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Back to school shopping
Posted On 09/05/2016 11:56:02

Have you ever taken your grandchildren shopping for school clothes?  I hadn't--until yesterday.  Emma turned 9 a few days ago, so since this was her weekend with daddy, we had a bbq/birthday party here yesterday.

 Our daughter & her husband came in for the day, having planned to visit the St. Louis Zoo. They had asked if Emma could go with them; naturally, she jumped at the chance! They all had a great time at the zoo and got back here just after 4pm.  

So, while my husband got things ready to start the grill,  Terri Lynn and I took Emma over to Walmart to get some new clothes for school, since her mother hadn't done that yet. Oh my! A nine year old girl thinks she is so grown up; she has her own ideas on what she wants to wear. I know it's not just 'me', lol: my daughter also had comments on what Emma wanted to pick out!

 After Emma's vociferous comments on what we should get, we tried to explain why those items were not appropriate for school.  My daughter finally told her that we were not going to get things that made her look like a hooker! She replied that her mother lets her wear that; we said, ok, then your mother can buy them for you.

After half an hour or so, we finally found 'appropriate' shirts & a couple of dresses that she liked. Thankfully, the one dress fit perfectly. However, she's at the 'in-between' stage so we had to make several trips to the dressing room. We never did find jeans to fit her! But we did find one ' 2 piece outfit' that had 'leggings'.  I'm going to look online to see if I can find at least one pair of jeans for her.  School started a couple of weeks ago, so she does need them. At least now she has some clothes that fit to wear to school.  

Candy bars
Posted On 11/08/2015 11:14:51

      I'm a total 'chocoholic'. lol. I could eat chocolate any time of the day/night!  But I've learned there are differences in chocolate bars.  Now, I don't mean  the fancy "expensive" kind versus what the rest of us eat. I mean:  plain chocolate (like Hershey's) vs candy bars that contain nuts/peanut butter/coconut, etc.  

     Plain Hershey's bars are my favorite; I also like Hershey's with almonds.  I also eat Nestle's Crunch; but I recently had one of those right after having a Hershey's. And to me, the Nestle's Crunch just didn't taste as good. Am I getting picky in my 'old age'?  Or has something changed in the Crunch bar? I have no idea; I just know I won't be buying any more Crunch bars any time soon.

    My husband prefers Baby Ruth candy bars; personally, I don't want 'peanuts' in my chocolate. The same goes for 'coconut'--but I must admit, I'm not a big fan of coconut, anyway.  

    Another of my favorites has always been Milky Way bars. However, in recent years, I've stayed away from those for the simple reason that my 'teeth'  have given me problems; and I didn't dare risk having 'fillings' fall out from all that 'gooey-ness'.  Ok, maybe that's not really a word; but you know what I mean!  

     Anyway, I got curious after posting a recent Poll about candy bars. I'd like to know what 'other' candy bars everyone likes. Obviously, there are many different ones to choose from. Do you have a favorite?    

My So-called Writing Career
Posted On 10/06/2014 15:30:07

I started writing when I was about 15, in high school; a friend & I co-wrote a story. Between classes, we'd hand the large spiral notebook back & forth; I'd write some, then she'd write some--we never did finish the 'book', since she graduated before me.  But it was fun.

Later, after I was married and had dropped out of college, I kept  writing on my own. I invented a set of characters (girlfriends, from different countries) & wrote one story after another about their adventures. I think I ended up with about 8 or 9 short novellas in that series. Back then, I had no idea how many pages a book or novella should be.  However, I kept at it because I "had to"--writing was just a part of 'me'. I branched out & tried other ideas: one was a series of Science Fiction romances (several of those that I eventually put together) and a spy story, etc. Anything that came into my head. And just my friends would read my stories. I had no idea how to go about getting published & really didn't care.  

After my first baby, I told myself it was time to put away the typewriter & concentrate on the baby. Ha. Little did I know: he slept most of the time! So I got out the typewriter & started again, any time I had free time.

  And from then on, that's what I did. I'd write anytime the kids were napping--or later, when they went off to school. I didn't work with an outline, just a basic idea & set of characters; the storyline came to me as I typed. And because I was just writing for my own enjoyment, I didn't do any real research.  I ended up with something like 23 novellas--I learned to stretch out the storyline to give me more pages & let my characters develop more.   I would write at least 20 pages per day, which was usually a chapter, sometimes more or sometimes less.

    Sometime in the 80's, friends kept telling me I should try to get published. Since my 'stories' weren't as complex as novels, I started sending them to magazine publishers. I thought of that because at the time, I was enjoying reading what they were publishing. Naturally, I got rejections: 21. Then I shrugged & went back to writing for myself.   


But I enjoyed it, so I wrote until I got writers' block in 1998. Then I got my first computer.  Actually, I bought it to 'help' with my writing, but I got sidetracked. Every time I'd try to input one of my stories, I would find myself rewriting yet again.  So then I got more 'into' playing with the computer & didn't write anything else till I got my first website.  That was mainly what is now called a Blog.

  Then I discovered NOTH.  Now, I write Blogs--when I have anything to say; I also write Tutorials, to help others learn what they need to know here. Examples: how to make & use graphics in comments, how to fix minor computer mistakes, etc.  

Well, all you need to do is check out the NOTH Computer Help & Info group to see what I do:     http://notoverthehill.com/groups/view/id_328/

    So that's my story. I may end up going back to fiction writing one day--you just never know; but for now, I'm happy with what I'm doing.

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