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Met my love
Posted On 05/04/2016 11:21:50 by azjudy
Met my love 30 years ago today.
I always thought I was a romantic but after nearly 30 years together, I freely admit it is Paul that is the true romantic.
We were supposed to met at a local restaurant.  We didn’t know much more about each other than our names.  He knew I was deaf and that I would be wearing a red and white polka dot blouse. Thanks goodness he was at the restaurant before me so was looking for a walking polka dot figure or else I might have had to play a guessin... Read More

Posted On 04/29/2016 20:13:15 by Altara33606
I did a Poll about Pizza earlier, which gave me the idea for this Blog.  I love pizza; but between budget and diet, we don't have it very often.  And because we don't have it very often, when we do, I want something 'special.'    My current favorite  is deep dish pizza--square--from Little Ceasar's. I realize 'thin crust' is probably better  for us; but, I don't consider that 'special'.    We skip the 'soda' and chips that are offered; we both realize... Read More

OK I am on a roll.
Posted On 04/28/2016 21:29:00 by sgrannylove
My new puppy wanted out so I let him out when he wanted back in he barked at the door I let him in he sat down right away waiting for me to undo his leash I patted him on the head and said, good boy. Immediately the morning news came to  mind. It was about the spanking debate ( do I love debates?) the Dr. that was giving examples gave this one. Think about it if you give praise to someone often aren't they more apt to continue their good behavior? Now when I was raising my children  I... Read More

The breast feeding debate on again.
Posted On 04/28/2016 21:11:34 by sgrannylove
First off I feel if you are going to do it in public do it with others in mind. Now this is what I DON'T understand why do people think this photo is alright to show? If it wasn't for the thong it would be a naked butt?  You actually see less when you see someone breastfeed. I think that it is just the thought. Can you imagine a pioneer woman with a baby walking on the trail say wait I  have to hide while I feed my child. Most cultures accept it as part of life. Is it because... Read More

Go figure.
Posted On 04/27/2016 10:57:19 by sgrannylove
I had blogged about trying to clean out things that I just don't use. My children are on the bandwagon. They know that it will be hard to get rid of somethings when the time comes. They have their own things and making these decisions are hard. Mom loved this but it just doesn't fit in our home etc. Well, my son decided to help me in my adventure of cleaning out things. The weekend he came to visit and you guessed it. I am now the proud owner of a flowered piggy bank and a replica of an old... Read More

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