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Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow
Posted On 02/28/2021 11:33:13 by texasjane
Loverboy and I have only been acquainted for a few days. The chief of police asked me to foster him until a forever home could be found. I live in a busy neighborhood in a very small town. I am a widow. Most of the homes in my block belong to other widows. We have one lone wolf among us. He is a retired New York policeman who walks his cat on a leash. George and I have had our ups and downs for sure.I introduced George to members at the senior center. He was thrilled to discover there were two m... Read More

Posted On 02/28/2021 10:36:25 by merchandiser
As a student of all the sciences, I decided to examine this proverbial expression to see if it was indeed a fact or fiction. Is this statement saying that a watched pot never boils just a myth.? I needed to further examine this postulate or theorem using the scientific method I had learned in my years of taking courses in the fields of science. I believe you just can't accept something because somebody says so, ............so I set out a course of action well thought out and planned to on... Read More

My Retirement Is Nothing Like I Thought It Would Be
Posted On 02/27/2021 01:40:48 by texasjane
"Jane you are the only one I could think of to help us right now. We have a stray that has a broken foot and needs a quiet place to stay until we can find him a forever home. He is a surrender. His owner died and we just don't have a place for him. His name is Loverboy."Sometimes it just not pay to answer the door. I had already ushered Belle and Sweet Pea into the back bedroom. I had put up a flap to keep Oscar and Grammy from having free reign of the kitchen."Where is he now?" I watched as the... Read More

Oops, I Read That Wrong
Posted On 02/26/2021 10:14:23 by texasjane

You know your in trouble when your dreams go into re-runs. All this week I wake up and realize the dream I woke up from was one I had several years ago. Not the same dream over and over but still reruns from years long ago.
What is even stranger I keep having a feeling of "what ever I am doing, I have done exactly like that before." There is a word for that but I do not know how to spell it. Day-ga-voo? What is great is the times I am suddenly reliving are fun times and happy. ... Read More

Golden Nuggets Plus 10 - Part 2
Posted On 02/23/2021 06:29:57 by yourchoice
Following graduation, the class of nurses went their separate ways, to find their first job as a Registered Nurse (known as an RN), continue their education, or to finally marry the love of their life (which was not allowed during training days). They were now members of the Hospital Alumnae, and made concerted efforts to travel back to attend the annual Alumnae Banquet. Traditionally, each class planned their own class reunion every five years, which included attending the Alumnae Banquet. The... Read More

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