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It's that time again!
Posted On 10/12/2018 09:54:09

My husband just came in to show me something; he was excited!  It was about a half cup full of ripe pecans! True, it's not much...but it's the start of the 'pecan season'.

We have a friend with a farm and apparently a lot of pecan trees because last year, we ended up with more than 2 full grocery sacks full of pecans!  Luckily, my husband doesn't mind 'shelling' them because I sure don't have the patience. Actually, the only thing we use them for is to make Pecan Pancakes. But they sure are yummy!  And of course, my husband loves to eat them plain.  

I can remember when my late father-in-law would pick up pecans from his two trees and give us a quart of them. I had a hard time not laughing when Ed would say: now Dianne can bake/cook with them.  No, I never did use any of them; my husband nibbled on them! And since there weren't that many, I didn't bother trying to find recipes in which to use them.  

However, last year we had been going to Denny's--where I usually had their 'healthy' choice meal: whole wheat pecan pancakes, egg whites, & turkey bacon. So I decided to try homemade pecan pancakes--and they were really good!   So I look forward to doing that again this year--which is a good thing, since I just looked & can't find that item on Denny's current menu!   Right now, their 'specials' are things made with pumpkin.

Posted On 10/08/2018 09:32:14

When I was growing up, we only ate white bread.  That was before 1960, so I really don't know if there were other kinds available or not.

One thing I remember:  Mom worked for Wonder Bread one year, giving out samples.   She brought home outdated mini-loaves of Wonder Bread. We kids thought that was so neat!  We'd have 'camping' nights in the backyard, with the bread and juice as our supplies.  My sister was much younger, so she didn't join my brother and me. But the two of us had great times! 

Once I'd grown up, I 'heard' that wheat bread was better for you. So my husband and I started eating wheat bread instead of white. It wasn't till much later that I branched out to try Rye bread.  That's now my favorite. Sadly, it's too 'big' for my toaster, so I have to flip it over to make sure the other end is toasted!  We do still occasionally have wheat bread as well.  But mostly, we get rye. Or white--if we are desperate for bread & just go across the street to Casey's. Often, white is all they have.

Now, of course, the 'in' thing is making your own bread.  Reminds me of Grandma!  Our daughter got us a bread machine a couple of years ago for Christmas. Yes, it's delicious--but at this point, we are limiting our  intake of bread. And to be honest, we just don't have the 'gumption' to go to all that trouble!

My 10th NOTH anniversary
Posted On 10/08/2018 09:21:29

For the first time, I 'missed' my NOTH anniversary this year.   Or rather, I forgot it.   So this month I'm celebrating my 10.5 yrs here. 

Actually, my NOTH anniversary was when I was busy with my husband's sciatica attacks, which landed him in the emergency room two days in a row.  He hasn't had any more 'bad' attacks, but he did have a number of small episodes in the last six months.  Thankfully, he hasn't had any problems recently.

 As for me, I had started with my bad sinus infection a few days before his first attack. But I was so busy with him that I didn't check in with my doctor for another four days.    And I was sick with that sinus infection for a total of 7 weeks, even with two rounds of antibiotics!

After that, it's been one thing after another this summer. At one point, my doctor thought I had a problem that needed surgery; but the 'surgeon consult' told me that wasn't my problem. I'm glad my doctor was 'cautious', but sure was glad to hear it wasn't a problem!

Honestly, I always say I don't FEEL my age (70!)--but this summer has changed my mind on that.

Rushing the season!
Posted On 09/22/2018 09:35:47

I don't believe it. We've already seen some 'Christmas' decorations out in stores! Now, I love Christmas--and decorating; but this is ridiculous.  It's only September!

Personally, I think the 'start' of the month of a holiday is plenty of time to start decorating for it, specially if the holiday is near the end of the month. I don't even want to think about Christmas decorating till Thanksgiving is over.  By the time mid-December gets here, we'll all be tired of hearing about it!

Posted On 07/12/2018 15:38:52


I love pancakes! I don't have them often, because not only do they totally 'fill me up' so that I don't feel hungry the rest of the day, but also because of the huge amount of calories!

The above photo is what I would have here at home: plain pancakes.   And that's pretty much what I had (though not as good as this!) this morning when we went to a family breakfast meeting at Cracker Barrel.  My husband's brother & his wife are in town visiting; so they suggested meeting  there, with Aunt Lois, because Cracker Barrel has always been the 'aunts' favorite. Aunt Lois is the only one left now, so we still go there in deference to her.   One good thing about Cracker Barrel: you can sit & drink coffee as long as you want, after you're done eating!  They don't "rush" you to leave--if you don't remain an overly long period of time.  But they only have 3 types of pancakes: plain, blueberry, & 'pecan'. Now, I ordered pecan--but got plain. I just shrugged & didn't make a big deal out of it.  I got 2 (smaller) pancakes & didn't even finish those--they just were not that good.  


However...if I really want good pancakes--we go to Denny's!  My favorites there include the Salted Caramel/Banana cream pancakes & the Dulce de Leche pancakes. The 'breakfast' comes with hash  browns, bacon/sausage, & eggs. However, I always have to give at least the hash browns to my husband--and I still bring home some pancakes! So, I started getting 'just' the pancakes. They have a fairly new item called Double Berry/banana pancakes which I haven't tried yet.



Be sure to read the Forums--New Posts!
Posted On 07/02/2018 11:08:33

I've had some questions recently on how to 'find' things here at  NOTH. 

Well...what I do: when I first log on here, I click on FORUM at the top of any page. It's in the same 'line' as Browse, Blogs, Polls, etc. Very easy to find. Then, I click on NEW POSTS.   

That will show you all the 'recent' posts from everyone, no matter what 'group' they are posting in.  Don't just stop at the first 'page'! Go on to the next...and the next...to find everything from the current day's posts to the previous day's posts, etc.  I always scroll through, in case I missed something from the day before--or the day before that, if I've not been online for some reason. 

I've posted in several places about our current Contest (as well as in the home page Shout Box)--and yet when I visit pages & mention it... I hear "What contest?" 

 If you scan the Forums daily, you'll be up to date on all that's happening, all over this site. It's really the only way to 'know' what is going on here on the Hill. 

Altara (Staff member)

Am I Irish?
Posted On 03/17/2018 12:42:45

Irish? Maybe not, sigh. When I was young, I thought I saw--in my great-grandmother's Bible--where some of my relatives had started out in Ireland. Well, by the time I was an adult interested in finding out if this was true, that Bible had disappeared. While I've mainly been able to trace back my father's family to where they came over from England & Scotland, I haven't been able to find much on my maternal grandmother's side of the family. So...I guess it's possible that I wasn't totally wrong. I may never know, since I'm not planning on joining any ancestry sites in the near future. But...I love Irish music...and I always 'share' my favorite Irish music videos on my website. So at least--like many others today--I can be Honorary Irish.

Posted On 01/27/2018 16:06:18

T  -  Tech

Today I'm playing Computer Tech!

Some of you may remember when my 'good' Desktop PC quit 2 yrs ago.  Well, since I needed something right away, I bought a laptop, fairly good but not very expensive; it works fine. It's better in one way (i7 processor) but not as good in another way (6gb RAM).  

However, I kept hoping that one day I could afford to get get this ASUS desktop looked at--and maybe fixed. After all, it has 12GB RAM (with a space to add more), an i5 processor, and was very fast.  Sadly, in the midst of trying to get it going again, back then I did a Refresh & the darn thing quit right in the middle of that--so..my hard drive didn't have Windows on it any more. That's another expense, getting Windows 10 put on it  for $119.  Well, that was the quote I got when I 'asked'. 

I've been using my very old Compaq laptop as an emergency back up. But it overheats easily--and it's very, very slow (only 3gb RAM). Today I decided to try something: I took the 500gb hard drive from that laptop and put it into the desktop.   Yes, it did the same old thing when I tried to boot it up: start/stop/start/stop, etc.  Then, I got the "Preparing to Automatically Repair" the pc--which then turned to: Unable to repair. Try other options. One of which I  thankfully didn't try: Refresh!!  (as long as this hard drive works, I can always return it to the old laptop)

But...after about 15 minutes, it finally did boot up & it's still working half an hour later.!  I remember that back in 2016, as long as I didn't turn it OFF, it would keep working. So...I'm not about to turn it off now!! 

However, a couple of funny things I've just realized: first, it has no internet since it's not wireless.  I'm pretty sure I have 1 or 2 ethernet cables stored here somewhere--so I might try that, if this keeps working. Next, it has no sound!  Yes, I do have speakers I can use if I want--but I hesitate to go to all that trouble.  We'll see how it goes first.   I'm using my smaller external monitor as well as 'wired' mouse and keyboard.  One thing I loved about this desktop is that it has plenty of USB ports! Something like 10, I think.   So...now we just see how long it keeps going! Fingers crossed!

Posted On 10/26/2017 13:02:50

Q--Quilts.  When we got married, my mom  gave us one of my great aunt's hand made quilts. Well, I 'used' it, didn't even think about 'displaying' it because we didn't have that kind of space!  Needless to say, it's long gone.  Now, I wish I'd 'saved' it.  But that's hindsight, right? 

Many, many years later, I found/saved a twin size hand made quilt from my late in-laws house.   Actually, I also 'found' a double size--but it was really 'foul' & even though I gave it to my sister-in-law, who is into Quilting,  I don't even she found a way to 'save' it.   As for the twin size, I am using it.  I still don't have 'space' to display it--so I figured I may as well get some use out of it.  I don't actually wash it; I just clean any spots (thankfully, not many since we have no children or pets in that room).   

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