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What's in strange people
Posted On 07/11/2017 04:04:52 by Rocci56
What's in strange peopleAko Ste Jos uvijek umorni OD danasU proljeće Kao davnoTrokrevetnu dana DalekoGDJE not Bilo davno
Sam rekao KADA Sam počeo uzimajući u brakuUzmi mi IZA kucu i vrtOstavite Starca na miruKad idem vidjeti živu

OPD u IMA veze s ljudima ü govnimaZa ulazak u spoznaji ŽivotaTko živi u mojoj prošlostiPa IPAK, na not umro OD sramote
Rekao Sam u Vjetar Sam govorioNitko not imao da me čujeLijepa pjesma NE voli nikogaNetko Baca kamen na slavu

Not nebo... Read More

Posted On 07/10/2017 19:19:16 by septimus54
Cast In Moonlight,I'm Silver,In The Haze,I'm A Blur,With The Ice,I Am Crystal,Of Me...No One's Aware! I Am Gold In The Sun,Turn To Green,By The Trees,I Go Blue,With The Sky...Seems Like Nobody Sees! I Stay Clear In The Rain,Changing White,With The Snow,Seen As Black,In The Night,I'm Like No One...I Know! I Possess All The Colours,But I Can't Choose The Mode! Just A Camouflaged Bomb...That Still Waits To Explode!... Read More

God loves you!
Posted On 07/09/2017 02:38:51 by Rocci56
1289/5000Bog te voli!

Biblija kaže: „Bog je tako ljubio svijet da je dao svoga jedinorođenog Sina jedan, i da svaki koji vjeruje u njega ne propadne, nego da ima život vječni”
Biblija kaže: „Svi su sagriješili i lišeni su slave Bog." Bog je savršen i svet, i naši grijesi nas odvajaju od Boga zauvijek.  Biblija kaže: „Za grijehe grijeha su smrt.”
Isus je Sin Božji.  Živio je besprijekoran život i zatim umro na križu kako bi platio kaznu za naše g... Read More

Changing Monitors
Posted On 06/24/2017 14:47:45 by Altara33606

Am I the only one who 'changes' my computer equipment around?   Actually, I had just answered a Poll question about the size of my 'monitor'--then realized I had to change my answer!
A few months ago, I put aside my larger monitors--21 & 23 inches--and started using my laptop with it's 15 inch monitor.  The main reason I did that was that I had put my cd/radio/tape player onto the desk, which left no room for 'extras'. I really didn't mind using a smaller screen; it worked... Read More

In Memory Of My Sister
Posted On 06/14/2017 23:38:42 by mandy40
To My Sister Christy You Were The Only and The Best Sister I Have Ever Had. You Partially Helped Inspired Me To Get Into NASA With You and Christa McAuliffe's Names Pronounced The Same But Spelled Differently. Even Though We Had Our Disagreements At Times But We Still Always Laughed, Cried and Shared Advice To Each Other About The Struggles Of Everyday Life. I Strongly Feel That You Really Have Been With Me All Of These Years After I Have Always Felt That My Personality What Made Me, Me Was Our... Read More

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