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75 years old
Hendersonvill, North Carolina
United States

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07/19/2019 22:29:01

Have a Lovely Evening my friend
Hugs Don

07/19/2019 18:17:20

07/18/2019 21:13:20

07/18/2019 14:31:12

[url=http://www.glitter-graphics.com] [/url]

    to my friends

    you so much for the awesome comments. I appreciate them all. It has
    been since Thanksgiving that I have been able to get here to send
    any back to you all. I am going through them all & reading them
    all. (still working on it) It was a quiet weather Winter. I did not
    start up the snow-blower once... not a single time. And, here in mid
    NH we had only 1 night below 0*, just 10* below for a couple hours.
    That is freaky warm & freaky snowless. But, of coarse we had a
    huge El Nino in the Pacific Ocean all winter, so, it was what I was
    expecting. I have been cranking, repairing & painting, for my
    business. I am finally in a quiet time... little work & great
    weather. Sooooo, I had a right eye cataract replaced. I was seeing
    nothing out of that eye. People kept saying, “Man, your left eye
    must be really tired.” Hahahahah, Actually the right eye was the
    one tired, from working so hard to TRY to see. So, I was done my 4
    week daily regimen of eye drops yesterday. Dr., happy I am healing
    faster than expected, & last Dr. visit is Tuesday, 23rd.

    am working hard to get my veggie garden completely in. I have been
    experimenting with containers the past couple years. This year I am
    totally container: carrots, beets, parsnips, onions, leeks, red
    cabbage, eggplant, summer yellow squash (don't like zucchini, no
    zucchini) butternut squash, pumpkin (to eat), lots of red potato,
    and two variety of rare heirloom tomato, several herbs. I grow some
    herbs year round in the kitchen window. I have all of the
    “from-seed” crops in, I just need to get the already started,
    squashes & some herb plants, into the big growing pots. And I
    have to make 4 window boxes 4' x 8” each (PVC trim board) , so I
    can put my flowers in. I winter over a lot of flowering &
    foliage plants. Then a friend of mine & I have to put on a new
    roof on my 26' x 34' Cape. Just one side. The other side is new
    Architectural shakes. Then I have to replace clapboard on the front
    peak side, along with some trim, brick molding & window sills
    (PVC trim Board no more rotable wood). The clapboard is to be
    fiberglass reinforced concrete, (“Hardie Board”). & if I
    have enough time a new 8' x 8' deck. The one there now is 4' x 4',&
    fell off the house & is shored up with a gallon drywall bucket
    under 1 corner. I'm putting a floating one (not attached to the
    house) on concrete feet, so I don't have to bother with town permits
    & it can't be taxed either. So... I hope you all are doing well
    & enjoying a great Summer. I am going to try to get here more
    often, because I love hearing from you all.

    gotta' make the window boxes.... Hugs T P

    [url=http://www.glitter-graphics.com] [/url]

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