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05/20/2018 04:28:24

Smile.. Yes, Smile ......

I am close to you,

Little child, I am near,

I am beside you,

Yes, I am here,

Holding your hand,

Guiding the way,

Bringing the sunlight

To every day,

Showering graces

Upon your soul,

Healing with mercy,

Making you whole..

So do not worry,

Do not cry,

Do not grow weary,

Do not sigh,

I am working

Good in all things;

Do you not trust

In all My love brings?

Though rain now pours,

See how joy does shine

There on the horizon

Heavenly, divine.

So smile and sing,

Let not tears fall,

For I am your joy

In the midst of it all.

I am your sunshine

Beaming each day,

I am the dance

On your pathway,

Yes, I am light

Shining ever clear..

Smile, yes, smile,

For Your Jesus is near!

©Caroline Gavin

Purposeful Pathway

Proverbs 15:13

"A glad heart makes a cheerful face."

05/19/2018 12:32:06

We finally got some rain, Gayle. We're still dry, but for now some relief. It was a hard rain, so all pollen is washed away. Yayyy for our sinuses! :) *hugs* to dearest you! -di

05/19/2018 05:51:46

Happy Saturday & weekend to you
.Had a nice surprise for today . The garden committee  selected our
house as one to show in the addition as it is xeriscaped & they want
to show how it helps to conserve water& easy to maintain .Supposed
to come by around 9:00 this morning .Looks like some of you got some
hard winds & rain .Hope you made it OK.Take care my friend &
have a great new week......George

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05/19/2018 04:43:36

Smile amidst Trial........

When my heart is heavy,
When the day is gray,
When the clouds hover
On a dark stormy day,

When challenges face,
When trials are near,
When I feel in my heart
A sense of fear,

I call on Your Name,
And to me You run,
Your face more radiant
Than the midday sun.

You lift me up,
You hold me tenderly,
You remind I am Yours
For all eternity,

What have you to worry,
My child, My friend?
Remember My love for you
Has no end.

It matters not
If it does rain or shine,
You are always in My care
Perfect and divine.

So let Me wipe your tears,
Let me hold you near,
To My heart forever
I hold you dear.

No challenge, no storm,
Can stop My love for you;
I love you always,
Know this to be true.

©Caroline Gavin

Purposeful Pathway

1 Peter 5:10 (KJV)

But the God of all grace,
who hath called us unto his
eternal glory by Christ Jesus,
after that ye have suffered a while,
make you perfect, stablish,
strengthen, settle you.

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