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Posted On 10/31/2014 06:07:30 by emom101
Friday - 2014-10-31  Emom's Mountain News 0500 hours

Welcome home, dear hearts, welcome home!  Get your buns in here out of the cold - 32 degrees out there and looks like some frost might be gathering. It's getting to that time of the year where I need to stock up on the goodies and edibles... Goodies come first you notice??? lolol  And pop... ice cream.. Always have plenty of coffee stacked away.  Chocolate, pop and coffee and I Will survive.

Let's see here...... Read More

my little tribute to brave people
Posted On 10/31/2014 03:11:08 by salfordian2
Our SoldiersThey serve our needs, protect our shores
Ready for action to face the hoards
Those hoards who threaten our way of life
Cause all the nations trouble and strifeMost have families, husbands or wives
Many have children they’ve left behind
To assure these families will survive
These wonderful people risk their livesThought of death are pushed aside
All dangers taken in their stride
The ultimate price that some will pay
Breaks hearts of families every daySome... Read More

The strangest thing happened to me a little while back.
Posted On 10/30/2014 18:19:19 by geezer
I had been diligently lighting candles and praying for a lot of you to wake up black. Well, somehow my prayers must have been mis-communicated to the Big Guy. Yep, much to my disbelief, I woke up white!I became painfully aware that something was amiss when my wife looked at me, screamed and immediately dialed 911. The police came, tasered her, and took her to jail. Please send me money so I can get her back. In the mean time, I'm going to volunteer down at the local Tea Party headquarters.... Read More

Posted On 10/30/2014 13:18:14 by Notgrnyyet
   I used to write lots of blogs. I stuck to the rules, just wrote about my childhood,sweet and honery things. I quit writing because the rules got too strict for my taste. I felt that my freedom of speech was being taken away..I very seldom comment on a blog. I read some with interest and agreement. Others I don't read because I'm either not interested or I don't agree. Recently one I strongly agreed with I felt I wanted to comment on, agree with.   I went about my way... Read More

Madison CHAPTER 5
Posted On 10/30/2014 07:56:44 by JBMorrisAuthor
CHAPTER 5   Madison knew all about greed, selfishness, deception, and unethical practices. Thirteen years on Wall Street had exposed her to those negotiation tactics. What she didn’t know was nice. Peter Marshall was nice. Introduced to him, Madison found his handshake greeting was genuine and his smile warm. Joining them in Peter’s office was Mary Jamison, the Criminal Law Division Manager. For the next few minutes, Peter laughed often as he told stories, mostly about himself, on... Read More

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