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The Kitten Saga
Posted On 09/16/2020 13:46:45



  Many evenings, my husband rides with his friend Steve, out to Steve’s “farm”--actually just a house in the country. Steve is totally remodeling the house before he and his wife are ready to move in; for now, they are our neighbors. Steve goes out daily to ‘feed the animals’. When Steve bought the place, it came with one dog and several cats. And, as could be expected, the ‘cats’ ended up with litters of kittens.

  My husband always ‘talks’ about the kittens, asking if I would like to have one. Well, as much as I miss having cats, I know that between our health problems and finances, we really can’t have pets at this stage in our lives. However, I have the idea that he thinks if he brings one home, I will be tempted to keep it.

  Yesterday, one of my home health care nurses mentioned that a relative of hers had recently lost a cat and that the family was devastated at the loss. She thought they might be interested in getting another cat soon. I’m not sure how we actually got onto that subject, but my husband showed her the pictures he had taken, on his cell phone, of the three newest kittens. Now, I must admit they are cute: one is a calico, one is a tortoiseshell, and the other one is grey and white.

  Well, on last night’s trip to the farm, my husband decided to bring home one kitten--the calico--supposedly hoping to hear from that nurse within a day or two. He thought we could keep it for a couple of days, in this huge box we have which is about 3 feet tall-and just as wide--since we no longer have a pet carrier, etc. Well....it didn’t take long to figure out that unless HE was holding her, the kitten was meowing constantly--and often loudly. Apparently, she didn’t take to me!

  My suggestion was to return her to the farm this morning; he can always make a trip out there if/when we find anyone who definitely wants to adopt one of the kittens--and that way, whoever does want to adopt one, can decide ‘which’ one they want. In the meantime, he made a quick trip across the street to Casey’s to get a can of cat food for her. The poor thing was hungry...and probably lonesome for the rest of her cat family.

  So, this morning I got dressed and we drove out to the farm. I was holding the kitten wrapped in a towel, not only to prevent being scratched as she tried to crawl up to my shoulder, but also in case she--like on the previous trip--decided to ‘pee’!

  We did spend a few minutes watching all three kittens playing. I held each of them at one point. But it was mainly fun just to watch them scampering around! And no...I really wasn’t tempted to ‘keep’ one of them--though if I had been, I would have chosen the tortoiseshell.

  The good news is : I think my husband finally realizes we aren’t prepared to get a kitten!


Unused cable--I figured it out!
Posted On 09/06/2020 11:03:24

Today, while my husband was gone with a friend, I decided it was a good time to 'move things' around on my desk. That meant turning off the computer and unplugging some things. 

Well, I moved one end of the desk farther away from the wall, to get to things--and found a 'cable' that was unplugged! It's one of the blue ethernet cables. The one end was plugged into my ATT U-verse box. And I couldn't remember 'where' the other end should go. 

 But...the computer was working just fine without it being plugged in anyway. So...what to do??  I decided it must be the connection between the computer and the incoming Ethernet. I ended up plugging it into the laptop (my 'computer' now).  I doubt I need that...I'll bet this has been using the wireless connection. But just seeing it hanging there annoyed me.  I'm not sure if I'll leave it there...or unplug it. 

 Hmmm...I just remembered that my last laptop had the Wireless go out, which was why I had to keep that cable plugged in.  I guess if I decided to 'use' that for anything...I can plug that blue cable into it here on the desk. But to be honest, I haven't used that at all since I got this new one; I just kept it because I didn't want to pitch it!  And it's always nice to have 'options'. Right? 

Did you know?
Posted On 09/06/2020 10:22:10

Did you know you can "Google" just about anything? I do that frequently.

Today, after a song kept going around in my head, I decided to Google "Buffalo Gals". The original 'buffalo gals' were dancers at saloons, dance halls, and brothels. Apparently, from what I found, this song was often sung by minstrels in blackface. It became a popular folk song in the mid 1900's.  

However, a more modern 'urban dictionary' claims  that a Buffalo Gal is a skier/snowboarder who doesn't get off the ski lift at the top & has to go 'around' for another chance.  It made me wonder why they chose that term, obviously having 'heard' the term from the past. 

Anyway, as I said...you can learn a lot just by "Googling" anything!

Posted On 08/14/2020 11:59:21

It's funny how something suddenly reminds you of memories from the past. I'm drinking some iced tea from a metal 'mug'--which keeps drinks cool. 

Actually, it's raspberry tea. And I was suddenly reminded of drinking Kool-Aid (usually cherry) from a metal cup when I was a child--mainly from Vacation Bible School.  Thinking of that cup of Kool-Aid brings back memories of the 'cool' church basement where we kids were.  The kitchen was next door to our large playroom; my Grandma was one of the 'cooks' so she was often right there. And there was a walk out door to the playground. 

So just drinking this tea brought back all those memories. It's almost like I'm "back there". 

My Microwave
Posted On 08/04/2020 16:47:56

You don't realize how much you rely on things until you don't have them! Four or five days ago, our microwave quit. I don't remember for sure, but I think it's over 5 yrs old. I don't think they make them to last as long as they used to; our first one lasted 24 yrs!  But, at least the new ones  are a lot less expensive than that one was. So I can't really complain about that. 

The thing is, I hate washing dishes!  So I heat/cook a lot with the microwave.  I'd much rather heat up things in a microwave than use a pan on the stove. And, boy, scrambled eggs are sure hard to clean out of a skillet, compared to a paper bowl in the microwave.  Since I came home from the hospital, I've been having a lot of scrambled eggs for breakfast--and sometimes for lunch or supper. It's so much easier: no 'grease' and I just throw out the paper bowl!  Well, I've made scrambled eggs in a skillet twice since the microwave quit; that was enough! 

So since we were out anyway--I had a doctor's appointment--we stopped at WalMart to get a new microwave. I knew our old one was 1,000 watts, but I didn't remember the actual 'size'. There were a number of choices, which didn't make it easy! We ended up getting one that is 1,100 watts (which is what most things now call for) and it 'looks' a bit larger than our old one; it has a capacity of 2.1 cubic feet, while I'm sure our old one was less than 1.  It has a very bright, blue, clock display!  I guess it's probably "better" than our old one. After all, 'new' things are always 'improved', right?  

Stay at home?
Posted On 04/06/2020 10:15:22

There seems to be some confusion here. Actually, our entire country has been advised to 'stay at home'. A few Governors (states) aren't complying with that. The medical experts are now suggesting everyone wear a 'cloth mask' when they go out--which should be only to get groceries or medicines, etc., or if you 'must' work, in an essential job.   They say the next 2 weeks will probably be the 'worst'.

However, I'm in the middle of a 'medical problem', so I had to go get a CT scan last week. I may have to 'see' a doctor sometime this month. Otherwise...I'm staying put!  

My husband picked up some groceries during the time allotted for 'seniors': the first hour the grocery is open.  They had no paper products (haven't for a few weeks, actually), but he got everything we needed.  We have enough food (and paper products) to get us through the end of the month, I think. Being over 70 and with 'underlying' problems, we are being cautious--and staying away from people.  At most, my husband visits outside with a neighbor. 

Now, if everyone just "stays at home"...maybe we'll be able to stop this virus from spreading even more. My advice: Listen to Dr. Fauci!  He is the expert. 

What are you doing?
Posted On 03/23/2020 12:08:48

What is everyone doing while 'staying at home'?  That is, of course, if you aren't one who still 'has' to go out to work.

Our daughter is one of the few people at her bank who 'must' be there.  The lobby is closed, so it's only 'drive up' but there is still a lot of paperwork and managerial work to be done.  And yes, she's considered  Managerial. So she's also working on Saturdays. 

Our son is also in a situation where he must be at work; luckily, it's only a 3 or 4 person environment.

My niece & her husband are now telecommuting (working from home via computer); my sister, instead of caring for the baby--who can now remain at home with his parents--is picking up the 2 year old for the day. They go for long walks around the neighborhood, always staying 'away' from others, she tells me.  

As for me, not much has actually changed, since I'm pretty much a homebody; my husband, however, is chafing at the bit! He's a very social person, so he misses getting out and about. So far, he and a couple of neighbors do sit outside and chat at times; and when the weather is right, they sit around the fire pit.  Any time we need to pick up a med, my husband is the one who does that--and he might pick up a few extra groceries at the same time. We try to limit trips out, since we are both over 70 & considered high risk.

I'm still watching a lot of tv reruns, trying to concentrate on reading at times, and playing half a dozen games on my iPad. 

And, one more thing:  I've had a dream that seemed like it would make a good short story. When I was half awake, I 'finished' the scene in my head. So today, I decided to write it down...and have just posted it as a short story.    I'm waiting to see if anyone 'guesses' what it's actually about! 

The Decision--a short story
Posted On 03/23/2020 11:54:37

The woman walked into the private company club and glanced around. There were maybe a dozen members scattered throughout the large lounge area, most of them sipping cocktails, in groups of two or three.

She could feel several men giving her an appreciative look; even as she approached middle age, she knew she still garnered attention.


Seating herself at a small table for two to signal she wanted to be alone, she quickly ordered a drink. Sipping it slowly, she pondered the decision she had come to. It was definitely time for a change--a big one: an early retirement. She and her partner had made a good team, for a number of years, both professionally and personally. But that was over. It was time to move on.


A few moments later, she noticed her partner entering the room. As he came her table, he gave her a cool look, then sat down.


“I was informed of your decision,” he spoke up, adding, “The Board will handle everything, including the sale of the house.”


“You knew it was coming, Arthur. It’s time to move on, for both of us.”


“I wish I could disagree; but you’re right. It is time, Pamela. Do you have plans?”


“Yes. What about you?”


“I’m not ready to retire; I’ll find another partner--or the Board will.”


“Then I wish you luck.”


Nodding, the man stood up. After one last glance, he turned and walked away.


A slight smile appeared on the woman’s face. She had just decided that maybe Monte Carlo would be a good place to start her retirement. After finishing her drink, she stood up and took one last look around the room.


She would never again return here; and she would never again see any of her colleagues--hopefully. Well, at least not for a “professional” reason, she amended her thought. Leaving the Club one last time, she felt carefree. Yes...retirement was sounding better and better.

Reality Shows
Posted On 03/05/2020 11:36:10

Well, in general, I really don't like "reality shows".  But, as with everything, there are exceptions.  One of my favorites is either on hiatus--or, it might be over; I really don't know.  Anyway, I was checking out YouTube this morning--and found some interesting videos about my favorite shows: Below Deck  and Below Deck: Mediterranean.   There is a third show on that channel: Below Deck Sailing--but I really can't get into it at all. 

I found a number of 'cast interviews' from the first two shows...and I spent over half an hour watching Kate (Chief Stew), Capt. Lee, and various other members of the cast, talking about the shows.  It was quite interesting!  

After that, I 'found' a couple of interviews with Jon Gosselin (from Jon & Kate Plus 8).  It confirmed pretty much what I already knew--from viewing the show years ago--that Kate is a bully & self-centered. I hadn't known how she had the one child 'committed' and put on lots of meds, without even having an actual diagnosis first. As of the time of this interview, he was happy, healthy, and a normal kid, which is really good to see--mainly because Jon stepped in, got him 'released', etc! 

Other exceptions to my 'no reality rule' are a couple of cooking shows.   I still watch Gordon Ramsey's 24 Hrs to Hell and Back.  I occasionally watch Kids Baking Championship.   But that's about it for now; in the past I watched all the 'holiday' baking shows and a few others, like Chopped Junior.   But that's about the extent of my 'reality show' viewing now.

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