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"True character develops a great mind."

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*** This is dedicated to my wonderful and special friend *****  May 31,2016  by * xRick7701x *

Elvis inside his Graceland Mansion March 5th, 2016   by * xRick7701x *

Sizzlin Sherry, hotter than a blazing inferno  Sept.19,2016  by * xRick7701x *

Lovely romantic couple come to life  by xRick7701x

May you be truly blessed Jan 17th,2017   by xRick7701x

*** Elvis Presley *** October 5th,2015 by xRick7701x

Dancing with the stars  June 10,2016 by xRick7701x

A Beautiful Summer day at the cottage  :)

Be confident in knowing your guardian angel is always near for your protection  Jan 13th,2017 by xRick7701x

Praying little puppy and his little buddy Jan 11,2017 by xRick7701x

Meowwwww  Forever New  once more  Nov 17th,2015  by xRick7701x

Elvis performing in Kailua,Hawaii  June 29th,2016   by * xRick7701x *

***** Pete Rose ***** Baseballs all time hit king  September 26,2015  by xRick7701x

* Jesus,the Light of the World * Feb 14th, 2016 by * xRick7701x *

***** Gone With The Wind ***** August 3,2016  by xRick7701x

Portrait of Elvis   Jan 8th,2017 by xRick7701x

Three young ladies  on a summer vacation in Maldives   Aug 2nd,2017 by xRick7701x

If you seek me with all your heart,you will find me.  April 11,2017 by * xRick7701x *

Remember that a forgiving attitude is one that will lead you to freedom so that you can get rid

of all that emotional garbage that corrupts your spirit.

When Jesus is running your life,he will be the one in the drivers seat,while you go to the cross.

Christ`s presence in your life can tear down walls that seem insurmountable if you allow him in your heart.

Give witness to the truth for you are called to reflect the light of life in Christ.

What good things you accomplish in the Lord during your time on earth will be highly exalted.

Our hope is in Jesus,nothing else. Live in that hope and make it present.

Capturing the moment  Jan 20,2017  by xRick7701x

***Elvis performing in concert***   April 25th,2017  by xRick7701x

*Elvis and Julianna Hough*  June 19th,2016  by xRick7701x

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Mr.Donald Trump for President  May 3rd,2016  by * xRick7701x *

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Elvis Presley  Feb  24th,2016 by * xRick7701x *

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08/15/2017 22:19:06

Image result for happy birthday

Image result for happy birthday

Hey Rick, a great big Happy Birthday to you and many, many more to come. Thought I'd get it on here tonight, sometimes I'm slow going in the mornings.

I hope your day is a good one, I'd bake you a cake if I lived closer and we could eat all of it!!

Hope you have a wonderful day with lots of birthday wishes and blessings.

Have a great day!! God Bless you!! hugs, Jo

07/30/2017 17:59:15

 photo 9cf135b1-7782-47c9-8b4e-7954c1e6afc4.jpg

you will remember this one .see if it stays .
going to put it on my summernights3 page too .

07/28/2017 15:01:19

Image result for thank you for birthday wishes

Thanks Rick, I don't have much planned. Just going out with my family to a local restaurant for an early supper tomorrow. Other than that, nothing much going on. I do have a test next Thurs. They are going down in my throat again, this time they are going to stretch my esophagus, not looking too forward to that. But if it helps, I'm willing. Just hope they can find the problem.

Hope you have a nice weekend!!! Thanks for the birthday wishes, hugs, Jo

07/18/2017 21:27:36


HI Rick how are you doing? Thinking of you. Wishing you a beautiful day and week.  Connie

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