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Humor Comes With Age
Posted On 07/16/2020 01:10:29 by texasjane
It all started when I was foolishly trying to rush to the front door.  I do not have a door bell but saw through the window someone was on my porch.  I do not open the front door without closing the dogs off into the back of the house.  I had been playing with the dogs and Oscar in the living room.  I saw visitors come up the steps.  I quickly ushered the dogs into the back bedroom.  I grab my face mask, and start to the front door.  I hear the knock and t... Read More

I Can't Win...
Posted On 07/13/2020 23:03:24 by yourchoice

I have received some wonderful private messages from friends here on The Hill, and other sources. I thought I was giving everyone a “break”, because I’ve been known to be an adamant and frequent user of words, both in live conversations, text messages, emails, and blogs. However, the messages are checking to see if all is well at our patch of land, has our ‘isolation’ become a ‘seclusion’, or have I been distracted by more interesting activities. Well, here comes a ‘deluge’... Read More

Daddy Shot Who?
Posted On 07/12/2020 19:56:46 by texasjane
I had overheard my grandmother make the remark that men sat on their brains.  This made me worry everytime my dad passed gas, my sister sat on his lap, or his bottom was in any danger.  The adults had no idea how worried I was.It was about ten o'clock at night.  My daddy had been working late.  He was a gemologiest and diamond expert.  He was quiet often called in to appraise stones from private collections as well as corporations like jewelry stores.  He always had... Read More

You Can't Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd?
Posted On 07/11/2020 08:30:02 by Allen
  As I gather my thoughts about what I'm gazing at, I realize nothing gets better than this...when you're in the great outdoors looking out God's window! Waving a good day at you all!   And then the girl with the kaleidoscope eyes came along, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies! It was a Beatles moment...just for a brief let it be period! But I enjoy it eight days a week and I feel fine! Now get yourself a ticket to ride!  Here's s a music post that you won't see everyda... Read More

More Than Meets The Eye! And My Eyes Hurt! ;)
Posted On 07/08/2020 21:06:18 by Allen
  I saw something rising in the distance! And there it was! Something trying to consume the sun, but to no avail! Another day will be brought to us tomorrow! The fake media has lost again! Another peaceful night will be consumed for those who take it! For those that fake it...you are lost forever! Heed the signs that will present itself upon you! Just saying!  Doing a music post for the late, great Charlie Daniels, who died July 6 at age 83! I grew up with his music and bought all of h... Read More

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