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2nd Health Tip for August
Posted On 08/28/2014 14:35:43 by peterhavel
Spices are widely used for increased health and well-being. Young adults, the elderly and anyone who is looking to find a healthier way of living can benefit from using spices when they cook meals. Just adding a few tasty spices to a meal is all that it takes. For those who are not likely to cook, or even learn, this information can still be helpful, as they can give suggestions to others in the home who are more likely to cook.ENVIRONMENTA... Read More

Sneak Peek - Labor Day Direct Care Sale
Posted On 08/28/2014 11:35:57 by Eightball
SNEAK PEEK LABOR DAY SPECIAL SALE ON DIRECT CARE SESSIONS!  We are letting our friends on the Hill be the first to check out our Labor Day pricing for Cloudeight Direct Care service.  This is the lowest price this year on a single direct care session. Direct Care keys never expire, so get one now!  Click Here!... Read More

Healthy eating
Posted On 08/28/2014 08:17:44 by pj5460
I'm am a reformed diabetic  which means I beat this condition due to better eating and walking. I am always looking for healthy recipes that are sugar free. I also have lots of them if anyone is interested.... Read More

Friendship is a treasure ...
Posted On 08/26/2014 00:23:30 by yourchoice
I finally found a bit of time to visit on The Hill, the first since before the weekend. Since the weather had improved from the wet and cold previous week, we travelled to visit my husbands' oldest brother and his wife, who are both in their 90s. Today was a wonderful day in the city ... enjoyed lunch with a nursing classmate who was in Calgary for the day. I'm not sure we absorbed all the stuff we talked about, squeezing in news from the past year. There is something about the 'sister... Read More

Thanks for the memories
Posted On 08/25/2014 05:02:10 by stillkicken
   Just want to thank everyone for all the birthday well wishes.   Another year older,  and hopefully smarter.   I figure if I wake up in the morning its a good and what I do with that will be an adventure.   Hugs all around,  and yes I'm  Stillkicken!
... Read More

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