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Enjoying our Personal Rural Zoo
Posted On 05/26/2020 14:46:37 by yourchoice
Call it what you like… we are being well entertained at our home, in spite of the continued self-imposed isolation. Our last social outing was March 15th, altered briefly by three visits to our grocery store and one delivery of files to our accountant in the city. We miss the personal contact with friends and neighbors, and the friendly hugs that are our normal greeting. Thank goodness for telephones, especially for those who still are not connected to a computer… my beloved hubby being one... Read More

Hamlet or Spook?
Posted On 05/26/2020 03:58:58 by texasjane
It was the first week of October. Plans were already being made for the Halloween party at a near by senior citizen center. Hamlet had been invited as more of a guest than an entertainer. This meant a new costume.He loved pumpkins too much to have him ware one.  He would eat it before the party got started.Going as a Pig in a Blanket might not be a good idea... someone might say the "B" word or make him think he was anything other than a star.We even thought about turning a little box with... Read More

Repeat: A Squirrel's Conversation
Posted On 05/24/2020 19:25:07 by texasjane
After spending the morning volunteering at a senior center I came home and started watching the activity outside my window. This story came to mind.

I watched as a squirrel came scampering across the street in front of my house. It is a major highway and I am glad he got across without any problems. Since there are railroad tracks over there I assume he is... Read More

Posted On 05/24/2020 10:37:51 by Buffalogal
Celebrations The other day my watch needed a new battery. The one jeweler 3 miles away, had just reopened his store so I drove over there.As I was coming along Main St. there was a police car leading a caravan of cars beeping their horns and covered with balloons, banners, and ribbons with young people happily waving, so I stuck my arm out of the window and kept waving back as car after car passed by.It was the high school graduating class from Centaurus High having so... Read More

Hic incipt pestis
Posted On 05/23/2020 15:20:17 by Beth777
"Hic incipt pestis"...

 this translates to "here begins the plague" and was found among many writings of the 14th and 15th century and beyond. It refers of course to the Black Plague or the Bubonic Plague that killed millions across Europe in the middle ages. It's interesting to note that among the suffering and death that literary greats like Shakespeare created some of his finest works during this time, even though he lost 3 sisters and a son to the sickness.

Just as myster... Read More

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