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BLOGS: A blog, simply put, is something you have written, or written about.

We have a forum you can post pictures, recipes or jokes you want to share; these are not considered blogs and will be removed. On the other hand, for example, a recipe with a story about a recipe that has special meaning would be fine. Greetings to others, thank you's, etc. are not considered blogs and will be removed.

Any concerns may be addressed to Admin by using the Contact Us link found at the bottom of each page. Blog Rules can be found in Terms & Conditions link at the bottom of each page.

Take a moment today to comment on someone's blog or just let them know you liked it. Maybe you can make someone smile today!

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Just some thoughts
Posted On 11/10/2018 06:26:14 by azjudy

The world is wondering what the Land of Liberty is coming to with all these mass killings. I told my sister that it is becoming a normal thing here in the USA. Over coffee, can you imagine people in awe of a day that went by and no mass killing? It makes me sick to think some nut who wants people to feel as bad as he does, decides to go on a killing spree. I don’t care if the killer wants to die but why in the heck does he have to take innocent people with him?All the psychobabble will not... Read More

can one control his /her emotions
Posted On 11/04/2018 05:40:18 by Texanora
All the major pain in our lives are derived from feelings, Both Physical & Emotional.  We all know that the human body is not meant to be in physical pain for long periods of time. We know that the longer the physical pain last or its great greatest severity  the closer the body comes to death. In order to sustain life man has gone to great lengths to conquer pain . But so many pass emotional pain off as light. of no consequence. Many take pride in the emotional pain they go throug... Read More

difference could be genises
Posted On 11/03/2018 09:31:43 by Texanora
we no longer seem to teach our children that all genius were belittled by their teachers & piers as stupid, too nervous , hyper , useless to society. Because society thinks that if you are not following the rules , if you are different , then you are wrong. you should be forced to be as  uninterested & uninteresting as the common man. They do not realize that all the innovators ,inventor, Leaders  the ones that make  the advancements for & in our society are those that... Read More

never hurt again
Posted On 11/03/2018 06:21:03 by Texanora
Humans know very little of what love is. The older we get we basis our definition of love as what we expect outers to do for us. If they comply then we call ourselves happy with their love .But the greatest love is not to expect anyone to act how you determine they should. If you do this you can not be hurt by their actions because you have no expectations. That is why you are not hurt by the actions of another that you don't know. It is only those we know and expect to act a certain way whose a... Read More

Definition of BLOGS here at NOTH
Posted On 11/01/2018 10:54:46 by Altara33606
As I've stated before: we've been lenient about 'blogs' lately. But it's time to remind people:   PLEASE...before you 'write' a 'blog', read the 'rules', which can be found at the top of the Blog page! A "NOTH BLOG" is "something you've written or written about". 
The rules say NO WARNING will be given before 'non-blogs' are deleted...well, we've been giving warnings--which are being ignored.

JOKES go into to JOKE FORUM, or one of our joke groups;  click on FORUM... Read More

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