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Posted On 02/28/2015 17:03:25 by Notgrnyyet

Friday nights in the winter was our fudge parties. Brenda and I would be at one house together. Sometimes Mamma and Auntie had to pool their stuff so we'd have what was needed for the fudge.
Now this wasn't the fudge like we all make today. Nope, We didn't know there was any kind but what we made.
We'd assemble our stu... Read More

The Plastics Factory
Posted On 02/28/2015 16:58:30 by kiwibarb
"And what did you do yesterday, Madam, apart from nothing?" was the greeting I got at the Plastics Factory where I had reluctantly taken a totally uncongenial job in order to keep food on the table. Being between husbands, and with four kids to provide for, any job was better than no job. The Plastics Factory was mainly manned by Maori women, and the above question was directed at me by Nita, the Maori forewoman. She was a brisk, capable lady with a whopping chip on her shoulder, and openly dec... Read More

Living in a bubble
Posted On 02/28/2015 06:33:29 by dabbymac
Sometimes I think I live in a bubble.  People whom I've never heard of won Academy Awards for movies I've never seen.  The Kardashians are not on my radar.  Celebrity gossip eludes me. The latest psychobabble is nonsense. However, I do keep up on current events and the financial markets, so imagine my surprise yesterday when I was asked for identification when depositing cash into my checking account.  The teller went on to explain that cash transactions of any type require I... Read More

Weekend Woes
Posted On 02/27/2015 15:41:23 by kiwibarb
  Funny how problems arise at weekends when it’s impossible to get anyone to fix them. My problem surfaced on Friday, so that should have been solvable, right? Not if you live where I live! I had already done the laundry, and there was nothing amiss in there. Some time later I found the cold tap dripping, so I turned it off, but it was already turned off. I turned as hard as I could and the drip persisted. Probably needs a new washer. I rang a plumber whose advertisement I had clipped f... Read More

Home is the Nurses’ Residence
Posted On 02/26/2015 23:06:22 by yourchoice
Growing up on a farm without a brother or a sister, entertaining myself with my dog and my horse, it still was a very lonely childhood for me. I had more friends when we moved to the city, but the best experience for me was moving into the Nurses’ Residence. There were 91 girls in my class, and we lived together, worked together, and partied together, and when needed, there was always a shoulder to cry on. It didn’t take very long for us newbies to develop a real ‘sisterhood’.We ate... Read More

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