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Yesterday's Travel Conversation
Posted On 06/30/2018 15:15:58 by yourchoice
We were on a road trip yesterday, enjoying the green fields on our way to the town where hubby and I met and lived 56 years ago. We were looking forward to spending the day with our dear friends who we met the same year that we were married. We have traveled thousands of miles together with them over the years, most of them in a vehicle with wheels (… and once on a cruise), and we are STILL friends. Hubby and I wondered if much of it was a result of a wall hanging in our kitchen where we see i... Read More

Drifting Days
Posted On 06/29/2018 10:40:26 by Swanlady
The days are drifting by with sadness and joy as I travel through these months of sickness and visits to Doctors and Physical Therapy. My family  cheers me with all the care they  show me and the Lord is always by my side. I am showing many signs of improvement and with Gods help I will eventually be able to do many things on my own.  Some things  may never be healed but that does not hinder me from my joy in each morning living on the lake and watching all that happens aroun... Read More

Design Contest Forum Link
Posted On 06/26/2018 08:39:16 by WritterDeb

To help you find where you go to nominate and vote for the Design Contest.  Click on the link below and join the group.  Then you can nominate and vote in the group.  Have fun!
http://notoverthehill.com/groups/view/id_968/title_w ould-you-like-to-be-featured/
... Read More

Do It Anyway
Posted On 06/25/2018 12:35:15 by WritterDeb

I am one that loves to read biographies.  The memoir of a person I remember or have read about, or seen a movie based on true facts and accounts. I watched one such movie last night called, "Bombshell, The Hedy Lamarr Story". 
Hedy was a Hollywood movie star who was hailed as the most beautiful and glamorous woman in the world.The documentary is the story of Hedy's life and also the fact that she was the  inventor of frequency hopping, which is still used tod... Read More

Bargain Hunting is a hobby!
Posted On 06/23/2018 23:11:59 by yourchoice
If you have visited me on my profile page, you will have learned that hubby and I enjoy Garage Sales (often called Boot Sales in England), and any other place that offers a bargain. This month there has been a myriad of Community Garage Sales in our town, as well as in the city. We love to chat with people, love to discover something that we didn’t know we needed, and items that are just too cheap for us NOT to buy them. In one of the new districts in the town where we shop, there were over 50... Read More

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