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Posted On 01/22/2016 11:19:57 by sgrannylove
As I was making my breakfast this morning I looked into the pan at my Pancake and all of the sudden I remembered my Dad. Every Sat. he made pancakes and we were to enjoy them.  I can see him testing each one putting a hole in the middle with the side of the spatula. The purpose of this he said was to let them steam out. What is your favorite memory? Suzan ... Read More

Blog - I Installing the Internet
Posted On 01/22/2016 00:40:40 by yourchoice
It has been quite a week, just in time for my next blog in my second round of the A to Z Blog Challenge. Most of my friends know that we live in a rural area, and we lack some of the “amenities” of those living in the city. Our Internet service has been slower than slow, but in spite of that fact, the company has insisted for years that 0.02 to 2.1 ghrz download speed is average, and worthy of their charges for “high-speed” Internet service. They will not upgrade any equipment until ther... Read More

Posted On 01/20/2016 20:50:41 by MyBellame
I"m Just Dropping In To Let Everyone Know That I Miss You All, & So Sorry To Be Gone So Long, But This Is Due To Alot Of Medical Problems That I'm Having Right Now, AKA Having Several Doctors Appointments, & Medications That I'm Taking,Have Been Taking A Toll On Me!.. I Will Try &  Be  Back On "NOTH" Within A Day  Or So!!..Love & Miss You All!.. LOVE & PEACE TO ALL~ MY BELLAME~
... Read More

Do you like Willie?
Posted On 01/19/2016 11:44:50 by sgrannylove
Well,  last night I was trying to find a TV program, so much junk anymore. I happened to choose channel 8 by mistake and what a nice surprise. The Library of Congress was giving Willie Nelson the Gershwin Award for the Best Artist of the year. I have always loved him. Yes, his voice isn't melodious, but his songs are to sing by. Anybody remember Crazy by Patsy Cline do you sing along with it? ( I know you have to like country ) They sang a lot of  his song not only the ones that he wro... Read More

My Heptad of Things That Make Me Happy
Posted On 01/17/2016 00:53:23 by StoryBoat
My Heptad of H's that Make Me Happy
1. Hattie-Fur Baby of my Heart. My twenty year old grey and brown Tabby cat.2. Hugs-I am a Hugger of people, fur babies, trees and good memories3. Holly Trees-especially the fifty year old one growing in my front yard. I celebrate the day each winter when a flock of Robins decorates the tree like bird ornaments and gobbles all the berries.4. Hydrangeas-my favorite flower.  I grow several bushes along the south side of my house.5. Hats-I love to wear ha... Read More

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