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Different Types of Students
Posted On 11/23/2014 22:12:07 by Robert01
Students register in college with the sole aim of pursuing their academic goals. They have varied ways of getting their tasks done. A legion of students would prefer to hire professional paper writers and use their help to pass their assignments. They do not believe in independent pursuit for good grades. Moreover, their motive is to get their academic work done and get the knowledge they can use to pursue their dream careers. They do not tire themselves with going to the library or portioning t... Read More

Christmas Tree
Posted On 11/23/2014 14:05:53 by Country_camper
Do you have a live tree? Do you have a artfical? Do you have certain place the tree goes every year? Do you like one color lights or do you put tri colored lights on? Do you have a theme each year? Do you put up more than one tree? Do you decorate outside also?  ... Read More

Posted On 11/22/2014 15:07:16 by emom101
2014*11*22 Saturday EMOM'S MOUNTAIN NEWS

Welcome home, dear hearts, welcome home!  Help yourselves in the kitchen and then come on outside and sit in the partial sun for a bit!  Great day!

Have I ever mentioned I have a strange way of living life??? Asking the same question of you... lolol  Have you ever done something you know better to do and then do it anyway?  Sheesh!  Sometimes I think I need a keeper! (Back to this in a minute, the keeper thingy)
... Read More

Posted On 11/20/2014 09:59:55 by JBMorrisAuthor
November 20, 2014 FROM THE PREVIOUS PAGE Madison watched the traffic as the taxi dodged a parked delivery truck. She felt off-balance and it upset her. Careful, Madison. You’re losing your edge. Always stay one-step ahead of them. And don’t let anyone ever tell you no. Leaning forward and touching the driver’s front seat, Madison said. “Excuse me, you asked how I am today? “Yes, ma’am.” “Determined.” **** Sitting in the executive lounge of Kenner Acquisitions and Merg... Read More

The Penny Dropped
Posted On 11/19/2014 15:33:11 by kiwibarb
I have been wondering for ages why music groups are rarely photographed smiling. The gloomy looks on their faces are sending me the message that they hate what they do, and are being forced into it. It’s beside the point that I also frequently dislike what they do. Since making music gives me great pleasure, I could never understand this disagreeable look that they all seem to favour. Well, at long last the penny has finally dropped. Today’s news paper contained a pull-out of NZ Music Award... Read More

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