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71 years old
Camden, North Carolina
United States

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Gone With the Wind, Top Gun, Paycheck and lots of others.

Country and some of today's music and the oldies.

Gone With The Wind is my favorite - made a big impressions on me when I was in school. I also like mystery and suspense books.

Mauve but also like teal.

Beef, seafood and pasta dishes.

Am now living with my ex here in North Carolina. I am originally from NJ as he is also. We married straight out of high school, got divorced and went on to lives other lives. It's wonderful being back together
I own a home in New Jersey near the shore and presently my son and girlfriend are living there taking care of the place. I hope!! I also have a younger son who lives with his dad a few cities away also in NJ.

I had a mix pit/lab named Pollo who was so very sweet and such a good ole boy: he died a year ago in August. I still can't think about him without tearing up.I also have a cat named Bella who lives back in NJ as Richie, my sweetie has a black lab/pit who he rescued and broke out of jail, where she was trained by the inmates. Such a sweet, smart girl who absolutely loved my Pollo, but hates cats so I had to leave her back in Jersey. Rich also hates cats - guess I'm outnumbered!

Life is as full as I want to make it and is good! We travel to different places as Rich is president of the Fleet Reserve Assoc. and go to the conventions - a free way to go different places and see new things.

A good movie, a good book, good food, family and friends, going to the beach and enjoying such a beautiful world we live in. Like yard sales and craft shows.

People who can't drive and people who abuse animals. Oh yeah and beets!

Computer, checking out and copying new recipes, cooking, watching TV, gardening, but not real good at growing things.

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09/22/2021 20:45:35

moondancer wrote:

We had a short quick shower this afternoon coming home from Virginia Beach where Rich had a doctor appointment.  Has another follow up next month.  He doesn't mind, as Tri-Care pays for everything (except the gas to get there and back!) but his new truck gets real good gas mileage so he doesn't mind.  Of course he has to feed me - it's a late lunch/early dinner and counts as breakfast too!  Hope you are enjoying the first day of fall - some folks have waited all summer for this.  Me?  I can continue to wait - hate turning the clocks back and have it dark at 5:30!!!  Have a good nite.  

Hugs, Wendy

09/22/2021 19:52:05

This contains an image of: {{ pinTitle }}MrI showed I have lots of osteoarthritis& a fracture in the Spine. But spine doctor, did not think it was causing the hip&groin pain. I had my mammogram today, normal! Praise God!! He gave me a injection in my groin today. Trying to delay any surgery if possible. Have a sleep well night. Rained here most of the day. We have 52 degrees right now! YES!! Shirley

09/22/2021 19:31:13

Evening.,  was  a damp  day., expecting  rain tonight and tomorrow

just met the girls  today.,  hope you had a good day.

made pasta fagoli  for dinner.,  hope you had a good day. and a wonderful  night.

09/22/2021 14:47:02

Hello and happy Wednesday to you! I've gotten my midweek household work done, been to Kirklands while Dave was at Harbor Freight, ate lunch with Dave at Backyard Burgers where I had....wait for it....a chicken sandwich. Hawaiian chicken sandwich to be more precise. Dave said, "We're at a burger joint and you're getting chicken!" It was sure delicious with grilled pineapple rings on it. Anyway, how's your day going, Wendy? I'm ready to go put up my feet, pick up my crocheting, and relax until time to fix supper. Enjoy a restful evening!

Love, hug, and smiles~


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