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A bit of 'Armchair Travelling' for you ...
Posted On 07/30/2014 18:49:33 by yourchoice
After posting my most recent blog, SUMMER ... and Family Moments, I was asked by several people to post some of our pictures taken at that event. To do it, I decided to try a new method of sharing photos, and created this on Photobucket. If you would like to do a bit of 'Armchair Traveling' with us, click on the link below ... SUMMER FUN IN SICAMOUSEnjoy a bit of Canadian scenery!   Mona... Read More

The Garage
Posted On 07/30/2014 18:27:49 by Country_camper
Why is it the garage catches all? In my case it is because it is the first place you come into to get into my house. First thing that is brought in is the coffee cup from work yesterday. Oh and the fast food bag and its contents, and don't forget the drinking cup. Next well most recycle so that is where we would keep that. My what we can recycle these days. Make the earth a better place for our children and grandchildren. Some garages look like we are from the depression age, do not get rid of... Read More

Posted On 07/30/2014 18:12:18 by Country_camper
 There are times when you want to know that coffee is either a good thing or bad. Take for instance, if I would have drank coffe at 6pm three years ago, there would have been no side affects, I mean I could have went to sleep at 10 pm with no problem. But today if I were to drink a cup of coffee at that same time, there will be no sleep, restless all night. I have friends that actually drink coffee just before going to bed. I say to my self, what is different about me today?  Do y... Read More

New Bloggers
Posted On 07/30/2014 18:02:07 by Country_camper
Face it, let's be honest. There are times when you want to know how to make friends, and you may be reading this because you are shy, unsure of how to approach a person, or maybe you are just not confident because they may not react the way you would like them to. If you have some steps and tips to help others overcome these obstacles to making friends. Please share... Many are just not as creative, or able to start their Blogging..... thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope I ha... Read More

Posted On 07/30/2014 07:21:35 by Thundercloud
All of you know her as EB, some of you know her as Darcy, and most of you know she’s a pretty special lady. She is the one who makes sure that everyone who writes gets an answer, every order gets filled, and everyone with a computer problem who has a Cloudeight Direct service key gets scheduled.  Without her, Cloudeight would probably not be around anymore. She’s a fighter and she really cares and she makes the ideas I come up with work. My head’s always in the clouds — which is why... Read More

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