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A special Christmas Memory
Posted On 12/11/2013 09:25:28 by oppsgal


My friend growing up was an only child her parents were blessed with her when they were both in their early 40's.  So of course she was given the best of everything.  In mid December her Mother would take her to Cleveland on the train and ask me to go along with them.  It was such a special thing.  As my family was a family that was struggling as my Mom was a widow my father having died leaving us 3 kids for her to support.  So a trip like this was a real adventure.! 

We would get dressed up, and around 8 am go down to the train station.  Back then it was the old coal powered big black locomotives, steaming into the little train station in our little town.  We would get on board and take the hour trip into the central station in Cleveland.  It was so busy and our eyes would be sparkling as we took in all the people dressed up catching trains.  The station in Cleveland was called the terminal tower the tallest building in the city. We would get to ride an elevator up to the top of the building.  then back down. 

  From there we would go out a revolving door that was exciting as we did not have anything like those doors back in little Shelby Ohio.  And out into the street.  Oh my the stores all had their windows decorated for Christmas.  They were beautiful.  We each held her Moms gloved hand as we walked the block looking at all the windows.  And then we would go in to Higgbee's the big department store.  First thing we did was take off our coats and walk around the toy department.  My the wonder of it all never had seen so many toys in my life.  Then it was stand in line to sit on Santa's lap.  There were elves there too. And he was sitting on a big throne.

Then it would be time for lunch ... in the Higgbee's restaurant it was so fancy, they had cloth napkins.  And we would get a child's meal. It came in a box decorated for Christmas, and there would be a candy cane inside it too. 

After lunch came a time to shop. My Mom would give me 2 dollars to spend.  And I would get something for everyone.  my two siblings a small toy.  for each, my mom I would get talcum powder that smelled so good.  And for both my grandma's I would get a white hankie with a flower embroidered on them.  That was the best part being able to give something special to every one. 

Then came the train ride back home.  Watching the snowy fields, and passing through small towns stopping to pick up passengers, the conductor in his uniform pulling tickets, the seats were velvet red and brown stripes. 

We did this 3 different years.  Until I moved away.  But I will always remember my wonderful trips.

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