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Wholesale short jeans
Posted On 04/20/2014 20:51:11 by labixiaoxin
Amies entered the men’s wear market in 1959, when he designed a range of silk ties for Michelson's. During the 1950s the preference of young adult men for more informal, body-conscious clothes and the popularity of American and Italian styles persuaded British manufacturers to reformulate their image and product. Hepworth’s, a middle market multiple tailoring group, approached Amies. His first collection for Hepworth’s in 1961 was designed Wholesale short jeans “to make the customer f... Read More

Wholesale ladies suits
Posted On 04/20/2014 20:50:29 by labixiaoxin
By this time, following almost twenty years of straight skirts and dresses, the term had been our of use for so long that its earlier, more specific meanings had been forgotten. It is used loosely to describe any dress wider at the hips than Wholesale jumpsuits rompers at the bust or waist, and a variety of flared skirt styles. With the revival of true A-line shapes in the early 2000s, Wholesale ladies suits however, there are signs that the terms originally used to describe them arc... Read More

Wholesale women t-shirts
Posted On 04/20/2014 20:49:56 by labixiaoxin
By the early 1980s, however, A-line garments, and flared shapes in general, had almost completely disappeared. Wholesale women's t-shirts "The new loose silhouette was an update of the sack shape, with dresses and tunics falling loosely from an exaggerated shoulder line. Some 1960s styles received a retro revival later in die decade, but as long as the shoulders remained padded and the tops loose fitting, Wholesale women's blouses straight skirts were required to balance the look. A-line skir... Read More

Wholesale skirts
Posted On 04/20/2014 20:47:07 by labixiaoxin
The most dramatic of these, in which the A-line idea was given its ultimate expression, was the spring 1958 "Trapeze Line” introduced by Dior's successor, Wholesale skirts Yves Saint Laurent, in his first collection for the house of Dior. The Trapeze silhouette, in which dresses flared out dramatically from a fitted shoulder line, was considered extreme by many, wholesale women's clothes but it did establish the A-line dress, with its highly structured, clean lines, as a suitable look for mo... Read More

Wholesale short jeans
Posted On 04/20/2014 20:46:33 by labixiaoxin
Though the example sec by the A-Line collection was not immediately followed, and Christian Dior explored other ideas in subsequent collections, Wholesale short jeans the idea of the A shape was a success, and the term quickly entered common usage. The A-line was one of a series of controversial mid- to late-1950s looks that deemphasized the waist and brought an easier, more casual look to fashion; chemise and sack dresses, loose tunics, and boxy suits were shown by Dior, but also by other co... Read More

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