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E - Embroidery
Posted On 09/13/2017 18:42:50 by chillipepper
E - EmbroideryEmbroidery seems to be a craft that very few people do today. It’s an art in its own right.  I remember the fine detailed work that my Mother and Auntie did and other women of that era.   I was very fortunate that my mother was so patient in showing me the different stitches used in embroidery and soon I was creating designed Supper cloths, Dressing Table sets, Centre pieces for the table, doilies etc. using Lazy Daisy stitches, stem, satin, worm, French knots, cha... Read More

K - Kids, Kellogg, and K-Mart
Posted On 09/12/2017 12:00:52 by yourchoice
I wasn’t looking forward to arriving at ‘K’ in this alphabet challenge until last night… in the middle of the night! What do you do when you can’t sleep? I get out of bed so I don’t wake up my hubby, go to my computer (in another room so that I can turn on a light), make myself a cup of coffee and start to read. I do most of my reading on my computer now, books or articles, because the printing is bigger and the page is brighter. Reading tends to make me sleepy, and I often sleep the... Read More

D - Dancing
Posted On 09/09/2017 23:19:32 by chillipepper
D – DANCINGThere were several D Subjects that I was thinking of writing about but the one that stood out in my mind.  ‘Memories of the Dances’   that we attended as Teenagers and into our twenties.These dances were held every Saturday night in the local Hall in our little Town. This Hall served as a Schoolroom during the week and for Social events on the weekends. Before I was old enough and allowed to venture out on these evenings, I attended the school there.  Each Fr... Read More

J - I'm a Jazz Junkie!
Posted On 09/09/2017 01:08:57 by yourchoice
I am a lover of music. If you have read my profile page, you already know that, and I haven’t change since I posted it. I was brought up with music in my veins. My grandfather gave me a used Heintzman upright grand piano when I was four years old, and I started piano lessons shortly after. We lived on a farm so it was quite an effort for my parents to get me to my teacher’s dairy farm some miles away. My lessons continued with the same teacher until our family moved to the city whe... Read More

N- Neighbors
Posted On 09/07/2017 11:35:51 by Altara3
Neighbors.  I've heard that in 'cities', people don't know their neighbors.  In small towns, everyone knows everyone else. Our town is 'in between'.
At approximately 42,000 people, I actually don't run into people I know very often when out shopping--except for my actual neighbors.   My senior class--the last before the 'split' when a second public high school appeared--was 800.  A few of my fellow  graduates became public figures, but other than those, I don't... Read More

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