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10/09/2015 21:45:08

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Hi Darci, thanks for the comment not too much going on this weekend is my birthday Sat. so will be going out for supper with a dear friend. Hope you have a great weekend.  Hugs Moe

10/09/2015 20:22:42

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                      *** BETTY & THE ANIMALS WISH YOU A TERRIFC FRIDAY ** WILL HAVE MORE SUN & HIGH 70*'s ** 

                            MY " WARFIN LEVEL " WAS TOO LOW,  SECOND TIME IN 4 YEARS, HAVE NO IDEA WHY ....


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10/09/2015 19:47:13

10/09/2015 17:18:13

No special plans for tomorrow here, either, other than I intend to do nothing! Dick and I finished our windows today - Hip Hip Hooray!!! When one is 85 and the other is 79, believe me, it is a wonderful day when such a miserable job is finished. It's bad enough to have to do the windows, but we also brush and hose down the screens and clean the sills, so for now, they look so nice.

It is to rain here tonight - naturally - got to soak our clean windows, etc., but that's O.K.  So - tomorrow I kick back and do absolutely nothing.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend - Hugs, Maria

Friday's here!! Time to get the weekend started, Maria. No special plans at our house for the weekend, how about you? I don't think it matters if we do anything exciting or nothing at all. Don't we all just love our weekends? Might be a rainy day tomorrow so it doesn't look like we'll be working in the yard. Whatever you may be up to, enjoy and be safe!

Many Hugs~


10/09/2015 15:07:24

10/09/2015 14:52:03

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10/09/2015 14:49:33

I really hope you have a very nice weekend.  Luv, Nancy

10/09/2015 14:40:52

Sapphire wrote:

Friday's here!! Time to get the weekend started. No special plans at our house for the weekend, how about you? I don't think it matters if we do anything exciting or nothing at all. Don't we all just love our weekends? Might be a rainy day tomorrow so it doesn't look like we'll be working in the yard. Whatever you may be up to, enjoy and be safe!

Many Hugs~


10/09/2015 14:33:33

The weekend has arrived and it's a beautiful day. Friends coming this afternoon and church tomorrow. Apart from that just relaxing. Hugs. Stay safe.

10/09/2015 13:35:54

10/09/2015 13:30:37

Hello my dear  friend,        

It is Reg,

Misty start of the day,

Sun is now shining

Still cold with it too,

Have a fabulous and,

Very exciting Friday.








Love and Hugs,



10/09/2015 12:42:46


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T-106 photo BugsBunnyanimatedDanceT-106_zps765e3ab8.gifxoxo 
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10/09/2015 10:51:24

a cheery good morning happy day

Good Morning graphics @ crystalcomments.com

rock n roll heaven have a great weekend

Weekend graphics @ crystalcomments.com
Hi My Friend I Hope Your Day & Weekend Is A Good One For You Hugs & Many Blessings Lillie

10/09/2015 09:16:56

seems we are having indian summer here. almost 80 yesterday, and i was out christmas shopping...lol..have a really nice day..

10/09/2015 09:14:57


Greeting's from
sunny Florida! I hope you have a wonderful day and may your weekend be kind to
you, take care.

10/09/2015 09:07:38


























10/09/2015 08:21:07


The weekend is here.  Have a wonderful weekend, filled with all the fun things you love to do.  Time continues to fly, so fill your days with all the "I want to do"  on your list and enjoy every minute of doing them.


Hugs and Laughter, Janay


10/09/2015 08:20:18


10/09/2015 08:08:02

morning photo goodmorningriseshine.gif photo wonderful_friday_zps2a2d215a.gif photo 7ffe5ec4b16716a16046bca68b958fb61_zpsk3bsfnqw.jpg Have A Good Day And A Good Weekend My Friend. Love Hugs Bigmoose.

10/09/2015 03:31:44

Darci Dear...

Little note, part II.  So my cousin came to visit for a couple of hours today.  She lives in the northern part of the state, while I am at the southern end.  We don't get to visit all that often, so I cherish the time I get to spend with her.  She's one of those folks that say what they mean, and mean what they say.  I like that!  She's definitely not a "frilly girl", by any means.  She was a boilermaker for years and drove in on her Harley in full leather gear.  Hee-hee, I gotta love that!  I embrace the difference that she embodies, and has for all of her life. 

Yes, pools are a lot of work.  My in-laws had an above-ground pool for many years.  Our kids spent many, many a summer day happily splashing around in it.  They had a nice deck surrounding it and a little shed/changing room at the back of the deck.  It was a wonderful pool but as you said--they are a lot of work and also expense.  All the chemicals you need to add to the water, plus the water itself, skimming, sweeping the deck from time to time.  One year we all got together and painted the deck, shed, stairs--all the wooden areas for the pool.  It was a lot of work and we had a crew of six adults, I think.  Us kids did it for my in-laws as a gift.  And to repay them in some way for the use of the pool over the years.  It's gone now, as they've gotten old enough that it just wasn't worth keeping for them.  Plus the pool was old enough that it would have needed to be replaced.  Now they have extra yard to mow, but not that much and since they have a riding lawn mower...it was a good trade-off for them. 

I like to hear the moving water.  We used to have a little waterfall with our pond but it got taken out and I sure miss it!  One of these days we'll need to revamp the pond.  I'm not looking forward to it because its so big.  Mostly I won't be able to help with it because my back isn't up to lugging that big of a pond lining anywhere.  I'm sure the fish will appreciate having it done, though.  As will we, once we get it done.  Yes, I know what you mean about those gazebos to provide shade.  We used to have one next to our pond but it wasn't anchored down good enough and a big windstorm blew it over and wrecked it.  So just be sure you have your future gazebo secured properly when/if you install one!  It was nice to have, as it kept the rain, leaves, cherries and bird poop from landing on anyone who happened to be sitting on the lawn swing we had next to the pond.  Made for a much nicer outdoor experience.  Most especially for avoiding the bird poop but the cherries beaning you on the head isn't something you want to be happening while you're trying to relax, either. 

I have a cousin who has Asperger's.  Back when we were kids, that wasn't something anyone knew anything about.  We just thought my cousin Linda was weird.  But we hung out with her anyway and accepted her as just being the way she was.  Heck, my Grandma had brain damage from having a low-grade fever when she was young and would sit in her rocker and do her "fancy work" (embroidery, which she did a beautiful job on) and talk all day long, whether anyone was around to hear her or not.   I had no idea that there was anything wrong with Grandma for years and years and years.  I just accepted that Grandma was the way she was.  I guess I didn't question a whole lot of things when I was a kid.  I hope your Aidan continues to thrive in school and find his own way to be happy.  Chandler would be the one I woud identify with the most.  If they had advanced courses when I was in school, I'd have likely been in them.  I had a really sharp short-term memory and took tests well because of it.  My long-term memory?  Kind of a jumbled mess.  If I could straighten out the long-term memory files in my head, I'd be happy.  But alas, my office drones upstairs in the ol' brain pan are pretty lackadaisical about the filing system so I don't retain things in good order in the long haul. 

Dylan will have a lot of fun in his life, I think.  Being able to create something is a lot more joyful than working in an office or factory or some kind of drone job.  Even if he only creates things for his own pleasure, or to give as gifts...to be able to express yourself in that manner is one of the best kind of "highs" that there is.  Chandler and Aidan getting into music is another avenue of creativity, though, and will bring both boys pleasure if they stick with it. 

I loved the social aspect of school, but I also loved to have time alone to sort things out. I went to the ball games and everyone went to the pep assemblies.  I went to some of the dances, too.  And I really enjoyed being with my friends.  However, I would get home, do whatever needed doing, grab something to eat and/or drink and then go with my (very large) dog on a walk down to a nearby creek.  I'd sit there and listen to the moving water and sort out whatever might be bugging me on that particular day.  I never worried about anyone harming me because our dog would have taken apart anyone who may have been foolish enough to attempt such a thing.  Lady was mostly German Shepherd--huge and with very long hair.  She had a dark face, so looked fierce.  We knew better--she was the biggest sweetheart to any of us.  But she barked-- and meant it--when any stranger came around.  Yep, I was very safe with that girl as my companion.  

Funny to think that now smoking pot is legal in Washington.  Even funnier that I never seem to smell the stuff.  You'd think it'd be a lot more prevalent now that folks won't get hassled for toking their wacky weed, but it doesn't seem to be.  I was never much into the stuff and I'm thankful that I never got into drugs in any real way.  Drinking never appealed because I thought booze tasted just awful and I've never liked even the smell of beer.  Ick!  Even now, the only thing I imbibe is (on very rare occasion) a wine cooler.  And the only reason I drink one of those is as a cold remedy because they taste a whole lot better than Nyquil or Robitussin or whatever other ghastly cold liquids they put out and expect you to gag down when you're already feeling miserable.  I just throw one in the blender with enough ice cubes to make a thick mixture and drink whatever I can of it down.  The ice helps numb a sore throat and the alcohol kills germs.  But as a social sort of a thing?  Not for me.  

It always feels good to me when I can get my Fall decorations out.  I've had them in place for quite awhile now.  I need to start putting out my Halloween stuff, though.  I'd like a little time to enjoy them before they have to go back into the closet for another year.  I might be able to get that done tomorrow.  I have a plan for how I want to get them put out.  I just have to get started.  That, and bring my little step stool to the basement so I can reach the Halloween stuff.  Oh, the challenges of being short...!

Have you ever tried making a pie crust in the pan?  It's an oil-based crust.  My daughter prefers to use that type of crust because it's so easy to put together and works well.  There's no rolling out, it's something you press in place.  I can make pie crusts and don't have a problem doing so except I think they're a pain in the hiney to make so I don't make pies very often.  I used to make pies all the time when I worked in a local deli but we cheated and had frozen pie crusts.  Bake and fill.  Easy as.......pie! 

Once upon a time I used to be a morning person, but over the years I've gradually shifted to a night owl.  One summer when I was working at the afore-mentioned deli, I spent the summer working nights.  No one else was in the deli, just me.  The place wasn't open.  I went in and baked cookies, made pies, fixed potato salads or whatever needed to be done that required heat to do.  It was cooler at night, so worked out quite well.  The only drawback was trying to sleep when the summer light was coming through my bedroom windows.  Thick curtains helped. 

I love creamed chipped beef!  We used to have it when I was growing up on toast, but I don't even remember the last time I made it.  I wonder why? I guess because I never have the chipped beef.  Definitely comfort food, though.  

Alright.  I need to get myself off to bed.  I hope Mother Nature is kind and gives you some glorious Autumn weather to thoroughly enjoy!  Hoist up some hot apple cider and toast to the best season there is!  Cheers!!

Love and Hugs,

10/09/2015 01:02:01

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10/08/2015 20:58:36

Happy Columbus Day Joyful226

In 1402 Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue

Hi Darci! Columbus Day first became an official state holiday in Colorado in 1906, and became a fedreal holiday in the United States in 1937, though people have celebrated Columbus's voyage since the colonial period. In 1792, New York City and other U.S. cities celebrated the 300th anniversary of his landing in the New World. President Benjamin Harrison called upon the people of the United States to celebrate Columbus Day on the 400th anniversary of the event. During the four hundredth anniversary in 1892, teachers, preachers, poets and politicians used Columbus Day rituals to teach ideals of patriotism. These patriotic rituals were framed around themes such as citizenship boundaries, the importance of loyalty to the nation, and celebrating social progress. Of course Columbus only accidently discovered the "New World" his navigation or navigator must have been off it wasn't India at all.

Since 1970 (Oct. 12), the holiday has been fixed to the second Monday in October, coincidentally exactly the same day as Thanksgiving in neighboring Canada fixed since 1959. Columbus Day is generally observed nowadays by banks, the bond market, the U.S. Postal Service, other federal agencies, most state government offices, many businesses, and most school districts. Some businesses and some stock exchanges remain open. There are several other countries that celebrate the day as well.  On Bulletins I have this information plus the poem I had to learn when I was in grade school.  

It was much cooler here today. Wishing you a wonderful day and weekend..Take care my dear friend Love and Hugs..Connie

10/08/2015 19:32:42

Hi, I would love some iced tea and some of those grapes. Yum

10/08/2015 19:05:25

10/08/2015 17:51:06

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10/08/2015 17:31:47

Birds photo bird-on-branch-1.jpg

Hi Darci, still rain and so much fog up here today can't see across the street, humidity is 100% a real fall day. Do enjoy your day Darci, and have a good weekend.  Hugs Moe

10/08/2015 13:31:48

have a great thursday

Hello My Dearest Darci glad to hear you are having lovely weather today here has been good as well started of with fog which soon cleared and sunshine all day after that mid 50'S which is good for here at this time of the year that iced tea sounds great any wish i could be there most of my afternoon was spent cleaning show cages and feeding and watering the birds ......hope you lovely weather continues over the weekend for you if it does no use saying enjoy it as i know you will
Take Care My Dearest Friend 
Love and Hugs 

10/08/2015 13:12:29

Ok,Darci sounds good,,,tea time...

Sapphire wrote:

What a gorgeous day it is! Sunny and warm and perfect, really. Windows are open and the attic fan is on and I'm feeling inspired. Don't laugh; I take my inspiration when I can get it.  Think I'll get some housework done after lunch and then enjoy some time on the swing. Feel free to meet me there later on. I've got iced tea made! Have a great afternoon!

Love n Leaves~


10/08/2015 12:36:54

500 x 300 photo 2497097vbbvv3pjur.gif

Hugs, Di

10/08/2015 12:27:36

Ah, Darci, your invitations always sound so delightful! Enjoy your lovely afternoon and don't work too hard!    Hugs, Maria

What a gorgeous day it is, Maria! Sunny and warm and perfect, really. Windows are open and the attic fan is on and I'm feeling inspired. Don't laugh; I take my inspiration when I can get it.  Think I'll get some housework done after lunch and then enjoy some time on the swing. Feel free to meet me there later on. I've got iced tea made! Have a great afternoon!

Love n Leaves~


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