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Christmas Family Game
Posted On 12/19/2014 04:33:14 by yourchoice
We have been preparing for our Christmas Family Game, and this year we will be enjoying a crowd of friends and family. There will be 18 people at our son's home for the Christmas Eve Sleep-Over (that's a lot of sleeping bags and foamies)! Grandparents will be sleeping at our house ... the quiet retreat! Our son lives three miles from us, and we will join the crowd for Brunch.  We usually play this game on Christmas Eve, and I thought I would share it with my NOTH friends. There will be 21 p... Read More

Ants in my Pants
Posted On 12/18/2014 18:39:21 by kiwibarb
Is there no end to the things that are sent to try us? I raised my lounge room blind this morning and saw my camellia tree in the front yard, adorned with toilet paper wound right around it. More toilet paper had been thrust into the letterbox. But that’s nothing compared to what came later. Of course I didn’t want the toilet paper, but it was at least clean and stayed where it was, unlike the infestation I discovered when I went to bring the laundry in off the clothes line. The first item... Read More

Posted On 12/18/2014 06:39:13 by JBMorrisAuthor
MADISON December 18, 2014   FROM THE PREVIOUS PAGE “If you decide to come back, you will immediately apologize to Vicki and ask her to rejoin your team. Vicki needs a job. She is a single parent with three children. And I need her talent in the office. She made a mistake. We all make mistakes. “And let there be a clear understanding between us, Madison Belmont. One more outburst like your performance today and you’re fired.” **** Failure. It was what it was, rejection. Defe... Read More

Posted On 12/16/2014 07:20:22 by JBMorrisAuthor
MADISON December 16, 2014   FROM THE PREVIOUS PAGE “Don’t you dare interrupt me! Your incompetence almost cost us the Palmer account. Now you go back to your desk and somewhere in that mess is that report. Find it and bring it to me immediately. Do you understand me?” “Yes,” Vicki said, hesitantly. “And one last thing,” Madison said. “I will not tolerate mistakes. You’re off my team. I will not accept your unsatisfactory performance. If it were my decision, I’d f... Read More

Posted On 12/12/2014 16:19:41 by emom101
2014*12*12 Friday EMOM'S MOUNTAIN NEWS...

Welcome home, dear hearts, welcome home.  Get in here and get warm! Even tho today was warmer and sunny, that 26 deg we had this morning was a doozy!

I know, I know... I've been remiss in my duties here.  (but ya love me anyway? right? ok, lie a little) The last two weeks or so have been hellacious!

Let's see here...About three weeks ago, Clyde disappeared. Saturday a week ago, Dish went out. No TV overnite. Nary a sound..n... Read More

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