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Christmas Memories....
Posted On 12/04/2020 02:28:33 by Tarlia
Once upon a very long time ago… when the world was young, and so were we - a family had their special Christmas celebration!  In those days, the 5 of us, would be recruited to make some of the precious decorations! There was paper chains, and some kind of coloured corrigated foil, which was a bright colour on one side, and glinting silver on the other.  You’d take it and twist it and using two different coloured pieces, you could make a lovely wall decoration. 
 When t... Read More

I Need A Bigger Blanket
Posted On 12/03/2020 10:26:55 by texasjane
Winter in Texas is unpredictable, to say the least. We can have an eighty-degree day followed by a forty-degree night. If we don't like that we can just wait a minute and the reverse will occur. We never know. In my best frugal manner this year; I set my thermostat to sixty. I had decided that rather than having my central heating running all the time this year, I would spend more time, if necessary under an electric throw. I love cold, crisp air... as long as my feet are warm. I think I must ha... Read More

Christmas at My Grandma's
Posted On 12/02/2020 11:51:24 by Altara33606
This is a photo from 1955, at Grandma's. That's my great grandma Bertha on the left; Grandad is the one holding my baby cousin Judy (who now has grandkids of her own!).  My mom is just to the right of him; she was pregnant with my little sister Deb at the time. Grandma Alice took the photo. Oh, my dad is in front of the tree; my aunt & uncle are on the right. And me..I'm a bit blurry...next to my dad!
I really miss my grandparents!  Actually, I stayed with them a good bit of the... Read More

Posted On 12/02/2020 11:01:05 by merchandiser
What's the difference between the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree and turning to a different channel to watch another movie on TV? One is a flick of a switch. The other is a switch of a flick. !!!! ... Read More

My Quest for Citizenship
Posted On 12/01/2020 17:11:47 by yourchoice
In the mid-1980s, our two children were both completing their high school education and were trying to decide what they wanted to do as an adult. There were a few ideas, but the question was, “Would Dad and Mom agree?” Our son wanted to sell real estate, like his father did, but had to be convinced that he was too young. Where would he find a customer who would be willing to work with an 18-year old Realtor? Our independent daughter wanted to get a business degree, but not anywhere near hom... Read More

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