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Unrequited Love
Posted On 10/24/2016 14:16:55 by Livindoll
Unrequited love is one-sided love. Unrequited love is defined as the love which is not reciprocated or returned back in kind. It is not possible that someone whom we like or fall for will reciprocate back in the same way. Like any other kind of love, unrequited love also begins with attraction for the person of the opposite sex. There is nothing better than finding love in someone who reciprocates back with equal attention and love. People often say that unrequited love has a short life and even... Read More

A Classy Woman
Posted On 10/23/2016 13:48:45 by Livindoll
Classy women are those who have a great sense of style and carry themselves quite well in public. Classy women are well-groomed, posh and sophisticated and are treated with reverence by everyone in the society. Classy women spend a lot of time in grooming themselves and have great etiquettes too. The word “classy” is not used to pertain to women who belong to the royal class or have any such dignified and related background. Any middle class woman can be classy too if she has a refined sense... Read More

Time, Papa
Posted On 10/21/2016 19:55:25 by rosewriter46
Oct 21, 2016 “Time, Papa”Posted on October 21, 2016 by parousiaperspectives Oct 21 “Time, Papa” 
Here it is another weekend Papa. It seems like the last one just came. I wonder how earth time looks to You Papa? Your Word says a day is a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day. I guess You’ve heard all the speculations of man about how long it took YOU to create our world. I know You c... Read More

Oct 20PapaGod n Jesus Heart Believe My Love
Posted On 10/20/2016 20:00:55 by rosewriter46
Oct 20 PapaGod n Jesus Heart "Believe My Love For You Above ALL things Beloved" Did I not Come, Live, Die, Aris for you? Yes and ALL things I have done for you are available to you Beloved, Because I gave My very Life for you. Will you Believe My Word & My Life & Love for you ABOVE ALL else? Yes, I Loved you with My very Life. I laid it down for Love of your Love. Do Not let anything or anyone separate US, or make them God above ME. NOTHING can separate you from My Love for you. Do you B... Read More

So sad I have to sell my car.
Posted On 10/20/2016 18:41:40 by sgrannylove
I was at Wal-mart today getting a battery for my sons car. The young man that was helping me said I will carry it out for you. Now he could hardly carry it out so I wasn't about to say no. We started out to the car I said I am driving and before I could finish he said you are driving the Orange car. I asked how did you know as we were quite aways from my car. He said well in the back window it says Go Granny Go and smile now doesn't that feel good? He said that is you. So now I cann't hide from... Read More

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