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taxi to a dark side
Posted On 01/30/2015 18:04:50 by salfordian2
victims who were in the wrong place at the wrong time when they were arrested, but we had our orders and treated them the same way as guilty prisoners,, at the Nuremberg trials after WW11 all the people on trial for what happened in the ghetto’s and concentration camps used the same excuse, I was only following orders, a female news reporter involved with filming this documentary started investigating these (POW camps when she returned to the USA, It must have got too much for her as a male co... Read More

Everyday items that you have probably been operating wrong?
Posted On 01/29/2015 20:57:14 by Judd101
We use every day...hundreds of objects, we use them with ease, almost as an automatism. That's how we've always utilized them, no way it's the wrong way, right? Nothing could be more wrong! Here are items you've probably been using wrong your whole life?  I don't know about you...but I have been and I found this very interesting although I don't agree with peeling the banana the other way around!  I found I couldn't peel it.  Just saying!...lolElevatorsNeed to be somewhere in a hu... Read More

The romance of a sump pump
Posted On 01/29/2015 09:04:45 by dabbymac
When the fog surrounding the death of a spouse finally lifts, there are practical problems to be addressed.  There is a new social and financial reality.  There are mundane problems such as home upkeep and repairs.  I have walked this road for almost seven years and have emerged, whole for the most part.My husband was the resident repair person in our home.   Anything that required entry into the crawl space under half the house was his job. It is an area I avoid entering at... Read More

Message from Emom via Jane
Posted On 01/29/2015 08:06:14 by Jane
of NOTH - God Bless - jane 
Hey Brat!  Thanx so much for the kind and sweet remarks...I have been seriously under the weather and then came the flu!  lolol  May I mention that I don't recommend the ''flu'' to anyone any age.  Did I just say that??? lolol  Am doing better and I WILL be back (thank you Arnold)  If you wouldn't mind, could you please just let everybody know that I am still breathing/recovering.  I'm sure I'll find something amusing to say... Read More

Posted On 01/29/2015 06:14:00 by JBMorrisAuthor
January 29, 2015 CHAPTER 2 PAMELA   FROM THE PREVIOUS PAGE “I know this about him. Seth’s word is his bond. He may knock on the door in the next second or it may take him three days. But Seth will be here. Mother, I love you but you need to back off. Seth is going to happen, so please, deal with it.” “Well, Pamela,” Victoria, said in a disapproving tone, “if you know him so well, just where is this Seth?” “Mother, if I had to guess, he is somewhere downstairs, terri... Read More

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