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Sunday review . . .
Posted On 08/01/2015 21:17:22 by Jedaone

I had the good fortune this morning to see the weather forecast; and for a change, it seems we are in for a warmer day, 24c seems very unreal after the long cold interval of winter here! I know this month; August, sees changes almost before mother nature is ready to deliver the next season. The city to surf race which is held annually on the second Sunday of August is traditionally a rather hot day! I always remarked it as those competing in this race have already got more than enough to con... Read More

Backyard Birds
Posted On 08/01/2015 17:21:32 by kiwibarb

I see beautiful pictures of America’s birdlife on the internet, in still photos and videos, and often wish we had hummingbirds and red cardinals in our backyards. Although New Zealand has some colourful native birds, they are not usually found in residential areas. Some people never see them at all, and where I currently live I’m one who never sees native birds. My lawn is frequented by dear little sparrows, and I watch them fly down to eat the bread that I throw out for them. Th... Read More

After the Ball
Posted On 08/01/2015 02:15:49 by kiwibarb
I was about eighteen when I first met Granny. She wasn’t my grandmother, I didn’t have any living grandparents. She was a patient in what was known in the 1950s as a mental asylum, and she used to sing to herself most of the time. One of her favourite songs was “After the Ball”, but not for Granny the tame old conventional lyrics. She had the tune right, even at 88 years of age, but the words were a very rude parody on the original song. It was hilariously funny, and the nurses used to s... Read More

Blue Moon
Posted On 07/30/2015 17:24:53 by Love_Bugs
For all of those people who say they only get something done once in a blue moon, better get ready to get it done.  I have used this term a lot myself, but never realized there would come a day when the blue moon would actually occur. 

Rare blue moon comes FridayBy Jareen Imam, CNN
Updated 2:14 PM ET, Wed July 29, 2015
<img alt="The blue moon will happen July 31. Most of the time, the blue moon isn't actually blue. " class="media__image" src="http://... Read More

Outsourced by Dell
Posted On 07/30/2015 13:04:31 by sgrannylove
I know that there are a lot of people that hate talking to outsourced persons. I have always bought Dell and of course they outsource their tech. support to India. I can say from my own experience that the first thing that the tech. is says if you have any problems understanding either what I am saying or how to do what I am saying Please let me know. Some may have a problem with pronuncation, but have always made sure that I understood. They also help me thru the steps without making me fe... Read More

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