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C – Chocolate, Caramel, and Cookies
Posted On 07/30/2017 22:24:03 by yourchoice
I have been hit with a bit of nostalgia this evening. We’ve had so much hot weather in our area this month, and we’re not used to it. I can cope much better when it is cold. I heard this  statement a long time ago… “When it is cold, we can always put on another layer of clothes; when it is hot, we are limited to how much we can take off before we could be arrested.” I have a feeling that doesn’t always apply these days. Even on moderate days, we can see far more that we need or... Read More

An Omage To A Special Friend
Posted On 07/29/2017 01:20:10 by mandy40
his name is Jason. on Jan 8, 2016 the day i met him and hired me for his company was the 2nd major event in my life since the first meeting with my boyfriend Jerry has changed my life for the better. the job that i was hired for is a small chain grocery store Ingles that is gradually expanding. i worked over in the deli for 2 months before i was transferred to the front end working as service clerk better know as a bagger. hopefully soon to be training as cashier. the moment i met Jason at my in... Read More

B – They’re Back… Bales, Buffalo, and Barley
Posted On 07/28/2017 00:41:39 by yourchoice
I made my weekly trip to the town closest to us, to deliver a pile of clothes that are much too large for me now, since I changed my eating habits, to the “slightly used” clothing store in town. I also bought groceries because we anticipate some guests later this week. I enjoy the 25 minute drive on the off-freeway road, to view the mountains in the distance, the farmland, and the activity at the small aircraft airport. On this trip, I suddenly realized that I was enjoying material for my ne... Read More

A - Another Attempt to Add An Anecdote by this Author
Posted On 07/25/2017 11:52:50 by yourchoice
It's been a few months since I have done a bit more than browse The Hill to check on my friends. I still love this Social Network, but a combination of events and circumstances has limited me from participating as I have done in the past.After receiving a number of private messages, asking me why I haven't written any blogs for some time, I decided to give it a try. Many may not find my topics very interesting, and that's fine with me, but working on an Alphabet Challenge make me think, and help... Read More

Posted On 07/22/2017 08:03:04 by Eddie1
Joy is a three letter word with so much meaning.. J for jesus first, O for others second and Y for you third...now if you put Jesus first and others second they will give you everything you need to have a happy life..  Trust and love goes a long way happiness grows in the heart and love should be the soul of caring...Wisdom is in the eyes of all that you should see..Then joy will be the key to friendship a caring comment the wish of happiness for everyone.. miles of smiles to go every where... Read More

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