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Posted On 10/25/2014 20:34:43 by winterdog
Ever since he went overseas in his first term and apologized to everyone about our actions, especially the Muslims, things have gone downhill. Nobody over there thinks he is strong. Even the airstrikes are minimally effective. They laugh at us, it is a sad state of affairs. Even if you like him, you must admit he has failed. We are being attacked on the streets, here and elsewhere. Where will this end? They are brutal killers, and kill their own. The prisoners at Gitmo are treated better than th... Read More

PANCAKE APES! video Blog
Posted On 10/25/2014 16:28:16 by classylind

His children were looking at pictures of gorillas and other primates, so Nathan Shields, also known as saipancakes, decided to make his kids yet another special breakfast. Using nothing but pancake batter and hot chocolate mix, he creates some stunning primate portraits. How cool is this?? PANCAKE APES! ... Read More

Posted On 10/25/2014 11:46:59 by Shashita

       A woman was asked by a coworker, "What is it like
  to be a Christian?" The coworker replied, "It is like being
  a pumpkin.  God pick you from the patch, brings you in, 
  an... Read More

What's wrong With This Picture
Posted On 10/24/2014 12:50:38 by billieof-bigD
Dallas is my home, born and reared here. I can not remember such a chaotic situation as this Ebola Crisis. We are being told, "It's not by contact, it is not airborne;only by coming in contact with the body fluids of the contageous person." Why are all these people under quarantine? Does taking your temp twice daily while waiting for it to elevate make sense? You don't know who, where,what or why you can't move around. Health experts on TV and News saying "Dont Panic, you can not get it from con... Read More

My problem
Posted On 10/24/2014 10:09:54 by JBMorrisAuthor
I have a problem. At least I think it is a problem. I have a great story I would like to tell you folks. Bit long but thats not the problem. The language is the problem. Some of it is rough. Now I am the first to recognize that I would need to tone it down for you, my beautiful and fun audience. I can't tone all of it down. The story would lose too much. My question is this, should I go ahead with it or take a pass. I'll give you a week to tell me what you think. Then, I have to made a decision.... Read More

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