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82 years old
Victoria BC

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Mystery and Suspense-----Turner Classic and Comedy but not Slapstick---Jungle Book, Bambi & Lady and the Tramp-perhaps a part of me still believes in fairies, probably my irish heritage

My Fairy

Easier to mention what I dont like---Heavy Metal---Rap------Hip Hop

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Mystery and Suspense----Thrillers and Intrigue

Sky Blue or Sea Green

Beef,Pork,Lamb, you name it, but especially Chicken
Microwave Horror Movie

09/03/2017 15:24:33
05/22/2017 23:27:42

After half a century apart my lovely partner Diane (salfordian) and myself are at last together permanently, here in Victoria BC.
After 3 years of my quite serious health problems (now fixed) and 3 flights by Diane to Australia to be with me, we left Australia, flying to Canada on September 20th 2009, letting go of each others hands only to use the bathroom on the plane----lol.
Diane and I were married on the 29th of July 2011 at Craigdarrock Castle, here in Victoria BC Canada. We had an early wedding present from Canada Immigration, my application for permanent residency granted on Tuesday the 26th of July.
Diane is still my partner, she is also my Wife, my soul mate and my best friend.

I like honest people of either sex who don't misrepresent themselves. Being with my partner/wife Diane, anywhere. Holidaying in 2011 with my daughter Janet, son-in-law Brent and 4 of my 5 grandchildren who live in Australia and visited Disney Land for a couple of weeks in 2011. Spending time with Diane's son Mark & wife Trish plus a new 'G/Daughter Jasmine who calls me poppa. Walking in the park or on the beach and making occasional visits to Art Galleries, having fun with anyone either in person or on-line, but especially with Diane.

People who misrepresent themselves
Pseudo Intellectuals
Dishonest people,complainers & whiners

Composing and playing easy listening music, playing other peoples music, modern and classical on my electric piano.

Using Paint Shop Pro to create fun animations with written dialogue, from static pictures.------Placing the heads of friends onto other bodies, using photo’s or cartoons, to bring a smile to their faces.
In my mid sixties, and quite by accident, It seems that a poet had been living inside of me and finally decided it was time to come out, life
is so full of surprises
My return after far to many years away from composing and playing music and recently finding the poet are the result of what my beautiful wife Diane has brought back into my life.
Ps: I’ll let you decide if the poet should have remained hidden,---lol

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