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From the Inside Out
Posted On 05/24/2015 08:29:07 by dgfowler1960
Sunday, May 24, 2015

It is what is in the inside of US wanting to come out that will make a difference. The desires of OUR hearts. The desire to become something more. This is what will change US. The more WE change, the more WE will see greater things happening to US. WE must of course WORK for it. Nothing in life comes free. WE must have a driving desire. WE must make the changes WE want to become. Can you make that decisi... Read More

Summer Delights
Posted On 05/23/2015 23:55:51 by kiwibarb
Living on an island had a charm all its own, but there were times when we felt it necessary to return to civilisation temporarily. Even the Old Salt, who owned the play boat Popeye, and whose life was the sea, occasionally felt the need to depart from his usual activities and try something different.He had a camper van, otherwise known as a motor home, and (even at his advanced age) a girlfriend, whom we called The Mermaid. The pair of them took off in the camper van to the most northerly tip of... Read More

Posted On 05/23/2015 16:45:57 by kiwibarb
Mention “Blackberry” today, and people think of smart phones. To me, the word conjures up yet another happy memory from my distant past.New Zealand today bears little resemblance to the New Zealand of sixty or seventy years ago. Most of the country was farmland, and our export products were butter, meat and wool. They still are, to a more limited extent. Farming is no longer the lucrative industry that it used to be.Although my family were town dwellers, we still had access to numerous far... Read More

Plop and Fizz
Posted On 05/23/2015 13:24:56 by Notgrnyyet
 I was in a store yesterday evening getting some things we needed bread being the main thing I was a little tiffed because Don waited till I got home from Church before he told me we needed bread. “Why didn't you tell me sooner?” And he starts this condescending tone that ruffles my feathers fast and says “Now how was I going to tell you when you were not here”. Oh good grief I do have a cell phone with me at all times. It wouldn't have rang in Church but a simple message would have... Read More

Raise of Hands, Who's Been Here Too?
Posted On 05/23/2015 07:14:46 by dgfowler1960
Saturday, May 23, 2015

Okay folks honestly who has been here? You know you offer yourself a chance to have a meal one time a week so you don't cheat, but....are you really still cheating yourself?

How counterproductive is this? We fall off of the wagon; jump back on, sometimes to only fall back off again. This happens in all areas of our lives not just eating. Falling off of the wagon used to refer to just alcohol nowa... Read More

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