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Thoughts on 'playing'.
Posted On 03/31/2015 12:37:11 by Altara33606
Do you remember when kids had to settle for playing with 'toys'--no batteries, either? And on long trips, we either 'colored' with Crayons  or played games like 'find a yellow object'?  We could occupy ourselves for hours with 'pretend'. I can remember setting up lawn chairs in front of our hanging porch swing--it was my airplane & I was the stewardess.  
  I remembered this a few minutes ago when one of my cousin's daughters posted on Facebook about her 'road trip' w... Read More

Posted On 03/31/2015 05:06:44 by JBMorrisAuthor
March 31, 2015 PAMELA FROM THE PREVIOUS PAGE “Are you working?” Seth said puzzled. “A receptionist answered the phone.” “Yes. I’m a senior financial analyst. I’ll explain later.” “Are we still on for Saturday?” Seth asked.” “For sure. Sweetheart, be prepared. Dusty isn’t a happy girl.” “Let’s see what she says after she has met me.” **** Smiling broadly, the Bond 45 maî·tre d' said. “Ms. Brighton, so nice to see you again. And I see you brought yo... Read More

I survived Catholic school.
Posted On 03/30/2015 17:44:40 by dabbymac
I went to Catholic school.  I was taught by the Sisters of Notre Dame and Jesuit priests.  I was not the kind of kid who felt it necessary to make a connection with the teachers.  I just kept my head down and stayed out of trouble.  My ambition during the day at school was just to get through it.  Even so, the nuns had a profound effect on me.  You learned your lessons, did your homework and behaved in class because the nuns allowed no alternative.  Today's tea... Read More

THoughts of an 85 yr. old
Posted On 03/27/2015 07:21:32 by Jane
Happy Palm Sunday weekend! One of my favorite celebrations in our church. It is a "happy" day, and always brought out Palm trees(small) into the church, and the music was very upbeat. Easter Sunday was nice, but it was somber, to start, after Good Friday. As a child, and even to this day, I love to sing and hear that hymn with the refrain,"Up from the grave He arose!"  I remember asking my Dad (the minister) why we wore newer bright clothes at Easter - wasn't that bad?  He replied no,... Read More

Super Gran and Super Glue
Posted On 03/27/2015 02:05:36 by kiwibarb
While upgrading the bathroom a couple of years ago, I decided to discard the two toilet roll holders. One was a novelty item that I had bought in Norfolk Island for my brother, and reclaimed it when he died. It played “Whistle while you work” if wound up, but it didn’t play just by pulling the paper. The novelty wore off. The other was a brass holder, and I gave up trying to keep it looking nice with all its fancy lines and scrolls. I opted for an “el cheapo” plain plastic holder with... Read More

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