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What About The Truckload?
Posted On 03/25/2021 21:22:19 by yourchoice
 It is hard for me to realize that March is almost finished... at least in our part of this world. We did get a taste of Spring somewhat early but that’s gone now. The temperatures have been in the mid 50*F and we are now told to prepare for a coming snow ‘blizzard’ after the expected balmy weekend. I give up! I have enough to tend to without worrying about what kind of weather is coming or going. If you have read my last blog (dated March 10th), you will know that I planned to let... Read More

Dreams and Wishes
Posted On 03/23/2021 14:14:18 by texasjane
"Now, watch him. He is going to walk over to that mare and nuzzle her. See, he is doing it. She thinks he is a colt and is letting him, nurse. "His name should be ConMan. He is one horse that has made the most of being one yard tall. I think I am the only one who knows he is four years old. Even the milk cow will let him, nurse.""You, have to admit, Barbra, he is adorable.""What is he doing now with that bucket? When he was in the sideshow he carried the water bucket for the clowns to put out th... Read More

The Very First Easter Bunny
Posted On 03/17/2021 22:06:43 by texasjane
When I was about eight years old my little sister asked me a question I had asked myself for several years. I considered myself her guardian since her birth. We had spent two years in an orphanage. We were adopted together when I was five and she was three. I too had been curious about a rabbit that laid chicken eggs... decorated chicken eggs. Now, no one had ever been able to give me an answer I could accept. I always told my sister either the absolute truth or something that would comfort her.... Read More

Weird Pet Behaviour
Posted On 03/14/2021 23:33:42 by Tarlia
Hello. How are you!
I thought I'd come over not only because it's Monday, but because I felt it might be good to share some old stories about some of our pets, and their funny little habits!  Here we go!  
* Luba, the family dog,  had a 'crush' on rocks! Oh yes my friends - she LOVED chewing on them. She'd find one she thought was worthy.... sit down on the side of it, and then, tenderly, lovingly, and yearningly, begin to chew on it.... gushing and salavating all over... Read More

My Pa
Posted On 03/12/2021 22:26:39 by texasjane
My mind has wondered all over today. I spent a lot of it thinking about how lucky I was to have had such loving foster parents.
My sister and I had come from an abusive home to the orphanage. My sister was very, very close to Pa. The first time the man and woman came to the orphanage, my sister bounced into his lap and hugged his neck. I was mesmerized by the beauty and kindness in the woman's face.
I reflected on growing up with a Pa every little girl should have had. We got valentines an... Read More

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