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For The Birds
Posted On 09/22/2014 23:05:18 by BreeWolfe
I have a a Grand Oak in my back yard, the neighbors have one in their front yard. By my front door I have a small fir tree in a big pot. A little gray bird has built a nest in the small tree. She comes and goes, flying right pass my front door and window. I'm careful to be quiet when I walk past her nest. My yard needs mowing but, it will have to wait. There are so many large trees around and all sorts of birds coming and going, sea birds from the gulf, hawks, etc. Maybe she made her nest in the... Read More

notice to all friends
Posted On 09/22/2014 14:26:36 by peterhavel
have pinched nerve in neck, between 2 discs. very painful. difficult to type - and walk, sleep, work, and exist. be off here for a while. best wishes to all.
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My Writing Journey
Posted On 09/21/2014 22:01:52 by TheresaS
I wrote this post in December of 2007. One writer's journey to publication. This is something that I still do. With every book I've written, I've always get tired of it in the middle somewhere.Yet I always manage to finish them.If I'm remembering correctly I sold this one to Secret Cravings Publishing.What a surprise!Stuck before The End I’m in the last chapters of my current romance, and I’m stuck.  Yicks! Usually I get bogged down in the middle of a novel not at the en... Read More

Thank You
Posted On 09/21/2014 16:00:50 by Junie_PapaAllen
Papa Allen and I haven't been on "The Hill" in a very long time due to my illnesses this year. We would like to say "THANK YOU" for all the lovely birthday wishes for me back in July. You are so wonderful and thoughtful. We love you and have missed you all very much.
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Posted On 09/20/2014 18:06:36 by sgrannylove

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