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My So-called Writing Career
Posted On 10/06/2014 15:30:07

I started writing when I was about 15, in high school; a friend & I co-wrote a story. Between classes, we'd hand the large spiral notebook back & forth; I'd write some, then she'd write some--we never did finish the 'book', since she graduated before me.  But it was fun.

Later, after I was married and had dropped out of college, I kept  writing on my own. I invented a set of characters (girlfriends, from different countries) & wrote one story after another about their adventures. I think I ended up with about 8 or 9 short novellas in that series. Back then, I had no idea how many pages a book or novella should be.  However, I kept at it because I "had to"--writing was just a part of 'me'. I branched out & tried other ideas: one was a series of Science Fiction romances (several of those that I eventually put together) and a spy story, etc. Anything that came into my head. And just my friends would read my stories. I had no idea how to go about getting published & really didn't care.  

After my first baby, I told myself it was time to put away the typewriter & concentrate on the baby. Ha. Little did I know: he slept most of the time! So I got out the typewriter & started again, any time I had free time.

  And from then on, that's what I did. I'd write anytime the kids were napping--or later, when they went off to school. I didn't work with an outline, just a basic idea & set of characters; the storyline came to me as I typed. And because I was just writing for my own enjoyment, I didn't do any real research.  I ended up with something like 23 novellas--I learned to stretch out the storyline to give me more pages & let my characters develop more.   I would write at least 20 pages per day, which was usually a chapter, sometimes more or sometimes less.

    Sometime in the 80's, friends kept telling me I should try to get published. Since my 'stories' weren't as complex as novels, I started sending them to magazine publishers. I thought of that because at the time, I was enjoying reading what they were publishing. Naturally, I got rejections: 21. Then I shrugged & went back to writing for myself.   


But I enjoyed it, so I wrote until I got writers' block in 1998. Then I got my first computer.  Actually, I bought it to 'help' with my writing, but I got sidetracked. Every time I'd try to input one of my stories, I would find myself rewriting yet again.  So then I got more 'into' playing with the computer & didn't write anything else till I got my first website.  That was mainly what is now called a Blog.

  Then I discovered NOTH.  Now, I write Blogs--when I have anything to say; I also write Tutorials, to help others learn what they need to know here. Examples: how to make & use graphics in comments, how to fix minor computer mistakes, etc.  

Well, all you need to do is check out the NOTH Computer Help & Info group to see what I do:     http://notoverthehill.com/groups/view/id_328/

    So that's my story. I may end up going back to fiction writing one day--you just never know; but for now, I'm happy with what I'm doing.

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