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Action and Chewie
Posted On 08/24/2016 16:20:56 by sgrannylove
I wish that I had been able to video this situation. You wouldn't believe it. My Bichon Action had gotten into the burrs. Tried to get them out with a brush, but NO way. So I got out my clippers. ( I know nothing about cuts ) got him up on the kiddie table and started.  He is so good stood for  me Chewie is the Chewenie he was watching from the floor. Pretty soon he got up on the chair right by the table. Next thing I knew he was up on the table standing right... Read More

Fall is here!
Posted On 08/23/2016 12:20:39 by Altara33606
Our daytime temps are down now, maybe the low 80's (F). And nights have even gotten down into the 50's, so I consider it Fall/Autumn (if not officially).
That means...I'm already thinking of 'cold weather' foods: Grandma's Chicken casserole in particular. And hopefully I'll find the actual recipe for my favorite Hamburger/macaroni/spaghetti sauce/mozzarella cheese casserole--no, I have no idea what the actual name of it is! But I haven't had it in years, and it sure sounds good.
 Also... Read More

Having fun.
Posted On 08/16/2016 11:31:59 by sgrannylove
Hey everyone Mom is going to make her bed. Let's go see if we can help her. Well, I am already on the bed what is the matter with you Chewie? Oh, your butt is too heavy and your legs are too short OK I will do the job myself. First I will make sure that there is no one else in the bed. What? What am I doing I am tunneling thru the bed looking for anyone left over? OK, there doesn't seem to be anyone left. Why is Mom trying to fold the bedcover back I have to stop that right now? You cannot make... Read More

back on the hill, i missed you guys
Posted On 08/12/2016 16:26:41 by salfordian2
hi every one  Diane's death threw me for a six but i am getting better hopefully janet my daughter came to canada and took me back to her house in australia she had thje best intentions i think but it was a nightmare i moved to my new home in the albert gardens a retirement village in beaudesert wueensland it'sidependent living but all my meals are provided either in the dining room or if we prefer our own units i haveseen a lot of TLC since getting here from residents and stall i really ne... Read More

Live and let live !
Posted On 08/11/2016 10:41:40 by Sugar_Baby
Live and let live! And 'correct and
It Should always be so,
but there is always someone who  
is never His Own business .. and
all of These are called "nosy"  
I live with the hope That These People learn
 to stay out of my life and the lives of others
 because they have never  
been part of it and never will be
... Read More

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