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One Night with the King, Ten Commandments, The Robe, Iron Man 1 & 2,Captain America

I love to read christian books like Joyce Meyer,Creflo Dollar and Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and most of all the Holy Bible.




I am second generation Scottish Canadian. I live an honorable, God filled life and try to be a blessing every day to others.


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Sewing, computers, reading,making jewelry & selling my pieces. My real passion is creating & designing my own clothes,jewlery and home decor!!

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12/15/2018 04:47:44
Good morning on a Saturday morning.  It is 22┬░ out and I can see every star in this quadrant of the galaxy.  I was not dressed properly and so it did feel somewhat cold.  Yesterday, I actually got some things done as far as getting out of the house.  Unfortunately I was the victim of a crime or ethics violation at the grocery store.  I must have taken the wrong salad dressing because I was charged inappropriately (too much).  Some people might say that is my fault but I would issue a retort that someone should have realized I had the wrong item considering it was not the coupon item.  Fortunately I have my automobile in the street ready to go today and so I shall be able to rectify this matter in a timely fashion.  I have also closed the book on the attache case test.  I'm just wondering if there will be a time when the attache case reappears at the bus stop.  It sort of reminds me of the time someone stole some garbage I was going to throw away at the garbage receptacle at the grocery store.  I can only wonder what that person thought when they stopped running and realized it was garbage.

My agenda is the usual for a Saturday.  Nothing spectacular.  The only thing that shall be interesting is my return to the grocery store.  Have a good day as we move one day closer to where I like to call Christmas.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

Policemen wear masks provided by the American Red Cross in Seattle because of the flu.

Eerie Look at History's Deadliest Pandemic

12/14/2018 04:03:37
Good morning. Temps are heading for 35* today. Able to walk on the streets and sidewalks again, for the most part. It is MOVIE DAY, but status is uncertain. I have to activate my car for a trip to the store later. Outside of that, the agenda is open.

I decided to go through my house and find all of the things I wish to scan.  Things such as important papers, pictures, etc.  In either case, I started this action but it is going to take quite some time.  I have several attache cases, some of them in poor shape.  I decided to get rid of one of them.  I took it out and left it by a bench at a bus stop.  One of those enclosed bus stops.  I think tomorrow I shall go back and find out if there are any dishonest people who have stolen the attache case.  I was going to do that later but I got lazy.  I may give a report on my findings a later time.

Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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12/13/2018 03:55:08

12/13/2018 03:54:17
Good morning.  It is GARBAGE DAY. I shall not be participating, not even to assist my neighbor who does not even live in the house.  She sometimes brings her garbage to her house because she lives across the border in another state and they have various rules and regulations that are more stringent than in my backyard.  In either case, yesterday, as I inspected her garbage receptacle, she had not delivered any garbage by that time.  Also, in the winter, I am not that ambitious to take care of other people.  There is a rumor going around about the temperature reaching 34┬░today.  When I went out yesterday, the streets and sidewalks were extremely slippery from the morning precipitation.  I think we're supposed to have some fog this morning and will probably freeze on the pavement and will give a temporary slipperiness to the streets.  As usual, the streets in my area are the most slippery in the city.  I complain only for medicinal purposes.

A big meteor shower is occurring high in the sky.  Be careful that you are not hit by a rock in the head.  If anyone wants to buy a piece of the meteor, I shall be selling.

Uncertainty today concerning my agenda.  As of right now, I plan nothing.  If it is not too slippery later today, perhaps a constitutional around my area.  It shall be a game time decision.  Have a good day.  Live long and prosper.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

When you come to the fork in the road................

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