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Happy September Birthday to my friends

Hi my dear friend, I know I am a little early as your birthday is on the 20th but wanted to be sure I stopped by as it is the weekend and I might not be home therefore heres Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. The lady is playing your song "Happy Birthday To you Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday God bless you, Happy Birthday to you"... On this creation there are some events that take place in September to help you celebrated your day. The first Monday of the month is Labor Day, Grandparents Day is the first Sunday after Labor Day, Teachers day is Sept. 4. Sept.11 patriot's day  Sept 17 is Constitution Day. both seen in the upper right hand corner. Sept 21 is St. Matthew's Day. Autumn starts Sept 23, and Honey is the food of the month. and of course the birthday cake and ice cream to help you celebrate your very special day. The Aster is the Birth flower for the month and the Sapphire is the birthstone. More on these two special birthday traditions. I have the asters as both white and lavender. And sapphires throughout this creation. Here is your Birthday Poem "Sapphire"
"To those born when autumn leaves
Are rustling in September's breeze,
A Sapphire on their brow should bind;
To bring them joy and peace of mind."....
The September birthstone poem reflects some of the properties with which the Sapphire is associated - truth, sincerity and constancy. The Traditional Metaphysical Properties for the September Birthstone Sapphire are clairvoyance, insight and interpretation. The healing properties of the September birthstone are reputed to be effective for health problems relating to lowering fevers and inflammation, hearing problems, cancer and burns. The Sapphire is also used to enhance the influences of love and and banish evil thoughts.
Sapphire is the deep blue color was strongly favored as a popular gem in jewelry. The meaning of colors through the ages represented many aspects of life. Social, religious, biblical and Christian symbolism were all reflected in the color blue. The symbolic meaning of the color blue has a Biblical meaning symbolizing heavenly grace. The distinctive blue of the sapphire is due to minute amounts of oxide of iron and titanium in the stone.
The birth flower Aster, the meaning of the September Birth Flower, the Aster is Love, Faith, Wisdom and symbolizes Valor
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Connie

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