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I Had a Dream the Other Night...
Posted On 07/06/2015 18:27:07

I had a dream the other night which woke me up laughing so hard I had to run to the bathroom.  It was about my Aunt Juanita (may she RIP).  There was only 9 years between our ages and we were always more like sisters and very close.  

Juanita (I never called her Aunt) had a habit of making this loud sound like a sound of relief each time after she yawned.  It aggrevated me to death but  she was older than I so I just put up with it.  She also had one of those sayings that is rather meanless that she said at least 15 to 20 times a day..."Its a time in the land." People were used to her saying it, so they either ignored it or responded "Yes it is" and went on their way.

Well back to my dream.  It was Sunday morning and for some reason Juanita was playing the piano for the morning service.  As usual, after the first part of the service, she slipped from the piano bench to sit on the front row pew.  The preacher started his sermon and it was really boring that morning.  Juanita did all she could to remain silent as she started to yawn.  After some time, the bordome of the preacher's voice was too much and she fell to sleep right there on the front pew and began to softly snore.  As would have it, one of the snores was a little loud and woke her up.  She jumped in her seat, looked around at everyone looking at her and in her usual manner, said "It's a time in the land isn't it."  To which the entire congregation and the preacher responded with a big "AMEN" and then  the preacher carried on with his sermon as if nothing had happened.   

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