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Every hue of the rainbow.

Having cuppas with Friends.

This is my page for TESTING the CSS Codes that Doc Shell is
sharing with us in the Group, NOTH Layouts.

To personalize your page with an amazing Layout,
visit DocShellDesigns.
Hundreds of Comment Tags for you to use there too.



Barbara, known to many of her Hill Friends as Ara, has fulfilled
a dream that she has nurtured for many years ...
she has created her very own PSP Tutorial and Tube Site.
She loves to Create and Share, so do go visit her at Aras Images.
Click on the Contact link to let her know what you think of her latest accomplishment.

Margareta has also created her own PSP Tutorial Site.
Tutorials and so much more to enjoy here by clicking on
Margareta's Banner.


Elizabeth shares with Margareta and you can enjoy working her beautiful PSP Tutorials too.
Just click on ElizabethH's Banner below.


"Life is not measured by the breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away."

Creating and sharing PSP images and knowledge.
Learning how to use CSS Code with Doc Shells help

Being unable to find the right place in the Code
to change what I want to.lol

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09/21/2017 14:32:43

nice circles on friends pix! Told Ara to come see your pgs..she hardly ever comes here anymore like me.

where r u getting all thees codes??

09/20/2017 11:18:48

Oh thank you so much Pam I am so glad you like it.. Oh my Pam I love this backgorund I really wish you could figure out a way to share some of beautiful backgrounds.  I think you do the most fantastic work designing backgrounds.  Designing Girl is back but I don't think we will ever hear from Doc Shell again. It has been so many years since she has said a word I wonder if she is still alive. I know her health wasn't all that good but after her Mother died that was it. Nothing not a word from her ever agian.  Well my dear friend you are the best Love and hugs.. Connie 

PamelaD_Testing wrote:

joyful226 wrote:

You create such  beautiful  Blingees Connie. I especailly love this one.

We had our Granddaughter visit today. We so love seeing her. She had her friend with her and little Jess (she's almost five foot tall ... almost) is seven months with her first bub and already so uncomfortable. At present, she's adament that this will be her one and only bub. I felt so sorry for her.

The last couple of days have been perfect. Still cool for sleeping but warm enough during the day to go without my winter woolies. lol
Have a great day Connie ... hugs ....

09/15/2017 02:19:14


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