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Posted On 08/28/2015 12:31:09 by Live2Love

Off -time for my husband. We have had some time to do more around the house.During this off time for my husband, we have been busy with a lot. We have been doing some minor repairs to the house and weeding out junk to get rid of.  The lawnmower broke and in the same week, the washing machine went haywire, but is okay now. Noone can have complete optimism all the time, and if they say they are they are fooling themselves!
... Read More

J - Johnston Canyon
Posted On 08/28/2015 01:04:43 by yourchoice
In my growing up years, a trip to Banff National Park was a special treat, often including members of my mother’s family. She grew up in a large family, on a farm in central Alberta where there was always a lot of work to do. There were times, between the spring seeding season and the autumn harvesting season, that a trip to the mountains was possible. I don’t remember that anyone had a trailer, but those who could stay overnight were snug in their tent, or in a cozy cabin. Of course, there... Read More

Nice backgrounds
Posted On 08/27/2015 23:00:48 by Live2Love
I have a dear friend on the site who makes such nice backgrounds.
I told her I am a bird watcher and I love large birds. She was inspired because she had never done one on owls, so I gave her the challenge.  She rose to the challenge and did a great job!I met her years ago due to the fact that I complimented her page. She mentioned enjoying decorating, as one of her favorite things to do on a site. She sure is talented. 
I normally do my own page and it is not something I a... Read More

Poland and refugees
Posted On 08/27/2015 01:43:40 by salfordian2
Thousands of war torn refugees flee unspeakable horrors in Syria and Iraq, they eventually arrive at the border of Poland only to meet a barrier of razor wire keeping them out, what a short memory Poland has, in 1939 Great Britain, the British commonwealth and some of their allies went to war to help Poland when the German Nazi military invaded Poland, this was the real start of world war 2, yet today helpless refugees men women and children fleeing from war zones are refused entry into Poland,... Read More

Kauri Dam
Posted On 08/26/2015 20:27:59 by kiwibarb
Great Barrier Island used to be regarded as the “back of beyond” that could only be reached after a long sea voyage, and there was nothing there when you got there. Modern transportation soon fixed that. Our arrival at Port Fitzroy proved that the whole world had not only heard of the place, they had arrived there in their thousands. Well, hundreds. Boats of every description and size littered the harbour, from little tin tubs to majestic multi-storey skite-boats. This was an exciting p... Read More

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