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Am I the only one?
Posted On 05/14/2019 10:32:32 by Altara33606
I keep seeing commercials on tv for things like 'bacon burgers' & 'waffles & chicken'. And I just had to wonder if I'm the only one who doesn't like this kind of thing!
I like bacon--and I like burgers; but I don't want bacon on my burger!  I like waffles...and I like chicken--but I don't want chicken with my waffles; now, bacon with my waffle is different, since that's another 'breakfast' item. 
I have a friend who, when she was still working, would have a Baconator san... Read More

Posted On 05/01/2019 13:40:41 by Altara33606
I enjoy answering Polls, any time I can. However, sometimes, there's just not a 'right' answer--and I don't mean leaving out the "n/a" option. Since there's only room for 4 choices...you have to decide which is best.
In the latest Poll, I (so far, only me!) answered EAST.  Actually, Illinois is considered "Midwest". I never understood why.  I said East because we are in the Eastern half of the US; we're also in the Northern half of the US. But I decided  that East is the best f... Read More

And THen---
Posted On 03/31/2019 10:47:38 by Jane
I have enjoyed being part of Not Over the Hill, for many years. I have enjoyed receiving messages  on my site, sent by others from the group, and I have enjoyed reading the blogs also, for all the group, that have been posted. It has added happiness and stimulus to my life.  It is sad, when one hears from a person, regularly, for months or years and then- suddenly - the messages stop. I wonder? "Has something happened to my 'friend', has their computer gone on the fritz? Has the person... Read More

Forums--good info!
Posted On 03/11/2019 10:48:09 by Altara33606
I'm hoping this will help many of our new members, or older members who aren't here very often.  It seems many members either don't know how to check out the Forums or simply don't think it's relevant.   Believe me, it's important! We have a lot of good info there. 
 Click on FORUMS at the top of any page here; that will take you to a list of 'general' forums. Then click on NEW POSTS.  I do this when I log in. That will show you what is going on, in all the group... Read More

Dealing With the After Effects...
Posted On 03/10/2019 22:36:11 by yourchoice
It’s time for me to show up for a bit longer than a few minutes, just stopping long enough to check for messages. I have been “under the radar” for a bit, and tomorrow will be one week from the day I had my surgery. I’ve had a lot of rest (multi-napping has been my routine), still have a very sore throat, my bruises would suggest that someone was trying to hang me, but I’m doing very well now, without the assistance of Tylenol. Two days in the hospital gave me an opportunity to have a... Read More

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