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Bullying Destroys Lives
Posted On 01/25/2015 08:04:16 by debieo

Why don't some people stop and think before they say hurtful things to others. Sometimes you do not realise the damage that can be done through words alone.  l have just heard that another young person has ended their life and it looks like a lot of it was down to bullying, constant nastiness and lies being told.  These bullys are cowards.  They pick on the weakest because they know they won't fight back.  l personally know the family of this young man and l know how love... Read More

Ghost story IRL
Posted On 01/25/2015 06:32:10 by dabbymac
I am emboldened by Judd 101 to send out my ghost story.  My husband passed six years ago, his name was Melvin.  One evening about three yeas ago while using my laptop my wifi quit.  I wanted to restart it and opened the box which shows available networks.  Lynksys was the name of my household network.  When I opened the box it said "Lynksys" and "Melvin" were available.  I was taken back for a moment and then decided it must belong to one of my neighbors.  I go... Read More

Have you ever looked at something and been offended by it only realizing...
Posted On 01/24/2015 23:25:22 by Judd101

Well, that's awkward.
Interesting logo.
That's some serious junk in the trunk.
Oh dear.
Is she...? No.
That's quite the optical illusion.
Not what it seems.... Read More

Posted On 01/24/2015 18:23:40 by Notgrnyyet
    In the late 40's and early 50's things were rough and everything we got or accomplished was new and big to us.I'll never forget the day we got electricity in our house. We were the last in the area to get it because we were at the dead end of the road and had to wait until the workers got there with the lines. I suspect also there was a problem with Daddy getting enough money to pay for the installation.We had coal oil lamps and I remember sitting at the kitchen table to do my... Read More

Simple simple simple
Posted On 01/24/2015 15:41:36 by Notgrnyyet
   My moods are as bad as Arkansas weather. Up, Down, all around. Why do we get in and out of these moods? Why can't we just stay on an even keel of sorts. I'm me, you are you. We are all so different but yet the same.
  My Grandma used to tell me I was moody and she was right. There are so many different moods to be in. I have come to the realization that we make our own moods. I went grocery shopping this morning, not my favorite chore I must say. The store was crowded a... Read More

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