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Halloween Decorations
Posted On 09/10/2014 23:51:34 by NightOwl2
Just got my decorations put out (inside only). I got 2 tarantulas 1 rat 1 witch 2 ghosts and a few skulls. That sums up my Halloween decorations that I own. So, that didn't take long. lol My Alien doll got opted out this year unless I can find a good spot for him.  I love Halloween and Autumn, the cooler temps and the fresh cool air.  Do you have your Halloween decor out yet?  ... Read More

Name this season!
Posted On 09/10/2014 13:24:41 by yourchoice
CALGARY IN SEPTEMBERWe are still on our autumn travel adventure with friends in British Columbia, and enjoying a beautiful sunny morning by the Shuswap Lake. We enjoyed a lovely day last Saturday at the Canadian Insulator Collectors' Club Meet ... meeting collectors that I have not see for ten years. The link above will let you know why we are not heading home as planned, even though it is only a six-hour drive to home. No point in complaining ... we can't do anything about the weather beca... Read More

Posted On 09/09/2014 19:45:14 by winterdog
When I went to B school in San Diego in 73' there was a guy there I will never forget. I don't remember his name nor do I ever understand how he got in. He was the only 3rd Class in the class. We were all second class with 1, 1st class. He looked very old for his age. He shook a lot, and drank heavily. I talked to him a lot. As it turned out he was a Sniper in country. He had killed a lot of people and was suffering. He did not graduate and is probably dead by now. It just goes to show you that... Read More

Health tip #1 for September
Posted On 09/08/2014 12:59:39 by peterhavel
Consuming large amounts of sweets can wreak all sorts of havoc on a body. Of course, there is the obesity issue, in which sweets can contribute to a weight problem. The effects of sugar can also cause health problems, such as throwing the body's system for sugar regulation out of whack or making a person more susceptible to cavities. Eating a great deal of sugary foods also makes the body crave more of the same so that it is hard to cut the su... Read More

The Hardest Part of Work
Posted On 09/08/2014 01:43:21 by NightOwl2
The hardest part of work,is to pretend you’re working hard.You can only stack so many papers,or shuffle so many business cards.
In one tab you’ll have your email.And the other you’ll have your shows.And you can switch between them so quicklyYour boss hardly knows.
Hulu shows the Office,Youtube has dancing Dogs.Amazon sells lots of books,On Ebay you bought some Pogs.
An online game of ScrabbleMakes you think of many words.But when nature calls you leave,And beat angry birds.
But... Read More

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