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Announcement: Alphabet Challenge All Over Again
Posted On 11/23/2015 20:38:10 by yourchoice
The first time I was told to consider writing blogs in the A-Z Challenge, I told my friend that I didn’t have time, didn’t know what I would write about, and to leave it to others who were better writers. Another friend reminded me that I always have lots to say (invited or not), so what would be so hard about writing a blog.  When I finally did get started, it got my ‘old brain’ in gear, and I started to enjoy the exercise of deciding on a topic for each letter, and getting my thou... Read More

America's Home Town Pre Thanksgiving Parade
Posted On 11/21/2015 12:16:35 by oldblueeyes99
  Saturday November 21 Parade
Happy Thanksgiving Saturday ...Day of our big Parade. We have this parade every year celebrating the coming of Thanksgiving...  Sending a few pics about America's Home Town... My Home Town...

... Read More

Z - Zero, Zippers, and our Zeneth
Posted On 11/20/2015 14:44:32 by yourchoice
Even though we still have a month to go before the first day of winter, we are experiencing below zero days this month. We are never quite prepared for such days, even though we understand that it is almost inevitable in our area. For those who wonder how we can tolerate such cold weather, we ask the same question to those who live in tropical areas. In the north, we dash from one warm or heated location to another, as quickly as possible, just as in hot weather, the rush is from one cool or air... Read More

G is for Gazing
Posted On 11/18/2015 01:11:43 by StoryBoat

 Gazing is one of my favorite pastimes.What is gazing?  According to my online friend,the Word Hippo, to Gaze is to "look steadily and intently, especially in admiration, surprise or thought".     Recently, I was sitting on a stone bench at a university campus, waiting for a friend.   Loud laughter erupted behind me.  Startled, I spun around...to fix my gaze on two arguing (sure sounded like human laughter!) squirrels.  They put on quite a show, one ch... Read More

From what the internet looks like.
Posted On 11/15/2015 11:49:48 by sgrannylove
Since becoming a treatment home for Foster teens we have had several training on the Brain. You are surprised that this is what the internet looks like. Well this is what the brain looks like. Brains start to develop from the bottom up. When trauma happens the brain starts to struggle to regain it's path. The brain actually isn't really mature until it is 30 yrs. old. Think about it when you look back at your life what time do you think that you really under stood your life? ( Not getting into r... Read More

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