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64 years old

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JOB: Artist
RELIGION: Christian - other
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One Night with the King, Ten Commandments, The Robe, Iron Man 1 & 2,Captain America

I love to read christian books like Joyce Meyer,Creflo Dollar and Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and most of all the Holy Bible.


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I am second generation Scottish Canadian. I live an honorable, God filled life and try to be a blessing every day to others.

I love to sew and design my own clothes and home decor.I also design,create and sell my own jewelry. I really love computers and learning everything thing there is about them such as teaching myself Comptia A+, Security +, Network +, Repairing Laptops etc

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08/13/2020 05:19:17
Good morning. After you put the garbage out, have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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No photo description available.

08/12/2020 04:18:41
Good morning.  Happy Hump Day.  I was expecting a package last night.  I had received information that it would get here by the end of the day.  I believe the end of the day for FedEx is about 10:00 PM.  I fell asleep sometime before that.  Consequently, I woke up at 1:30 AM and went to see if my package had arrived.  Much to my consternation, it was nowhere in sight and I feared for the worst.  It was dark and I could not see any of my neighbor's porches.  I thought maybe it was accidentally delivered to the wrong address.  I checked and found out that counseling is not available for this traumatic of an experience.  As long as I was up, I felt I should go for my exercise.  It was my day to jog but I just could not do it thinking of the package and instead I walked my route.  By the time I arrived home, massive depression had set in.  I immediately prepared coffee and went on to the computer.  I immediately found solace in an email concerning this package.  It apparently was running late and shall arrive today.  High hopes for today.  I'm assuming I should receive my package early as I should be high up on the list.  But since they are tearing up the roads around me, they may consider me in a war zone and I may become a casualty and have my delivery later.  To compound this traumatic effect, I'm also awaiting information on the status of my lawn mower at the repair shop.  I should have just fixed it myself, however, I don't feel like laying on the ground or bending over as long as I used to.  More on this at a later time, maybe.  Have a good day.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!  A brief postscript: some woman in the neighborhood has accused me of throwing a dead bat in the street.  Naturally I deny it vehemently.

Waldeisenbahn Muskau • 0e • Max Heigl

Lok der Muskauer Waldeisenbahn in Weißwasser, 2006 - Bahnbilder.de

08/11/2020 05:17:02
Good morning. No snow yet. 58* and clear, heading to 85*. Current situation: lying here in a defensive mode with tennis racket and net moved into position, drinking the bad coffee, a step down from the bad coffee of the past, and pondering daylight. I caucused with my neighbor on the attack of last night and he was put upon by two marauders. His were smaller and he was able to apprehend them alive and return them to the bosom of freedom of the outside world. Agenda for today is unclear. My external drive is due to arrive, I may go to the store to replenish one of the chocolate milks I am using up. Maybe a trip to church as long as I am thinking of going to the store, and awaiting word on the mower. All of this is subject to change. Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

R2-D2, Jesus, and the Founding Fathers. Happy Independence Day ...

Happy (Founding) Father's Day

08/10/2020 19:49:34

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