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Thank you to all my Friends on NOTH
Posted On 03/12/2013 21:13:04 by susieq2372
I appreciate all the visits and nice wishes from everyone on my Page.  This has been a truly rough year for me as I am going through a separation after 42 years.  I didn't think I would ever be able to fall in love again, but it has come true and I have met a man that makes me so happy again.Although I don't come on NOTH very often, only because I keep forgetting about it, and wish I knew better how to post the beautiful pictures and notes that I receive to everyone else, but I do appr... Read More

On Our Corner of Paradise
Posted On 03/11/2013 10:06:37 by Junie_PapaAllen
This is our deck this morning!   We were supposed to get anywhere between 3 to 6" of snow over the weekend; not sure just how much we did get. Saturday Papa measured it at a little over 9" but we got much more after that with winds that caused drifting. He is saying we got, at least, 10 ". Some areas received up to 14".   Our granddaughter was supposed to take her husband to the airport, in Omaha, yesterday and was unable to because the interstate was closed. With the terrible weathe... Read More

The worth of $20 today
Posted On 03/09/2013 03:24:11 by salfordian2
What on average $20 can buy today   1-Two Packets of 20 cigarettes 2-Two six pack of beer. minus three bottles 3- Six loaves of bread 4- 2/5  of a ticket for a game of hockey 5- Ditto for football/soccer or baseball 6- Two weeks of daily newspapers 7- Five or six weekly magazines ( cheap ones) 8-one kilo of salmon steaks 9-Ditto for lamb chops Last but not least 10- $20 will buy you a lifetime membership to the best social site on the internet where it’s possibl... Read More

Posted On 03/08/2013 21:24:23 by emom101


Grab some coffee or sumfin and get comfy by the elec fire logs. I'm tellin' ya'all that it's been another crazy day! What, crazy here on the mountain where peace and quiet don't reign at all!?! lolol

Let's see here... I made it out to the mail box... ankle deep in thawing grass and mud! That stuff is slick. Well, me and Houdi made it out there and back. Got this weeks newspaper,... Read More

The Angels Come to Visit Us
Posted On 03/07/2013 21:23:53 by Thundercloud
“The golden moments in the stream of live rush past us, and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone” ~ George EliotToday I did something I try very hard never to do – I glanced over my shoulder and looked at the road behind me. I don’t like to do this because when what’s behind me is better that what’s ahead of me, it only makes me feel worse. I suppose we all get to a point in our lives when that’s true; the road ahead becomes... Read More

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