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Friendship is a treasure ...
Posted On 08/26/2014 00:23:30 by yourchoice
I finally found a bit of time to visit on The Hill, the first since before the weekend. Since the weather had improved from the wet and cold previous week, we travelled to visit my husbands' oldest brother and his wife, who are both in their 90s. Today was a wonderful day in the city ... enjoyed lunch with a nursing classmate who was in Calgary for the day. I'm not sure we absorbed all the stuff we talked about, squeezing in news from the past year. There is something about the 'sister... Read More

Thanks for the memories
Posted On 08/25/2014 05:02:10 by stillkicken
   Just want to thank everyone for all the birthday well wishes.   Another year older,  and hopefully smarter.   I figure if I wake up in the morning its a good and what I do with that will be an adventure.   Hugs all around,  and yes I'm  Stillkicken!
... Read More

Where did time go
Posted On 08/24/2014 18:02:13 by Country_camper
Wow where did the years go. I met my husband when I was 20 yrs old. We married when I was 26 years old when we married. I had our first child when I was 30 yrs old, the second child I was 32 yrs. I was thinking I have been married for 33 years... Wow that is almost half of my life I have been married... I married when I was older and I do not regret, I do feel sad as I am 59 years old and no grandchildren. And none in site. Both daughter are not in a position or life time where they plan on chil... Read More

Do you talk to your animals?
Posted On 08/24/2014 17:48:56 by Country_camper
I do talk to my cats.... And I do not care who likes it... If you think I am nuts.... So be it... When I am ready for work, my cats run to their mats and mewo, they both set up and give me a high five. When I am pouring my coffee in my to go cup they are waiting by the hall door. As I leave they both get a pet and I say I love you, watch the house.... They both sound off as if to say ok mom, see you tonight. I come home I have to greeters at the hall door. So happy and talking all the way, I tel... Read More

Posted On 08/24/2014 17:41:35 by oppsgal
HERMITS ....sechandler 8 24 14
What is a hermit?  Usually it is someone who chooses to close themselves off from society as much as they can.  Only associating with people to buy necessities. 

Today in my local paper there was an article about two Hermits that lived near by my town, They lived in Plymouth Ohio even today it's a small sleepy country town with not much action. Except when the flyer comes out on Tuesdays for the local grocery store then the pick u... Read More

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