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My Christmas 'To Do' List!
Posted On 12/10/2019 23:34:32 by yourchoice

My 'To Do' list is getting shorter these days... and writing a short blog will take another item off the list. I have been dropping by NOTH to see what's happening, visiting pages to admire Christmas decorations, and reminding myself that I need to change my page... enough with the "Winter" theme! Because I was a bit short on ideas for my page, I decided to share photos from of our Christmas decorations. We do tend to be somewhat "non-traditional" (not a Santa or an Elf to be found), b... Read More

“If I was Santa Claus”
Posted On 12/09/2019 14:24:03 by Livia

“If I was Santa Claus” 
I wish I was Santa claus With white beards Enter the houses through the chimneys And bring joy to all the little children. I would give gifts to all… Poor, rich, all deserve this day to be happy. Adults would give a lot of kindness and understanding. If I was Santa Claus, He put a hint of love in every family. In every heart happiness and joy. Christmas would be every day. 
Livita, 30-11-17... Read More

Designing My Pages Here
Posted On 12/09/2019 11:37:45 by Altara33606
Over the last eleven years, I've used so very many 'themes' when doing my pages, that it's often hard to come up with a 'new' idea.
For example, here are some themes that I've used: Colors--my favorites: Mauve and Teal Cats--photos of cute cats in general and 'my cats' Science Fiction--my favorites in general, then Dr. Who, & Star Trek Oceans/Ocean creaturesUnicorns  Fairies
Seasons and Holidays   Christmas: one year I had all Christmas trees on one page & something... Read More

An Honest Review About This Site!
Posted On 12/07/2019 10:29:16 by Allen
  The first thing I'm gonna say is how pleased I am that I am a member of this site!  The people here greeted me with open arms and seem to have instilled in them the old ways of life!  In that I mean they were raised proper and give common courtesy to their fellow man!  Probably raised with the Good Book in hand and have morals!  I realize that most here are about my age or older than me!  In saying that I have come to the conclusion that most of us had a rough lif... Read More

Enchanted night
Posted On 12/05/2019 19:19:12 by Livia

‫‬‎Noite encantada
Olhei para a lua brilhanteFiquei cheia de emoçãoE naquele instanteDisparou meu coração.Vi-te meu amado…Como uma miragem!Uma brisa suave no meu rosto.Senti o teu cheiro no ar.Olhei para as estrelasE vi o brilho do teu doce olhar.Uma saudade bateu…Que vontade de te abraçarNuma noite de lua encantadaSenti o sabor do teu beijoVoltei a sentir-me amadaE um desejo ardenteDe ser tua para sempre.
Livita, 19 de novembro de 2018------------------------------ ---... Read More

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