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Am I the only one?
Posted On 05/14/2019 10:32:32

I keep seeing commercials on tv for things like 'bacon burgers' & 'waffles & chicken'. And I just had to wonder if I'm the only one who doesn't like this kind of thing!

I like bacon--and I like burgers; but I don't want bacon on my burger!  I like waffles...and I like chicken--but I don't want chicken with my waffles; now, bacon with my waffle is different, since that's another 'breakfast' item. 

I have a friend who, when she was still working, would have a Baconator sandwich at Wendy's every single day for lunch!  I just couldn't see it.  But a couple of months ago we had some coupons for Hardee's that included a 'bacon/burger'; since my husband loves it, I said ok--and I gave him the bacon from my sandwich! But it's not really my thing. 

Posted On 05/01/2019 13:40:41

I enjoy answering Polls, any time I can. However, sometimes, there's just not a 'right' answer--and I don't mean leaving out the "n/a" option. Since there's only room for 4 choices...you have to decide which is best.

In the latest Poll, I (so far, only me!) answered EAST.  Actually, Illinois is considered "Midwest". I never understood why.  I said East because we are in the Eastern half of the US; we're also in the Northern half of the US. But I decided  that East is the best fit. 

On another Poll, out of the 4 choices, I actually prefer 2 of them. I normally would have said Tea was my favorite,but in recent months, I am 'off' tea. I must have 10 different 'flavors' here but just don't want any of them.  I sometimes have a soda (Pepsi)--although in recent months, I ony drink a few ounces at a time; or at most, I drink 'half' a can of Pepsi.  So, since I have two accounts--I answered soda on one & tea on the other. 

 On the 'Pie' Poll, I had no trouble choosing Apple, of the 4 mentioned. My husband's favorite is Apple, so we have it more often than the other choices. However, my actual favorite is 'Razzleberry'--raspberry/blackberry. It's not 'common', so I wouldn't expect anyone to include it. (I baked one a few days ago.)

Forums--good info!
Posted On 03/11/2019 10:48:09

I'm hoping this will help many of our new members, or older members who aren't here very often.  It seems many members either don't know how to check out the Forums or simply don't think it's relevant.   Believe me, it's important! We have a lot of good info there. 

 Click on FORUMS at the top of any page here; that will take you to a list of 'general' forums. Then click on NEW POSTS.  I do this when I log in. That will show you what is going on, in all the groups.

But if you just want to know 'how to'...then 'ask' in the NOTH Computer group. That's what we are here for. We have step by step instructions on how to do just about everything here at NOTH. 

I also posted both in 'Tips' and 'General Chit Chat' about all the information we have in the NOTH Computer Help & Info group. We have a thread called 'how to do things here':   http://notoverthehill.com/forums/display_group_topic/id_40899/New-Quick-Links--COMMON-FAQ-ABOUT-H OW-TO-DO-THINGS-HERE/

As with all groups here, you have to 'join' to ask questions; but it's an open group, so you can search/read posts without joining.

This is information gathered over 11 yrs, by many of us.  The NOTH Computer Help group was started by a man who actually builds computers & wanted to share his knowledge with us.  I took over when he couldn't be here any longer.   And a number of members have added their own tips over the years.  

Featured Members
Posted On 03/09/2019 12:01:17

In case you are a new member, or just don't know what this is: Featured Members are chosen by Staff, in order to 'showcase' different members. 

Any member can be 'featured'. The only 'condition' is that your page must be 'open' to all (in other words, so that 'everyone' can see your page and leave comments).  If your page is set for Friends Only to view or leave comments, then you would have to change your settings, if you want to be Featured.

To make it easier for members to 'volunteer', I set up a Group where you can post when you want to be featured: "Would you like to be Featured?"


All you have to do is 'join' that group & then post that you want your page to be Featured.  Or, you can send me a private message.   When I have time, I 'visit' a number of pages, looking for people to 'ask' if they would like to be Featured.  I often look for pages that are 'designed': for a season, or a holiday, or even just a 'pretty page'.  

However, you don't need to have a fancy page design in order to be Featured; you just have to 'ask'! 

To see Featured members, just click on BROWSE at the top of any page--then choose/click on FEATURED MEMBERS.  

Someone once complained that it was 'the same people' who get Featured. That's simply because they either volunteer or agree to be Featured!  If you don't agree/volunteer/want to be featured, then you can't complain about who is chosen!    I often visit up to 50 pages in a day, leaving messages, 'asking' that question--and I might get 2 responses! (maybe both 'no, thanks')

So...if you are interested--either post in that group or send me a message!  If you don't see any Featured Members, that's because I can't  find anyone to 'feature'.

Altara (Staff member)

Christmas cards
Posted On 12/29/2018 09:57:48

I just responded to a Poll about Christmas cards.  I had noticed that in recent years, we received fewer cards each year; and we had sent out fewer cards as well. 

 Last year, we sent out 19--received 16. Most of those were relatives of the older generation. And a few of my pen pals and friends who had moved away.

This year, due to my illness--which pretty much zapped my 'holiday spirit'--I decided not to send out cards. I posted on Facebook so that friends would know why I didn't send cards. 

This year, we received 13 regular--plus 3 of the 'photo cards' (where relatives use one or more photos of their family to show us 'where' they vacationed this past year).  Actually, one photo card just showed my one cousin's 6 grandchildren.  And another one showed Terry's niece's family, which included a new son-in-law this year. 

A couple of cards included a short note telling about 'their year'; but most were just 'signed'. That's another reason I think 'cards' are being phased out. Last year, I sent a number of Jacquie Lawson eCards. That works when you don't really know your online friends' actual addresses.

However, every year I receive one card that always goes into my 'keeper' file--from my one pen pal who 'makes' her own cards. I can't imagine the time she puts into this!  When I 'make' cards, it's mainly finding a pretty graphic to go on card stock; then I had Merry Christmas & print it out.  But when my friend 'makes' hers, it includes 'cut outs', pasted onto a pretty design and even some 'stickers'. She also does this for birthdays.  I have a feeling she will never stop sending her 'special' cards.

Definition of BLOGS here at NOTH
Posted On 11/01/2018 10:54:46

As I've stated before: we've been lenient about 'blogs' lately. But it's time to remind people:   PLEASE...before you 'write' a 'blog', read the 'rules', which can be found at the top of the Blog page! A "NOTH BLOG" is "something you've written or written about". 

The rules say NO WARNING will be given before 'non-blogs' are deleted...well, we've been giving warnings--which are being ignored.

JOKES go into to JOKE FORUM, or one of our joke groups;  click on FORUM at the top of any page....then scroll down till you see JOKES & FUNNIES.  

Religious postings belong in one of our religious groups.  Again, click on FORUM at the top of any page...scroll down till you see Inspirational--or click on GROUPS (again, at the top of any page) & when that opens, scroll down to the category RELIGION. 

It really isn't that hard to understand. Just READ THE RULES!

Altara (Staff member)

Christmas Trees
Posted On 10/29/2018 13:30:53

The reason I came up with the Christmas Tree Poll is that this year is different for us. No pets! Therefore, we can put up whatever we want.  

We have several artificial trees; we've used those for many years--from 2 ft to 7 ft at one time.  I think our 'current' ones are a 5 ft and 2 that are maybe 4 ft. They've always been put on solid end  tables, due to having cats running around the house.   And of course, the 2 ft one--it's been everywhere from here on my desk to on the counter in our main bathroom!  

I have no idea where/what we'll actually put up this year.  It's too early to even think about that!  My husband will want to decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving, so we have plenty of time to think about it.

But in doing that Poll, I had an idea. I guess it'll depend on how the budget works out in December. I'd kind of like maybe getting a small, real tree for a change.  Yes, it can get messy.  And you have to be careful to keep it watered so that the needles don't dry out.  But the 'smell' is fantastic. 

Again, this is just a random idea. I have no idea what my husband will think about it! As I said...there's plenty of time to think it over.

It's that time again!
Posted On 10/12/2018 09:54:09

My husband just came in to show me something; he was excited!  It was about a half cup full of ripe pecans! True, it's not much...but it's the start of the 'pecan season'.

We have a friend with a farm and apparently a lot of pecan trees because last year, we ended up with more than 2 full grocery sacks full of pecans!  Luckily, my husband doesn't mind 'shelling' them because I sure don't have the patience. Actually, the only thing we use them for is to make Pecan Pancakes. But they sure are yummy!  And of course, my husband loves to eat them plain.  

I can remember when my late father-in-law would pick up pecans from his two trees and give us a quart of them. I had a hard time not laughing when Ed would say: now Dianne can bake/cook with them.  No, I never did use any of them; my husband nibbled on them! And since there weren't that many, I didn't bother trying to find recipes in which to use them.  

However, last year we had been going to Denny's--where I usually had their 'healthy' choice meal: whole wheat pecan pancakes, egg whites, & turkey bacon. So I decided to try homemade pecan pancakes--and they were really good!   So I look forward to doing that again this year--which is a good thing, since I just looked & can't find that item on Denny's current menu!   Right now, their 'specials' are things made with pumpkin.

Posted On 10/08/2018 09:32:14

When I was growing up, we only ate white bread.  That was before 1960, so I really don't know if there were other kinds available or not.

One thing I remember:  Mom worked for Wonder Bread one year, giving out samples.   She brought home outdated mini-loaves of Wonder Bread. We kids thought that was so neat!  We'd have 'camping' nights in the backyard, with the bread and juice as our supplies.  My sister was much younger, so she didn't join my brother and me. But the two of us had great times! 

Once I'd grown up, I 'heard' that wheat bread was better for you. So my husband and I started eating wheat bread instead of white. It wasn't till much later that I branched out to try Rye bread.  That's now my favorite. Sadly, it's too 'big' for my toaster, so I have to flip it over to make sure the other end is toasted!  We do still occasionally have wheat bread as well.  But mostly, we get rye. Or white--if we are desperate for bread & just go across the street to Casey's. Often, white is all they have.

Now, of course, the 'in' thing is making your own bread.  Reminds me of Grandma!  Our daughter got us a bread machine a couple of years ago for Christmas. Yes, it's delicious--but at this point, we are limiting our  intake of bread. And to be honest, we just don't have the 'gumption' to go to all that trouble!

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