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mem_normal OFFLINE
69 years old
EHT, New Jersey
United States

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Gone With the Wind and lots of others.

Country and some of today's music and the oldies.

Gone With The Wind is my favorite - made a big impressions on me when I was in school.

I also like mystery and suspense books.

Mauve but also like teal.

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Beef, seafood and pasta dishes.

Am now living with my ex here in North Carolina. I am originally from NJ as he is also. We married straight out of high school, got divorced and went on to lives other lives. It's wonderful being back together
I own a home in New Jersey near the shore and presently my son and girlfriend are living there taking care of the place. I hope!! I also have a younger son who lives with his dad a few cities away also in NJ.

Have a mix pit/lab named Pollo who is so very sweet and such a good ole boy. Richie, my sweetie has a black lab/pit who he rescued and broke out of jail, where she was trained by the inmates. Such a sweet, smart girl who absolutely loves my Pollo. They are always together. I had two other dogs before a Rotti and a Shepard/St. Bernard when I lived in NJ and still miss them. Bella my cat also lives in NJ - honey doesn't like cats and his dog would devour her!
We both go home to Jersey every few months to visit family and friends and of course take the dogs with us as they love traveling.

Life is as full as I want to make it and is good!

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A good movie, a good book, good food, family and friends, going to the beach and enjoying such a beautiful world we live in. Like yard sales and craft shows.

Mean people, people who can't drive and people who abuse animals. Oh yeah and beets!

Computer - reading - watching TV , gardening, but not real good at growing things.

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03/19/2019 08:51:24

looks like it's going to be a nice day here today, not quite spring but i will take it...hope your day is happy...hugs

03/19/2019 08:12:05

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When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.

Have a wonderful day Wendy.  Mikey.

03/19/2019 06:49:56

Good morning Wendy..we bid Winter goodbye today, and I am anticipating our temps will do the same. Have had windy conditions the last two days. Our high today, will be 57, so might be wearing a sweat shirt instead. Yesterday, I never could get warm. Had a nice weekend..got much needed yard work done. More to do though, but in due time. Today, taking neighbor to her chiropractor appt. Nothing else on the agenda. Tomorrow, will try and donate blood..tried over the weekend, but my hemoglobin said no. Hope you have a great week ahead -:)

03/19/2019 06:41:16

Happy Tuesday! 

Well today is the last day of Winter 

and tomorrow is the first day of Spring! 


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