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10/21/2018 05:01:27

Halloween is coming and Bubba and Lil G are getting excited. I hope you have a great Sunday my dear friend filled with peace,  love and many blessings. Hugs,  Yvette xoxo

10/20/2018 18:24:34

10/20/2018 07:13:17

the rains have stopped for the weekend, thank goodness!! all the area lakes are at full capacity & the rivers are over the banks! we see waterfalls in places there's never been one before! LOL!

10/19/2018 07:00:05

10/19/2018 04:17:26

10/18/2018 06:06:51

10/17/2018 10:22:02

10/17/2018 04:20:03

10/16/2018 09:53:28

10/14/2018 13:50:55

I hope you are having a wonderful Fall Sunday my dear friend filled with peace and love. Hugs,  Yvette xoxo

10/13/2018 15:58:00

"Have a Blessed Day,,,not so warm here today,,but back to the 70's next week..."

10/11/2018 14:48:09

10/09/2018 14:57:40

Have a wonderful day my dear friend. We are going to get another hurricane here in Florida... again. I hope that it doesn't hit us and that no-one gets hurt anywhere. I guess we will get lots of rain and wind though. Peace,  love and blessings,  Yvette xoxo 

10/07/2018 19:40:56

FayKay wrote:

Love your page!  If I could have a place like that, I might consider moving to Maine!  Hugs, Fay 

Thank you Fay. Feel free to come visit any time. I'm going to be changing my page soon though. Hugs, Ann

10/06/2018 19:56:06

10/04/2018 16:46:46

I have been missing for a few days as I have been sick. I'm sorry for not being able to do comments. Have a great night my dear friend. Peace,  love and blessings to you., Yvette xoxo Thank you for your wonder friendship. 

10/04/2018 13:26:06

10/03/2018 10:34:46

I hope your week is going well and your Wednesday is wonderful. Another sunny, unseasonably warm day for my area so I'll be indoors appreciating the a/c. Our poor a/c is working overtime. Even IT thought by now it might get a break now and then. HAHAHAHAHA

Happy hugs~


10/02/2018 11:54:42


Wishing you a beautiful day ahead....thanks for stopping by...please keep in touch. I see you are in NC too :)

10/01/2018 10:03:03

Hi there! Sorry I've been missing all weekend. It was a busy, full, fun weekend for me and I just didn't get in any computer time. Since it would seem summer is never going to leave us, I must use autumn tags and my fall home decorations to feel anything close to fall. It's kind of ridiculous. Mid to upper 80 the first week of October is just crazy talk. HAHA My middle daughter was going to close her pool and said maybe she'll leave it open a while longer since it's going to be so unseasonably warm. I keep trying to convince my entire family we need to move to Wales but, so far, no one is willing to go. LOL Enjoy your day and have a terrific new week!Thank you for the birthday wishes!

Love and Leaves~


09/30/2018 13:21:41

Bubba and I want to wish you a wonderful last day of September my dear friend. It's still in the 90's here.. UGH. I hope your Sunday is filled with many blessings. Peace and love to you. 

09/26/2018 12:54:03

Have a beautiful fall Wednesday my dear friend. I love fall but here in Florida it's still very hot and humid. Big hugs,  Yvette xoxo 

09/25/2018 19:02:57

09/25/2018 12:25:32

I wish you a beautiful autumn week my dear friend. Peace, love and many blessings. Hugs,  Yvette xoxo 

09/21/2018 18:42:26

09/21/2018 14:37:41

I wish you a beautiful fall day and weekend my dear friend. I have been having to go to the hospital because of my husbands problems so I have not been able to do as many comments lately,. I will do them when I can. Thank you for being such a great friend to me. Peace,  love and big hugs,  Yvette xoxo

09/17/2018 12:33:28

I want to wish you a wonderful week ahead my sweet friend. Thanks for all the lovely comments and caring words you always send me. Big hugs and love to you xoxo 

09/13/2018 06:30:13

Good morning my sweet friend. Sending you lots of coffee to help you get moving today from me,  Bubba and L'il G.  Please know that anyone in the path of the hurricane is in my thoughts and prayers. Love and hugs xoxo 

09/10/2018 10:25:03

09/05/2018 14:37:10

Have a wonderful Wednesday my dear friend filled with peace,  love and lots of fun. Big hugs , Yvette xoxo 

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