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A Wakeup Call
Posted On 09/18/2020 08:58:04 by texasjane
I can't talk, what is in my mouth. I have a gag in my mouth. My hip hurts. Where am I, what is going on here? I can't see much. My hands are tied behind me. I can't think of anyone who wanted me to shut up that much. How did they get me under here? Who ever they are. I don't really hear anything.
Oscar is jumping up and down, waving his arms and chatting up a storm. He is doing it too fast I can't interpret squirrel that fast. I can see a little bit of the yard. It looks like I... Read More

The Kitten Saga
Posted On 09/16/2020 13:46:45 by Altara33606
THE KITTEN SAGA     Many evenings, my husband rides with his friend Steve, out to Steve’s “farm”--actually just a house in the country. Steve is totally remodeling the house before he and his wife are ready to move in; for now, they are our neighbors. Steve goes out daily to ‘feed the animals’. When Steve bought the place, it came with one dog and several cats. And, as could be expected, the ‘cats’ ended up with litters of kittens.   My husband always ‘tal... Read More

Never Forget
Posted On 09/11/2020 09:56:48 by Buffalogal
In 1983, my mother was very ill so my husband Jack and I flew to New Jersey to see her. One of the days we were there we went across the river to New York City  for he had never been there. I suggested going up in the Empire State building but they were charging a fee to do that. That must have been something new. Instead we just wandered around and came by the World Trade Towers and decided to go up since they were built after I moved to Colorado and I never had been up on top. No... Read More

Posted On 09/10/2020 21:17:42 by yourchoice
I thought I would have my computer back home by now, but not quite. The new battery that was installed lasted about 12 minutes!!!!! The company has to get their supplier to send another one... hopefully one that will work longer. I was in the city yesterday to enjoy a "Birthday Celebration" with three other ladies. It was a "had my birthday", "having my birthday", and "going to have my birthday"! It was a lot of fun to enjoy a LONG lunch in a great restaurant. By the time I got back home, I was... Read More

Unused cable--I figured it out!
Posted On 09/06/2020 11:03:24 by Altara33606
Today, while my husband was gone with a friend, I decided it was a good time to 'move things' around on my desk. That meant turning off the computer and unplugging some things. 
Well, I moved one end of the desk farther away from the wall, to get to things--and found a 'cable' that was unplugged! It's one of the blue ethernet cables. The one end was plugged into my ATT U-verse box. And I couldn't remember 'where' the other end should go. 
 But...the computer was working just... Read More

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