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Friends forever
Posted On 03/25/2017 01:32:29 by Rocci56
Friends forever
With all my heartI never thought that so many wantit now strange to tell me my tears.
I never thoughtthat this friendship was so muchBut now I know, dear loyal friends.
It is that we have different ways of thinkingBut we have something in common,we wantand we do not care others.
As the time goes byWe will all ripenBut this friendship will be retainedas in the vast sea.
My love for youis as big as the universestrong as ironBut so tenderin the clouds and the sky.
... Read More

Posted On 03/20/2017 22:26:41 by azjudy
IN MY OPINION: Today I made one of my rather rare visits to the Hill. I was checking my page and found 2 new “peekers” at my profile. Now don’t get me wrong. I love to have people check it. That is part of what makes social sites it fun. Still, This may be trivial but it irks me when someone checks my page and I go to return the favor only to get an ugly screen telling me I am not a “friend.” I know it isn’t a matter of life or death but to me it is a matter of principle. What g... Read More

U - Useless, Under-Used and Useful!
Posted On 03/08/2017 23:53:45 by yourchoice
Years ago, I met a lady in Scottsdale, Arizona who did seminars on how to be a good household organizer; organize your purse, organize your kitchen, organize your closets, etc. Her name is Donna Otto, and she is still doing seminars and recently, I saw that she has a group on Facebook. I haven’t seen her for a long time, but I still remember some of her ideas. To give an example… if sorting through a closet or a room, have three boxes/baskets that are labeled, Put Away, Give Away and Throw A... Read More

Love Unmerited
Posted On 03/08/2017 12:54:02 by kristine
This was shared with me, so I am passing it along.  I hope all enjoy the read.
Franklin Graham regrets it now, but in his youth he was wild and rebellious. One day he went roaring up to his dad's house on his Harley Davidson motorcycle to ask for some money. Dressed in his leathers, dusty and bearded, he burst into his father's living room---and walked right into a meeting of Billy's executive board.
Without hesitation, Billy Graham indentified Graham as his son. Then he proudly intro... Read More

sometimes taking the bus......
Posted On 03/03/2017 18:45:33 by themagicman
     Back in the early nineties while in my fifties I went backpacking in Asia for about four years with many memorable adventures.  I had spent a year before leaving studying and learning a lot about close-up magic, juggling and stuff, which stood me well in my journey.  In going through some of my old travel journals I came across a particular bus ride…………..  [an excerpt from chapter fourteen of ‘The Magic Man’].     &... Read More

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