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May 19 2022, 4:22 pm by Nelrgla
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¸.•Don't mistake my personality
with my attitude.
My personality is who i am and
my attitude depends, on who you are•*¨

¸.•Don't trust...Who is good in front of you•
¸.•Trust the one, who is loyal, behind your back•

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11/26/2022 16:05:14

Nelrgla wrote:
 thank you sooo much Nelrgla...i really appreciate it...i worked on thanksgiving and my birthday,imagine that...i hope you have been doing well,hugs

11/26/2022 12:11:12

Hello!  If your plans today
include shopping, have fun. I think I'll
stay home. ha:)  Happy weekend. This
layout is awesome, Nelrgla.  -di

11/26/2022 11:19:02

Hello, Life is very beautiful if you know how to look at it

from the correct prism. And the weekend is the ideal

time to see the bright side of life. enjoy it, take care


11/26/2022 10:36:44


Once a little dandelion had a very special dream. But for a plant whose roots were in the ground, this dream was strange it seems.

I will tell you her dream, but you mustn't laugh, for a flower she is shy. The dream she dreams every night is that one day she will fly!

Now in this dream there is something strange (as dreams are wont to be),

"I felt myself floating high, as far as I could see! But when I saw myself in my dream, the me I saw wasn't me!"

So everyday she opened her face to the warm golden sun, she grew and grew, she dreamed her dream till an awful change had begun...

"What happened to my yellow face?! My tiny petals are now all gone! What is this fuzziness that I feel?! Have I been dying all along???

The little dandelion, now sad and afraid, stood alone on the lawn. "One more night to dream of flight and then my dream is gone."

She awoke at dawn no longer afraid, the day was bright and clear. A little girl played close by, "What's this? She's coming near"...

The little girl giggled when she saw the  funny thing standing there full of fuzz. She ran up to it and plucked it up! The dandelion's mind was all abuzz!

What happened next was like magic! Like nothing the dandelion ever knew! The little girl puckered up her lips and ever so gently, she blew! The dandelion soared into the breeze on a hundred tiny wings! "I am flying!" she yelled. "My dream! My dream! It came true!"

As she floated on the gentle wind, going higher in the sky. The dandelion looked down at the girl who was smiling, waving goodbye. 

"Thank you" she thought, "You made my dream come true. Whatever your dreams are sweet girl, I hope they come true too."

"The Dandelion's Dream" 

by Scott Metcalf




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