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Posted On 01/25/2015 19:14:43 by Notgrnyyet

I had my washer going this morning early and had gone in the bathroom to get dressed. I started hearing something that sounded like someone was trying to open the door to the bathroom. I was about half dressed and I panicked. After I got my breath I hollered. "Who are you and what do you want?" I heard it again and I really came unglued. I was thinking Why isn't Moses barking for Heavens sake. He barks every t... Read More

Posted On 01/25/2015 18:58:46 by Notgrnyyet
Mama washed clothes on the back porch with an old wringer washing machine .The water was drawn from a well and heated on the stove in the kitchen. The washer had to be full of hot water. There were two wash tubs for rinsing. If you are familiar with the way the washers worked you know that it would agitate until you were ready to stop it.The clothes were then picked up from the hot soapy water and fed through the wringer coming out into the first rinse tub which had warm w... Read More

Posted On 01/25/2015 18:54:26 by Notgrnyyet
  Remember all those giggling times we had as teen-agers? Boy I sure do. Sometimes we would giggle till our tummies hurt. That's OK. Right? Well that's according to where that giggle comes on. In school is not one of the good places, especially when it is supposed to be a serious time. We had JR. And Sr. Plays in high school and I'll never forget our Sr. Play. It was called Ready Made Family and it was so funny. Made even funnier by the antics on stage. I have to say right now that I w... Read More

Posted On 01/25/2015 12:23:51 by Notgrnyyet

In 1984 there were three boys in our house. My son and two step sons. I worked and I never knew where my husband was. Man could three boys eat a lot. Sometimes they each had a friend there in the summer months  when school was out.One day I had made a huge pot of spanish rice and a German chocolate cake. There were six boys there. I trusted them because the youngest of them was twelve. It was to be for supper that night. When I got home from work the boys had scraped the pot clean, ate... Read More

Ghost story IRL
Posted On 01/25/2015 06:32:10 by dabbymac
I am emboldened by Judd 101 to send out my ghost story.  My husband passed six years ago, his name was Melvin.  One evening about three yeas ago while using my laptop my wifi quit.  I wanted to restart it and opened the box which shows available networks.  Lynksys was the name of my household network.  When I opened the box it said "Lynksys" and "Melvin" were available.  I was taken back for a moment and then decided it must belong to one of my neighbors.  I go... Read More

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