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64 years old
North Carolina
United States

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JOB: Homemaker
RELIGION: Christian - other
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Not a big movie person. I love Christmas movies, though, and good, sappy romances and romantic comedy.

I like oldies, 70's, NEW country, light jazz.

I am an avid reader. I love light mysteries, novels by Laura Childs, Karen Kingsbury, Wanda Brunstetter, Debbie Macomber.....oh, and Nicholas Sparks, too.

I love earthy colors. Particularly all shades of green! The colors of fall are my favorites.

I love Italian food and chicken, nice tossed salad, sauteed mushrooms, strawberries. LOVE my mom's apple pie. BEST EVER!

Tweeting is for birds and I'll let them do their thing.

My emergency contact is Lisa (momtocam).

My name is Darci. I have been married 45 years to Dave. Have three adult daughters Lindy, Melanie, and Jenny and four amazing grandsons Chandler, Aidan, Dylan, and Jude, ages 20, 19, 16 and 4 years. I was born and raised in Erie, PA but have lived in North Carolina the past 39 years. Also have a wonderful elderly part-Siamese cat, 7 year old Maine Coon mix cat, and our 3 dogs. We have one hen and 1 duck.

I love God, America, my husband, kids, grandkids, pets, friends.....LIFE!!!!

Humidity, sweltering temperatures, crowds, people who lie and backstab, being too hot or too cold. I like the "middle of the road" in most everything.

I enjoy knitting/crocheting, gardening, planting flowers, my houseplants, and reading.

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02/05/2023 03:49:54

Good morning Darci, may you have a peaceful Sunday.

Woman in winter by Philip Mckay, Digital art, Composition | Art Limited
Blessed Be my friend.

02/05/2023 02:18:31

02/04/2023 21:46:17

Darci Dear...

I got the pesky insurance taken care of.  And yes, I had to use the darned phone to do it.  However, we are covered on the Chrysler and that is what counts.  Today, however, I did something fun to make up for having to use the phone.  I've been scrounging through the house for red items for a day or so (off and on, as we do) and figured I had enough to make a display on our china cabinet.  I also kept a list of what I put on it and I have to tell you that I was floored seeing so many items going down on my piece of paper.  I filled up a page and I don't have large handwriting.  It didn't seem like I was rounding up that much stuff, but I guess when you're enjoying yourself, keeping track of just how many things I was grabbing wasn't on my radar.  I've also switched out some linens from a winter-type of color to more of a Valentine look.  

Of course, you know that means my house could use some attention now.  I did some laundry, but not dusting, vacuuming, sweeping and swabbing.  I figure that can wait until tomorrow or even the next day.  That old dirt and the herd of dust bunnies aren't going much of anywhere, so when exactly I deal with them is totally up to me.  Woohoo! 

Your chicken-broccoli casserole sounded good to me; I hope you were able to put several servings into the freezer for another time.  Do that enough and you won't have to cook when the summer heat starts up.  And wouldn't that be something?  I can never plan that far ahead, but it sure would be nice if I ever did.  One less thing to heat the house up in the summer, but one more thing to help warm the house when it's colder.  Kind of seems like a winning combination.  I should look for some stackable freezer containers so I can do that sort of thing.  Make some soups--which I never want to mess with in the summertime--maybe some meatloaf--I'm sure there must be a bajillion things you could make extra of now and then freeze for later.  And I suppose there are people out there who are actually organized enough to do it.  

It's been pretty rainy over here on this side of the country, but that's okay.  I'm sure our trees all need some deep watering so they don't dry out too badly once it heats up later on in the year.  In spite of the rain, Dennis planted two raspberry canes he picked up in Bi-Mart the other day.  They're in the stalag/garden area so that neither the deer nor chickens can kill the plants before we can (maybe) get something out of them.  We used to have raspberry canes at the house I grew up in and I remember going outside when they got ripe and making a meal out of them.  Sun-warmed raspberries...delicious!

That's all I've got for today, kindred.  Have a peaceful Sunday and I hope the week to come brings you plenty of reasons to be happy!

Love and Hugs,

02/04/2023 21:01:45

It was still cold her today even though the sun was out - before noon it was 22 and made it to above freezing this afternoon.  Went food shopping for a few things to make for Sunday dinner and ended up spending $110.  Made kielbasa and cabbage and another veggie for dinner tonite.  The dogs are all being good - the little one stays on the couch next to Rich all the time and we carry her outside by herself as the puppy will jump all over her.  Tfhe only thing that is gonna be done tomorrow is make dinner and dessert forgame nite.  They will be coming home and tomorrow but we'll bring them the dogs. Were the windows the right size Darci?  Even if they weren't, at least you got a visit out of it.  Hope you have a beautiful Sunday .   Huggles, Wendy

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