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05/23/2022 11:24:50

No crowds here

May be an image of pool

May be an image of pool

May be an image of pool

05/23/2022 06:51:22

Put-in-Bay Victoria Day Weekend Celebration 2022 Event Info

05/23/2022 05:18:49

Good morning. Monday and people are coming out for the woodwork to rid themselves of the fantasy world and getting back to reality. The temp is presently at 39*, heading for maybe 65*. I think I shall make the effort to visit the dental office and remit my money for the bill from the root canal. It shall be traumatic but I shall persevere, I assume. In the meantime, the women of the neighborhood will get dolled up and visit the grocery store. I am still in recovery so I am still sequestered from the world. Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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05/22/2022 19:20:44

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05/22/2022 05:40:31

Happy Sunday. It is 43* right now with the furnace on. Heading for 60* later. Last night I celebrated my first meal with meat in a week, cotto salami. I was high rolling with the mayonnaise and so forth. I was thinking of trying some coffee today but why go overboard. Maybe I will wait until the ten day point for that. Everyone is getting ready for Canada Day tomorrow. Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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This does not go with the dress selection being shown in London.

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05/21/2022 14:51:13


05/21/2022 07:05:41
Replicas of Queen Elizabeth's royal gowns, worn during her 70-year reign, are going on display at Madame Tussauds in London to mark the monarch's platinum jubilee. See you there!

Madame Tussauds to share its replica dress collection of Queen's outfits |  indy100

05/21/2022 06:45:30

Good morning. Starting at 48* moving to 60* later. Moving into the fantasy part of the week, have a good time. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

The Incredible History of

05/20/2022 05:52:50

Good morning. Friday is here and so is this writer, feeling somewhat better though not at full strength as of yet. Now that we have reached the 20th of the month, the pressure has increased to make some purchases to get to the magic number for the higher interest at the bank. Since I have been out of commission, my numbers are lacking. I have not reviewed my total at present but I do know I shall have to go to one of the stores with the automated cashier. Of course that means no conversation with a human, but so be it! Sometimes the answer to all questions is AI. Fortunately it has not been too hot during my turmoil, though when I had the chills and fever, I doubt if it would have bothered me. If it feels hot, I will just think when this will really bother us in a billion years. It will be 176* and the oceans evaporating. Better have good air conditioning then! Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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05/19/2022 08:05:52

Good morning. Things are on the upswing. Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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05/18/2022 07:09:13

Furnace came on just now

nuclear reactor | Definition, History, & Components | Britannica

05/18/2022 06:45:10

and in Chicago, cars are parked so no one hits the side of your car.

May be an image of 3 people, outdoors and text that says 'TAFF FCEGCECA C FF EF EF BANK Coad 700 PARKING 35 an 40 ARKIN'

05/17/2022 08:00:01

Still alive. I don't get sick so this is horrible!!!

Sick Man Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

05/16/2022 10:27:31

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05/15/2022 07:12:50

Good morning.  Illness was just brought to my FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE.  Last night I started coughing incessantly to the point of not really being able to control it.  This lasted until about 1:00 AM.  Then I felt myself having the chills and a fever.  I was hoping to go for my exercise and shake this off but that is out of the question.  I usually do not get sick with real sickness.  In all the time I worked on my job, I never missed a day because of THE GRIM REAPER.  I used to fight through it but now just a shadow of the former me.  I'm currently lying in bed with my fiance, a glass of water.  Does not look like I will have an agenda for today.  I feel somewhat better as I've inundated myself with a couple of cold capsules and an aspirin. Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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05/14/2022 15:13:17

Have a Nice Weekend GIFs - 80 Animated Pictures

Hello my friend

I hope you are enjoying your weekend

Relax and enjoy.

Be safe and take care.  Mikey

05/14/2022 06:30:12

Happy Saturday.

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05/13/2022 08:42:39

No description available.

05/13/2022 06:14:53

Friday the 13th

Common Superstitions: Seven Surprising Origin Stories

05/13/2022 05:26:37

Good morning.Woke up this morning to 78* outside, about 85* inside. I now have the box fan blowing the hot air out and the 78* weather coming in. I have it down to 82* in the house, and since the high is only going to be about 85* for the next two days, good enough. I also activated a fan yesterday as it reached 96*. These are hundred year records we are breaking. But order will be restored on Sunday as back to the 70s. Bring out the parkas and the winter leis. Repairman came yesterday and put a new wall in the shower but did nothing for the leak I believe I have when shower is activated. Humbug! Bad news: It was not free. Complete freedom today. Nothing planned. Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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05/12/2022 19:24:37

Got up to about 96*, another record. Tomorrow is cooling down into the 80s. Activated the fan tonight around 6. We usually do not plant tomato plants until Memorial Day so this is unusual.

05/12/2022 06:29:41

Good morning. Hot in my fortress this morning. Yesterday, broke a hundred year record for the heat for the date. Looking for a repeat performance today. Also a repairman is coming. I hate appointments of any type! Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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05/11/2022 04:42:15

Good morning. Humid this morning. Getting hot later. This looks to continue into Sunday. Rumors continue about me being named a saint for going through this heat every year. Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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05/10/2022 05:09:57

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05/10/2022 04:50:20

Hello Celtic Angel.

Dealers fear operational 'cliff edge' when Libor disappears - Risk.net

05/09/2022 11:27:19

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05/09/2022 04:19:44

Good morning. Monday is here and so am I. Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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05/08/2022 14:17:33


Always remember you are

braver than you believe,

stronger than you seem,

smarter than you think,

and loved more

than you


A very Happy Mother's day


youre the best.  Mikey.

05/08/2022 06:18:23

Happy Mother's Day. And I know this is only in the Colonies but it is a good thought.

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05/07/2022 05:20:15

Happy Saturday............................................ Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

Amelia Earhart: Pioneering Feminist

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