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Landlines (house phone)
Posted On 06/23/2016 06:08:36 by Altara33606
I've been reading where more and more people are 'dropping' the 'house phone'/land line, in favor of cell phones. I have to admit, I've been considering doing that myself.  My husband says it's up to me to decide: but he's for anything that saves money, since we are on a fixed income.
 Right now, my main concern if whether or not local businesses, like our doctors, hospital, etc. would be able to (or object to) reach us by our cell phones since our cell phones have a different area... Read More

Such a sad situation
Posted On 06/20/2016 20:05:51 by sgrannylove
Was just listening to the news. In Jackson County which is attached just by my county has 400 children in foster care and NO HOMES. Especially no homes for siblings. They did say they have one home for infant and one for another. I know that it is hard to be a foster parent, but you can volunteer to be a driver, you could be a Casa and advocate for a child in your case. There is so much that people can do even if they don't have a home. You will never know how rewarding it is to have a young chi... Read More

Posted On 06/18/2016 22:02:05 by Altara33606
Well, I may be in the minority, but I don't think I need/want a Smartphone! I've prided myself on learning 'new' things. But I have absolutely no idea what I'd do with a Smartphone!  My cellphone (courtesy of my daughter's family plan) is fairly simple: I make phone calls & can do texts.
And I can take photos with it, although I think these photos are actually inferior to my actual camera! My daughter often sends me photos via the cell phone (yes, she does have a Smartphone, but then... Read More

It's NOT just teens
Posted On 06/17/2016 13:24:01 by sgrannylove
Most of us scratch our heads when it comes to children especially teens. We say why is it that I have to repeat myself sooo many times? Well, I finally found out it just isn't the teens in my home. I have a roomer for awhile. She is probably late 50's early 60's.  I like my toilet lid closed for the kids that were here I even made stickers for the lid with a cute saying please keep my mouth closed. For my washer and dryer. I put please close slowly and push with your knee to close... Read More

My Jacobsen Story
Posted On 06/12/2016 23:10:18 by yourchoice
You may have heard the name before, especially if you have visited my page, but I had a unique and wonderful opportunity to join a group of people last week, in a “Conversation Group” with one of my favorite authors. His name is Wayne Jacobsen, and his home is in California. Being that we live “up north”, in the land of “snow and oil”, as the media like to refer, I never considered it to be a possibility to meet him in person.Some years ago, Wayne was a pastor of a mega city church,... Read More

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