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Posted On 11/24/2016 18:46:35 by Altara33606
Do you take naps, now that you're older?  Seeing a new Poll got me to thinking about this subject.  Actually, when I was much younger--and baby-sitting--I would often nap when the little ones did.  But I got out of that habit once the 'little ones' were old enough that they didn't nap. Then, years later, when I was working 4-11pm at a nearby convenience store, I got into the habit of napping for about an hour before I went to work.  I don't know now how I did it: but I actual... Read More

O - Only Oxfords
Posted On 11/18/2016 15:42:07 by yourchoice
It may sound like a silly topic, but I’ve had almost a lifetime association with oxfords, not always by choice. It all began when I was seven years old.Our family lived on a farm, in a beautiful valley near a flowing creek. Being an “only” child, my playmates were my dog, Spot, a coop full of chickens, and when he had time, my dad. He worked hard, maintaining a small herd of cows, and growing and harvesting grain crops. The winter of 1947 is well remembered for the record amount of snow th... Read More

N - NOTH Nonsense
Posted On 11/06/2016 14:44:56 by yourchoice
There is a saying that "one can't see the forest for the trees". In my case, searching all over the place for an idea for the letter 'N', my next A-Z challenge. then my brain finally clicked into gear, and the 'N' was right here. We all know that NOTH isn't found in the dictionary, but we have learned what the acronym stands for. Hopefully it brings fond memories to mind. For me, I have been a member from the beginning of this site. It has been a lot of fun meeting new friends from many parts of... Read More

The beginning of a New Road
Posted On 10/31/2016 17:16:10 by Swanlady
It has been a year since I wrote my blog " Down the Hospice Road". It was both a hard road and a joyous road for us. Bob had a wonderful outlook because he was ready spiritualy and mentaly to take the steps forward. Many times we talked and cried together, Prayed and found peace in talking with the Lord. He went to the Lord on Jan. 4, 2016. I have missed him to the depths of my being and God has filled me with the knowledge that Bob is very happy and whole. As the leaves turn and Thanksgiving ap... Read More

M is for Make-Up
Posted On 10/29/2016 22:28:07 by yourchoice
I've never been very enthusiastic about Halloween. In my younger years, I did take part in some friendly “trick or treat” visits to the neighbors, and I remember that we were requested to sing a song or recite a poem before we were invited to open our ‘pillowcase’ sacks and accept their treat. Many of the treats were made in the neighbor’s kitchen, but there was no fear of razor blades or drugs hidden in the treat. By the time our children were old enough to dress up, they wore masks o... Read More

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