clan of the Cave Bear series and others like that), biographies, Hunger Games, Vince Flynn,John Grisham.

Water for Elephants on TC's advice; one of the best books ever.

Blue... well actually Pink. I guess I have two! I have my orange and bright days too!


It's a toss up between pizza, lasagne or chef salad! Then again, its between Prime Rib and Filet Mignon.. unless there is a lobster and some escargo to choose from. Boy, this list could get really long, so I will stop now as my favorite food list is really long! I like everything.

03/13/2014 09:42:29

TC is the other half of "Cloudeight"

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It might be fun to put a little note about the person such as how you know them, or how you came to be friends!

Thanks for the pretty background TC!! I love it :)

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I have two children and two cats.

My son is a Professor at Cornell, and my daughter works in DC for the FCA! I am an RN and continue to work in both Nursing and the web.

I am half Italian.. my dad is from Sicily, my mom a little of everything including Native American, Irish, German and French; all six of us kids are blonde haired, blue eyed.

My best friend is Thundercloud, known better as TC, and we have been working together on Cloudeight for over 16 years now. He is my BFF!!

The first thing that comes to mind is my walks; I love to walk and I walk almost daily in Zero temps or on a 90 degree hot humid day! Some of my most creative times come when walking, espeically where Cloudeight and NOTH are concerned. Biking, Skiing, Snowshoeing, Kayaking and Golf any time weather permits.

I love the woods, I love my dog and cats, most animals, and even those pesky squirrels on my deck.. the "fuzzy tailed rats". I have a huge variety of birds at all times to the day; my favorite are the hummingbirds and woodpeckers as they share my space and sit right near me pecking and slurping away!

I love my family and friends and time spent together. I love being outdoors expect when it is raining, unless it is a sprinkle on a summer day. I love snow and anything to do in the snow, and I still make snow angels just because!

Anything bad.. anything that brings me down. Probably a long boring list, so I won't be back later to complete this.. consider it complete.

Walking my Dog!
Shooting Pool
Bike Riding
XC Skiing

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