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86 years old
Rawdon Quebec

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JOB: Retired
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RELIGION: Catholic
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I like suspence, action, the old western ones.
Bring back the John Wayne's, Gary Cooper,
Cary Grant's, Clark Gable.
Too bad they are not with us anymore.

I like the old type music. I don't like rap, heavy metal.
Bring back the old tunes like "star dust" "blue moon"
"begin the begin".
I also like country music. Bring back the old singers like
Perry Como, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Andy Williams etc.
Those were the days.

My wife used to like to read a lot. I read
the newspaper every day and some magazines that
I subscribe to. I'm not much in book reading.

There are two colors that I like blue and green.
There might be others, but these are my favorites.

I'm not fussy, but I miss the wife's cooking.
Her spaghetti sauce was excellant, meat loaf,
stew, roast porc with brown potatoes.
There are too many things to enumerate.

My contact-friend is poopsielapoo aka “Moe”.


Hello Friends and Visitors.
Thanks vor visiting my Page, You are always WELCOME.

I am retired for 13 years. Was a railway office worker for
45 years. I am what you'd call an orphan. My 45 year old
son died in 2001 from a brain tumor.My wife passed away
in 2004. She had 2 tumors in the digestive track and
underwent chemo and radiology treatments. Was OK for
about one year and then it was down hill after that.
What I have left is my 5 year dog (a yorkie) as my companion.

A franc person and an honest one. Yorkie!

I don't like people who brag and hypocrites.
I don't particularly like tatoos on women.
Why hide a beautiful body with paint.

I like to dabble in things. Like repair things whether it be
electrical or mechanical. Mustn't forget the computer.
It's a good pass time especially if you are dealing with
the right people.

Please note:
If you want to watch this Video make sure
that you've switched off the Music Player.

Please note:
My Page is created with the help from my Friend ANGELIKA and I
to request you please don't copy anything from this Layout
(Background, Header etc.) and the graphics from the Page too;
respect it. Thank you!

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10/11/2021 18:54:17

Hello my sweet friend.

How are you today. 

Hope all is well with you.

Today is my day off from work.

Its a Holiday. Columbus Day,

Im getting ready for my drs appointment

Taking my moms car in for Inspection.

I hope it pass.

I am enjoying my day off resting.

Work tomorrow.

I hope you have a great day.

Take care. God Bless you. :-)

10/03/2021 11:22:32

Good morning my sweet friend.

Happy Sunday to you.

09/26/2021 15:29:23

From my very special friend.

I want to share this with you.

Happy Sunday my sweet friend. God Bless you.

09/14/2021 11:55:41

Hello my sweet friend. I hope you had a great Labor day weekend. Am thinking of you.

I hope you have a great day. Going to work. 

God Bless you. :-) 

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