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EST Moments
Posted On 07/04/2020 12:16:21 by texasjane
I thought I was going to add something to the "sweet" column of my "EST" listings. I had added a few after getting home from the er and getting my electric back on and of course the snake round up. Then I glance over as I hear Sweet Pea coming into the office. I spot Oscar scampering in behind her.Sweet Pea stopped just before coming through the door. She lowered her long gray hound snout to the floor. Oscar jumped on and scampered up her nose to the top of her head then Sweet Pea came in the do... Read More

You've Got Great Expectations! I do! :)
Posted On 07/01/2020 23:38:48 by Allen
  When the horses are ready for nite nite...it means that the sun brightly shines upon their ever ready pooping powers and they wink at us as if to say, oh what a relief it is! End of story!   Worked for roughly 4 hours at work this morning! Then I worked another 4 hours on the yard when I got home! Came in the house now to cool off and want to enjoy another music post with you! Since it's hump day, I've decided to change things up a little! I'm gonna give you 4 of my favorite cou... Read More

A little bit about rattlesnakes
Posted On 06/28/2020 12:17:35 by Buffalogal

A little bit about rattlesnakes

Reading about Texas Jane's rattlesnake bite  reminded me about how lucky I was long ago not to be bitten by such a snake. After moving our family to Colorado from New York City, we began exploring the west. We had gone camping in Utah to a small campground that had various rock formations.By that time I was already bitten by the rock hounding bug and was going about looking for interesting and colorful rocks. I he... Read More

We Gotta Stop Hurting Each Other! :)
Posted On 06/26/2020 23:15:02 by Allen
  Here we are again, looking at the beautiful sunset! It almost makes you feel confident that the human race is not a Looney bin of heartless souls...but maybe just children that need an upbringing?   So do you remember these staple groups that were featured on MTV throughout the 1980's? Their music is unforgettable! I'm presenting to you today, their greatest hits albums! Let's start off with Human League! They had that one huge hit that everybody loved called Don't You Want Me?... Read More

What If?
Posted On 06/26/2020 08:36:18 by texasjane
When one reaches a certain age they look at things as either a nightmare or an adventure.  Climbing stairs, getting up and down, and even walking.  What happens when it is both? It all started when I heard the dogs barking outside. It was a different kind of bark. Not the someone just crossed the street bark but a someone is in the yard bark. Our recent yard parties with raccoon made me go to the yard to check. Once we even had a stray dog get in the yard so this was a necessary trip.&... Read More

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