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Their First Meeting
Posted On 10/02/2014 09:16:06 by JBMorrisAuthor
HELLOToday, I will finish up the background on the assassin, Angel. She was raised in an orphange in Mexico and became an assassin for the Halcon drug cartel. She is torn whether to become a chief lieutenant distributing drugs f or the cartel or be set free to become an international assassin.The rest of the day will focus on the Chief of Staff for the People's Republic of China first face-to-face meeting with the  spy working in the office of the president of China.It promi... Read More

Catching up with you
Posted On 10/01/2014 18:20:29 by Jedaone
Good morning! What a funny thing time is!  One moment; you're counting your blessings after a lovely Christmas dinner; family and friends and all the cheer of the season....  
Along comes Saint Patrick's Day, and then quicker than a flash it's Easter....  Time rushes us along gaily and as the weeks come and go, I wonder about the passing of time, and all the changes in between!  

My online presence is a blessing for me; as I am home-bound with severe auto immune dis... Read More

Posted On 10/01/2014 17:22:57 by Country_camper
I need to appoligize to anyone who has tryed to post comments on my page. I just found out that there was a setting that was checked that members had to be my friend to comment.. Good ness That is just wrong, I want lots of comments the more the merrier. Please comment I am truly sorry,   Pat ... Read More

Posted On 10/01/2014 13:11:46 by momtocam
I finally updated my page today. The same pictures that I initially set up a very long time ago are now gone...thought it was due time to get with the Fall season. Please come by and visit if you have time. Normally I am at work, but due to cut backs in the insurance market, my full time job has turned into part time. Wishing everyone a safe week ahead.  (The dog in my pictures) are our precious Dixie Lee... I am in North Carolina by the way, and all of the pictures posted are representing... Read More

Posted On 09/30/2014 15:44:20 by Notgrnyyet

When I was about 6 yrs. Old my Papa Thomas asked my Daddy to take him to see his Aunt Samarah. I'm not sure if she was his Aunt or some other relation but he called her Aunt. Papa called her Sa-mari. She was 90 yrs.old and lived in the home place in Swain Ar. with her Daughter Rhoda (RODY) and one of her sons. I can't recall his name. The house was way up in the mountains across hills and around curves. I remember thinking that we would never get there and if we did we would never find our w... Read More

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