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Posted On 08/30/2015 17:24:22 by jayseahawk
FAREWELL FELINE FRIENDSunday, August 30, 20152:39 PMIt was on August 25, 1999 that C154 was given into my care at Vernon SPCA. One of God's little creations. A long haired, grey, tabby and white kitten. I n the sixteen years since that day, Toby as he forever became known was a constant presence in my life... Through all of the ups and downs of a rocky marriage and an even more acrimonious divorce, Toby was there. When I was feeling down I was comforted by his motor bike loud purr, his head... Read More

Leaving Home
Posted On 08/30/2015 15:08:00 by kiwibarb
Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home. How true! Yet nearly everyone leaves it of their own free will. I had a lovely childhood home. It wasn’t flash, but it was comfortable, and spacious enough to easily accommadate 6 of us, my parents and my siblings. My mother kept it spotless, and my father added refinements over the years, building cupboards, painting and papering, and converting a small room we called the boxroom into a toilet.The boxroom was lined with shelves, and we all h... Read More

Extended Care?
Posted On 08/29/2015 23:25:58 by jayseahawk
'E' is the follow up to my Easter Sunday, 2006 rush trip to the hospital after I suffered a heart attack in church. The paramedics had delivered me to the ER. The doctors and nurses had made sure I had all the clot-busters and whatever else needed to be pumped into me keep my ticker ticking, and transferred me to the Intensive Cardiac Unit.   For the next few days my life was all rest and relaxation interrupted by regular ECG's and more needles were stuck into my a... Read More

K – Knitting for the Kids
Posted On 08/29/2015 23:20:19 by yourchoice
As long as I can remember, my Mom and some of my aunts would have their bag of knitting with them wherever they went. They could always do a few rows... or a lot of rows as they had some sit-down time, with friends over a cup of tea, or in their own kitchen as they waited for the bread to rise, or the cake, baking in the oven, was ready for the next step. There was always a project or two started and needing to be finished; woolen work socks for the men, warm scarves for the ladies, and mitts fo... Read More

Quiet is precious
Posted On 08/29/2015 22:43:01 by Live2Love
If I were to look up Quiet in the dictionary, I assure you the city I live in would not meet that description. I live in a small city with an estimated population of 3,496. At any time of the day you will hear train whistles or sirens from passing police cars or emergency vehicles.
There is always that vehicle that will drive by blaring it's loud bass music or squealing it's tires. There are the beep beep beeps from vehicles backing up, either the buses, the UPS or other types of d... Read More

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