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Posted On 04/28/2015 06:17:26 by JBMorrisAuthor
April 28PAMELAFROM THE PREVIOUS PAGE“Slow down, young lady. Listen to what I said. I said I want to move. I did not say we are moving. We’ll talk about it before we make a final decision. And after what happened last night, I’ve had it with my quote, friends. I don’t want to have a thing to do with them. Now that Seth is gone. I need to get out of the city and get a fresh start.”“But, Mom, this is home,” Dusty pleaded.“I know this is home. I want a new home.”“What could be be... Read More

Armchair Traveller
Posted On 04/27/2015 18:12:50 by kiwibarb
I am not fond of modern literature, in particular the language used these days, so I have begun re-reading my own books, which have been accumulating since 1964 when I lost everything in a house fire. My own books do not contain any filthy language, and they are specially selected entertaining reading. One of them I came by in an unusual way. The mother of one of my friends informed me one day that she felt the urge to give me a book about the Counties of England, and she had no idea why that bo... Read More

National Tell A Story Day is April 27
Posted On 04/27/2015 08:54:47 by Julio

The following is based on a true story. It happened 37 years ago. Although a lot of time and life experiences seem to dull memories of specific events thru that much time, I still feel the chill that ran thru me when it happened and I realized that something supernatural saved my wife's life…and possibly my own. In late September 1978 I had been married to my highschool sweetheart for nearly a year, was freshly graduated from my US Navy "A... Read More

All in a name
Posted On 04/27/2015 06:14:57 by dabbymac
The other day and old friend was blessed with a grandson. When I asked Mom what the baby's name was, she replied "Albert, after my Dad."  When I approached my friend with regard to the baby being named after him, he said "It was a surprise to me" without much enthusiasm.  I asked him if he was upset for some reason.  His response was..."I have always hated my name, and I resented the granddad I was named after.  It was an old-fashioned name back in the 40's and now it's simpl... Read More

had a great day
Posted On 04/26/2015 01:38:33 by salfordian2
I had an amazing day today, did a bit of practice on the piano and actually played a tune silent night, it wasn’t very good but Diane recognized what I was trying to play that is a vast improvement for me, deep down inside I had negative thoughts about ever playing again, the roling chords on my left hand even worked, again not good but bearable I don’t yet have full control of my left hand no physical problem with my right hand , the problem there’re is sending info from my brain to the h... Read More

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