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Never Again
Posted On 10/23/2014 18:48:40 by kiwibarb
Being unable to get an appointment with my usual hairdresser, I made one at a different salon to get a much-needed perm. Never again. Can't think of a single thing nice about that salon. While being kept waiting, I decided to decline if offered tea or coffee, because the wide windowsill at the front of the shop was filthy with dead insects, that had obviously been there longer than since yesterday. The perming procedure began and I thought nothing lived up to the card that calls them Professiona... Read More

A point of view from Rex
Posted On 10/23/2014 11:30:24 by yourchoice
This is a follow-up to my blog that was posted yesterday ... All I can say is 'Thank you, Rex' for your National Comment ... REX MURPHY'S POINT OF VIEW If you don't recognize his name, click on the link above to find out who he is. Mona... Read More

Posted On 10/23/2014 08:53:49 by JBMorrisAuthor
MADISON CHAPTER 3     IN OUR LAST VISIT We learned, that while Madison was successful on Wall Street, it did not extend to her personal life. Rather than calling the people she worked with friends, she labeled them as business associates. They were the ones who called her at home to discuss work or the next meeting in the office. She was not comfortable making an emotional investment with people. Madison’s life was complete. Or was it?   Time was change and Madison was... Read More

Things are about to change in Canada!
Posted On 10/22/2014 17:59:54 by yourchoice
It has been quite a day in Canada, and many feel that because of it, things are not going to be the same tomorrow, and the days after. For the second time this week, a soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces was killed in their own country. Today, a gunman shot an on-duty reservist at the memorial of the Unknown Soldier on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. The gunman then ran into the Parliament Buildings, and was shot dead by Security before he got too far. Some thought there were accomplices, so a lar... Read More

Thank you to my Hill Friends
Posted On 10/22/2014 07:54:55 by SandiLee
I want to say Thanks to all my OTH friends, for your wonderful comments, encouragment and for being there every day.With work, home, life, I am so busy some times, I don't get to be here as much as I would like.But I still think of you all.... Read More

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