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Posted On 07/07/2015 10:02:53 by Derrough

Here's how it goes!

1) Although we are 30 hours driving time away from the closest forest fires in Saskatchewan.. the smell of particulate smoke still kept me awake most of the night...(3rd night).

2) Hillsdale is a wee small hamlet stuck in almost the middle of nowhere; we have..no grocery store..no groggery..no gas pumps..no restaurant..no pub..no variety store/ d├ępanneur...no sewer system. We DO have town water for what it is worth.

3) We 'uns is country fol... Read More

I Had a Dream the Other Night...
Posted On 07/06/2015 18:27:07 by Chasers
I had a dream the other night which woke me up laughing so hard I had to run to the bathroom.  It was about my Aunt Juanita (may she RIP).  There was only 9 years between our ages and we were always more like sisters and very close.  Juanita (I never called her Aunt) had a habit of making this loud sound like a sound of relief each time after she yawned.  It aggrevated me to death but  she was older than I so I just put up with it.  She also had one of those sayings... Read More

What about the blogs?
Posted On 07/06/2015 15:14:14 by yourchoice
Here I am again... Can you tell that I am having a lot more time for the computer? The Hill is still one of my favorite sites on the computer, and I am a STRONG supporter of Administration here, and I've been thinking! (That could be dangerous!)There has been a lot of talk about getting some new groups going, and I know there are a lot of people who really enjoy them. I would also like to encourage people who used to write blogs to come back and get going again, now that the "blog police" h... Read More

Does anyone have a brain anymore???
Posted On 07/05/2015 10:50:05 by sgrannylove
What with all of the fires in our area are the fireworks still allowed. Medford had so many fires fortunately they were small and no one lost anything, but just where are the brains of the people that feel it is their right to put others in danger. Every day is a fire warning day. Temps in the 3 diget. Now they are saying dry lightning. Suzan ... Read More

Mom's day of rest.
Posted On 07/05/2015 08:33:40 by dabbymac
The following occurred on the 4th of July weekend, but it could have just as well be Canada Day or Anzac or any other holiday celebrated by any people of the world.  Mom's and grown children are universal.I had no plans at all, but suddenly I'm about to have a house full of family.  How does this happen?  Is there a super sonic, sub-secret, rapid deployment texting app which indicates Mom's not busy?
Don't get me wrong, my kids and grandkids are always welcome.  They can i... Read More

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