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I am a Light
Posted On 04/24/2014 05:16:08 by dgfowler1960

None of us ever truly know the impact we make on the world and others while we’re in it. You may feel like a bit player in a big production, someone whose part could be filled by just about anyone. You’re wrong. You may feel like you’ve never made a difference in the world. You have. Often we don’t know how far our light has shone, or whose path we’ve illuminated. We tend to need to see the product of our efforts before we will believe we’ve created a resul... Read More

Birthday Gift to Myself
Posted On 04/23/2014 21:09:39 by schyeblue
This is my first blog here on NotOverTheHill.Today is the day after my 59th birthday. Neither my birthday gifts or cards weren't plentiful but they were nice and heartfelt. I received 3 cards and 2 gifts plus a birthday dinner today. But the gift I gave myself seems to be having the longest lasting affect. (I hate words like affect and effect. They drive me nuts! I am never sure which one I'm supposed to use...ever!!) Anyway, I digress. The gift I gave to myself was the gift of a cold!! YUC... Read More

Not the news I wanted to hear
Posted On 04/23/2014 05:24:04 by dgfowler1960

The verdict from the bone scan is a definite revision of the existing knee that was done before in 2008, and possible knee replacement if they cannot get it to fit correctly due to too much spacing in between. The scan above shows the bottom portion needs to be replaced. As you can see from the extra white on the bottom section where the 'plug' goes into the Tibia. The white shaded area is where it has come lose.

Even though I asked the doc... Read More

Down Memory Lane
Posted On 04/22/2014 21:32:52 by Notgrnyyet
   Living down that old dead end dirt road as I grew up was a great childhood. We were happy, we had most everything we needed and some of what we wanted.A smell like pinto beans cooking can transport me back in time and open up the windows to my youth.  I can see Mama standing at the stove stirring the beans. I can see me as I stand on a box to reach the cabinet as Mama taught me to make cornbread. I still make it the same way today. I loved to cook then and I still love it... Read More

Very Touching
Posted On 04/22/2014 20:00:10 by kiwibarb
One of my daughters gave me a bedside touch lamp about 5 years ago, and yesterday the bulb blew. I am neither confident nor competent when it comes to Home Handyman jobs, and the lamp has a warning on it not to use any bulb more than 60W. All my spare bulbs are 100W. Well, I’ll find that old bed lamp we used to have. Famous last words – it was nowhere in the house. I know of several places it used to be, and now it isn’t. I probably put it in the garage with all the other unused stuff tha... Read More

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