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Posted On 10/26/2017 13:02:50

Q--Quilts.  When we got married, my mom  gave us one of my great aunt's hand made quilts. Well, I 'used' it, didn't even think about 'displaying' it because we didn't have that kind of space!  Needless to say, it's long gone.  Now, I wish I'd 'saved' it.  But that's hindsight, right? 

Many, many years later, I found/saved a twin size hand made quilt from my late in-laws house.   Actually, I also 'found' a double size--but it was really 'foul' & even though I gave it to my sister-in-law, who is into Quilting,  I don't even she found a way to 'save' it.   As for the twin size, I am using it.  I still don't have 'space' to display it--so I figured I may as well get some use out of it.  I don't actually wash it; I just clean any spots (thankfully, not many since we have no children or pets in that room).   

O - Opalescent
Posted On 09/16/2017 19:23:11

O - Opalescent, which is the same thing as Iridescent. I had no idea what word to use for my “O” Blog until a few minutes ago. This week, I’ve been going through all the glassware which we had decided to sell in a yard sale. I found a few things that are actually Depression Glassware and are Opalescent. Naturally, I decided not to sell them! Not only are they pretty, but even though these pieces aren’t actually worth much--moneywise--they are ‘family pieces’. So they won’t go into a sale. Here is a photo of one of them:  


Changing Monitors
Posted On 06/24/2017 14:47:45

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Am I the only one who 'changes' my computer equipment around?   Actually, I had just answered a Poll question about the size of my 'monitor'--then realized I had to change my answer!

A few months ago, I put aside my larger monitors--21 & 23 inches--and started using my laptop with it's 15 inch monitor.  The main reason I did that was that I had put my cd/radio/tape player onto the desk, which left no room for 'extras'. I really didn't mind using a smaller screen; it worked just fine.

But yesterday, I decided to clean off my desk; I actually wanted to use the cd/radio in another room. That left plenty of space.  So I plugged in my largest monitor and am using it now. Actually, the 'color' isn't exactly the same; & to be honest, I think it's "better" on the laptop! But that's ok.

PS--I don't usually have both screens showing--so will probably change that later. 

My yard Sale
Posted On 05/06/2017 20:36:46

I used to enjoy going to yard sales occasionally. But I lost interest in that when I realized I could just go to the monthly Flea Market at the Fairgrounds.

We've only had a few yard sales, mainly because we hardly ever have enough 'stuff' to put into a sale!  Well, my husband came up with this idea a month or so ago; we've decided not to bother with a pool this year, since the weather hasn't cooperated the last few years. So, he wanted to get rid of all the 'extras' we've accumulated over the years.  And since we'll eventually be 'downsizing', I figured this would be a good time to clear out our cabinets.

After all the 'cleaning out', we had filled our huge dining room table twice; we put things into boxes and plastic containers to make it easier to carry them outside. But we still had the table half-full of glassware to box up at the last minute, after we'd emptied a few boxes. 

Our neighbor across the street usually has several yard sales throughout the summer. My husband decided it would be a  good idea to get our things together and have ours this weekend when they had their first one. Unfortunately, we've had a lot of rain recently; and for a while, it didn't look promising. But the rain stopped by Thursday night, so we decided to go ahead with it.  With the water-soaked yards, we put everything on tables on the driveway.

 I got up at 5am Friday morning, only to find my husband had already taken about 3/4 of the things outside!  But I helped him take out the rest of it and arrange things on the tables we'd borrowed.  One man actually showed up at 6:55am! This guy is usually looking for something specific; he shows up at every sale our neighbors have. And they have so many sales beause they go to auctions and bring home a lot of things to re-sell.

It was cold & windy! But it slowly got warmer. So it actually wasn't too bad at all.  However, I think because of the weather and the fact that it's still 'early' to have a yard sale, we really didn't have too many customers.   We 'cleared' about $42, after deducting the permit fee. So that's not too bad--and we did get rid of some things.  After the sale, we decided to go through what was left ( a lot!) & trash some things.  However, that still left a lot of things.

 I'm not sure if we'll bother with another yard sale; I'll probably use newspaper ads to sell more of the glassware we've collected over the years. Our daughter, who had come into town to help out with the sale, decided to take 2 sets of glassware.  I cleaned out our dining room hutch & kept only the 'special' favorite sets we like.  That was interesting: my husband and I collected all these glasses over the years, but we have different tastes when it come to which to 'save' and which to get rid of! Then I've got a lot of Beanies (small ones ), teddy bears, etc; I'll probably end up donating those somewhere.

 Then, our daughter had brought 9 bags of books & 6 or 7 bags of shirts & sweaters; what didn't sell of those will probably go to either Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  I'll check with local hospitals and cancer centers to see if they want the books.

So hopefully, we'll eventually get rid of most of this stuff!    

C- Chicken!
Posted On 04/12/2017 15:12:15

Well, I thought of this during my first blog (Animals). Now, one of my favorite dinners includes fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy.  And no, it doesn't "bother" me when I fry up the chicken breasts.

 However, there was a time when I felt differently. One summer when I was a teen, I spent a week at my grandparents' farm. When we were younger--and lived in the area--we'd visit the farm often; I helped my great grandmother gather eggs from the chicken house while my brother helped with the crops & other animals. Once, they even tried to teach me how to milk a cow.  Let's just say I'm sure glad we didn't have to rely on me to bring in milk for the day!

 Now, the year I'm talking about, I think I was about sixteen. Most of my week there was spent sunbathing in the small area that wasn't shaded, or reading. But I did help out in the kitchen as well as other chores.  By this time, my great grandparents had passed on. So it was my grandmother whose job was to pick out the chicken & 'prepare' it for dinner.  She hadn't asked me to 'help'; but for some reason, I was nearby. I hadn't really thought about it, I suppose; the chickens weren't "pets".   And I didn't like the way they 'bugged' me when I went to gather eggs. But, still, I never wished them harm. 

 You've heard the expression "wringing someone's neck". Well, that's not just an expression on a farm. After that, of course, you have the "axe".  Without going into detail, I'll tell you that I did NOT eat any chicken that day--or for a while after that! I have a hunch that if I had to 'prepare' chicken that way, that I would not be eating it any more! (Thank heavens for Supermarkets!)

Posted On 11/24/2016 18:46:35

Do you take naps, now that you're older?  Seeing a new Poll got me to thinking about this subject. 

Actually, when I was much younger--and baby-sitting--I would often nap when the little ones did.  But I got out of that habit once the 'little ones' were old enough that they didn't nap.

Then, years later, when I was working 4-11pm at a nearby convenience store, I got into the habit of napping for about an hour before I went to work.  I don't know now how I did it: but I actually was able to curl up on the couch and go right to sleep! Normally, it takes me a long time to fall asleep, at night, anyway.

Then, in recent years, for a while I was napping almost every afternoon: from 4pm to about 6pm. Unlike my husband, I can't 'catnap' for half hour or so; if I fall asleep, it'll be for close to 2 hrs. But recently, I haven't been napping at all. I have no idea why. 

However, one thing I've noticed recently: if I sit in a comfy chair (like my rocker/recliner) I will often fall asleep watching tv. I had never done that before.  So now, I watch tv from my comfy swivel chair here at my desk--to be sure I don't fall asleep in the middle of a show!

I have to laugh at myself now, because I never could understand how my late friend Audrey could fall asleep in her recliner--every night. I guess it comes with getting older!    

Posted On 10/20/2016 11:56:29

As we get into 'fall' here, people are talking about 'pies'.  I'm actually more of a cake person; so I don't have pie very often.

However, I will eat different kinds of pie: Dutch apple, peach, & cherry, for example.

But my favorite pie would probably be Blackberry--served warm, with ice cream on top. 

However, this time of year, I'm more likely to have Pumpkin (custard) pie with whipped cream on top.  My husband likes to say that I 'like a bit of pumpkin under my whipped cream'--which is probably true.   

TV shows--new??--Updated 9/27
Posted On 09/25/2016 15:43:22

After looking at some of the 'new' TV shows, I've decided I'm "old-fashioned', for lack of a better word/phrase.  It seems like the 'powers that be' can't seem to come up with any new ideas! And I'm not interested in seeing "new takes on old ideas". I happen to like the original versions!  

I didn't like the idea of a 'new' Hawaii Five-O; so, no, I didnt even watch the Pilot episode.  Now, it's a 'new' MacGyver. And no, I don't plan on watching it.  If they can't come up with any new ideas, why should I bother?  

I've now found 3 'possible' new shows to watch: Timeless (a time travel series) & Frequency (I liked the movie, so I'll give the series a chance).  Then, I'd forgotten about Designated Survivor; I watched the pilot & found myself hooked on the plot--so that's one I'll definitely watch.

 However, as usual, at least one of these shows is on at the same time as an returning favorite, so we'll see which one wins out! 

Sassafras Tea
Posted On 08/30/2016 09:34:51

When I went grocery shopping this past week, I stopped in the coffee/tea section. I didn't find the 'lemon tea' I was looking for; however, I did spot a bottle of Sassafras Tea concentrate.

Boy, does that take me back to my childhood! When I was little, my grandma had 'sassafras root' (yes, the same basic flavoring for Root Beer).   I always loved the homemade sassafras tea. Even after I had grown up, when I was 'back home' in Indiana, I'd look for the package of 'root' so that I could make my own.

 Now, as then, I like it 'strong'.  The directions call for 1 tablespoon of the concentrate for a cup of tea. I use about 3 T.  But it's worth it, to get that 'old fashioned' taste.  

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