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FYI - Spring Foward - Time Change
Posted On 03/10/2021 16:20:43 by WritterDeb
Mar 14, 2021 - Daylight Saving Time StartsWhen local standard time is about to reach
Sunday, March 14, 2021, 2:00:00 am clocks are turned forward
1 hour to
Sunday, March 14, 2021, 3:00:00 am local daylight time instead.Don't Be Late, set those clocks up 1 hour
before you go to bed.
... Read More

Loving New Challenges...
Posted On 03/10/2021 00:45:55 by yourchoice
I’ve been at it again… trying my best to remember to do the things that I must do, and enjoy the things that I like to do. My goal is… never have a boring day! There are so many possibilities, no matter what our abilities are. If we are still breathing, we should be able to talk, eat, and sleep! That’s a good start! The past year has been filled with challenges, no matter where we live. As some signs along our highway state… ‘WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER; WE WILL GET THROUGH IT!”... Read More

Living Without Treasures
Posted On 03/08/2021 23:14:36 by texasjane
I was reading the paper this morning about a guy I knew when he was eight years old. He was Brenda Somebody’s boyfriend and I thought I could not live without him. He was adorable. Brenda and I had been good friends until then. Looking at the picture of this short, fat, bald man did not remind me of the boy who could twirl a basketball on his finger. I remember running into him a few years ago when he was working on divorce number 4. He said I had a sweet wiggle in my walk. I knew then he had... Read More

Bedtime as we get older
Posted On 03/07/2021 10:33:05 by Altara33606
Well, I'm in my 70s now and boy, how things have changed.  Even a few years ago, when I was in my 60's, my normal bedtime was no earlier than midnight. I have always been a 'night owl'.   It wasn't unusual for me to stay awake till 2am, reading. Now, I'm lucky to be wide awake at 10pm! Sometimes--since I now seem to wake up by 7am--I'm feeling sleepy by 9pm. 
According to my generic version of FitBit, I got 9 hrs and 5 minutes of sleep last night, waking up about 10 minut... Read More

Seniors Have Special Moments
Posted On 03/04/2021 14:05:14 by texasjane
I have had a real time of it.  Talk about having a senior moment.  It all started last night.  I don't know what time it was when I last sent an email.  But right after that my system popped up and said it wanted to do an update and that it would take "a while" to do it.  A while turned into hours.  I watched all the Gunsmoke episodes I had recorded and was starting in on the Walker, Texas Ranger recordings before I finally got an "okay."  The screen just said,... Read More

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