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Did you know?
Posted On 02/24/2020 10:59:46

I thought of this the other night, but my life is so boring...it just wouldn't work for me! 

When NOTH first 'began', Admin suggested that 'blogs' (here--not 'in general' on the internet) could be like a Journal--with people adding something either every few days or weekly. I'm not exactly sure how that would work: whether you would 'add' something in a comment--or just 'update' the blog when you had something to add.

One of the reasons I thought of this was that last week--or the week before, can't remember now--I had gone back to the very beginning of our Blogs & read quite a few of them. Some were very interesting, while some were just a quick 'hello'.  But I 'found' the one where Admin suggested that. However, there wasn't any 'tutorial' on how to make it a Journal.

Now, being an English major (before I dropped out of school), I'm big on grammar, punctuation, and 'correct sentences', lol. (Yes, I'm guilty of using 'internet slang', but I think that can be excused here! )    I never post a blog--in my case, usually a short essay on whatever strikes me as interesting at the moment--without checking the grammar, etc. But I've still had some 'goofs', so I may go back in and 'fix' those once I notice them. 

I guess it's the 'frustrated writer' in me.  I wrote my first short story back in high school--my first novella when I was 20.  I guess I'll be 'writing' something as long as I'm  breathing! They may not be 'perfect', or even 'great'. But as long as I enjoy doing it, I'll keep doing it! 

None of us are 'professionals' here--but if we just enjoy 'telling a story', that's enough.  But no: I won't be doing a "Journal"! 

Commercials: Good old Rock & Roll!
Posted On 02/15/2020 09:46:38

For the last few weeks, I've been seeing a tv commercial that features an 'oldie' song I like. That reminded me that I hadn't listened to any 'good old rock and roll' for some time. 

A few years ago, I used my favorite 80's songs as the 'theme' on my page.  I decided it was time to do that again!  So I dug out some of the cds/dvds that I 'made', using those songs.  I made a list of my favorites; and believe me, it was hard to choose which ones to use!

So last night, I went to YouTube and 'found' those videos--and chose which ones to put on my page.  I had a lot of fun doing it!   

While I was at it, I dug out one of my mp3 players so that I could listen to some of those songs when I'm not online. Well, sadly, even leaving that thing plugged in all night didn't charge it! I chose that one--the cheap, generic one--because it's the one I have those songs already 'on', and it's easy to add songs to.  My other mp3 player, an iPod Shuffle, needs songs added by iTunes--which isn't as easy to do! Not to mention I'm not even sure that iTunes still works; I think I heard where it's being de-commissioned, or someting like that. But, we'll see; I'll find it and see what happens! 

Now that I've "remembered" my favorite videos, I just might go back to the video music group I joined years ago--and see what's there! I know I added at least 2 or 3 vids there; and I might add more now. 

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