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S - Secret Sisters
Posted On 02/12/2017 12:29:26 by yourchoice
When I was reading the most recent blog from Sherry, and thinking about her questions, it made me think of my experiences that developed through a ‘Secret Sister’ program, both in our church and in our kids’ school. Everyone who wanted to participate would write their name on a piece of paper, fold it at least a couple of times, and place it in some sort of container. Next, the container was passed around and everyone in turn would close their eyes or reach in the container that was held h... Read More

Thankyou for the good feeback on " Can you be too honest on line :"
Posted On 02/11/2017 04:52:10 by Sherry_Writes
Thank you for the wonderful feedback on the post about "Can you be too honest online" I feel that I am honest, but don't give out more info than people need to know..I mean I'll let you know if I am ill or if something good is going on in my life. But I don't think, that I cross inappropriate borders.As for Facebook, I make sure that most of the people I know personally, or have known online for a long time before adding them. So I know and trust them, and they understand me and know me in ret... Read More

Can you be too honest online?
Posted On 02/10/2017 06:03:19 by Sherry_Writes
I have been doing something thinking, about how open and honest to be online. Sometimes, I wonder if a person can be too honest online, and reveal too much of their lives online...stuff that people may not want to know. Especially if it's serious, intense or a bit on the morbid side. I know, a lot of people come on social networks just as diversion to have fun, and don't want to read about someone's tough time. I think though with me, what you see is what you get. I am very literal and hone... Read More

R - Remembering my Residence Room
Posted On 02/06/2017 23:10:34 by yourchoice
It was the last week in August, 1958 when I entered the School of Nursing. I experienced a mixture of happy anticipation and almost paralyzing nervousness as I rode in the back seat of my parents’ car. My best friend from middle school would be there. I had seen very little of her during our high school years because she attend a church school for her high school years. I had already decided that if we had to share a room with someone, it would have to be her because I didn’t know anyone els... Read More

Q - Quick Questions About Quebec
Posted On 02/02/2017 22:46:07 by yourchoice
This may be a surprising topic, and I promise it won't be of a political nature. By the way, it's not easy to think of a topic that starts with ‘q’, as I endeavor to work my way through this A to Z Blog Challenge. Here come the questions… What is a Quebecer? A bi-lingual person living in Quebec, the largest province in Canada, Is it true that they only speak French in Quebec? No; French is their official language, but it is bilingual. Do I speak French? No; when... Read More

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