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10/20/2018 13:21:46

10/20/2018 09:27:13
Hugs, Janay

10/20/2018 09:10:07

Hi Pat, thanks for stopping by. Your Halloween page is just the cat's meow.    My hubby and son are cleaning up the yard today. It will be more than a one day event of course. I'm waiting on a cool front that's supposed to be heading this way. Sure hope it is too, this has been an endless Summer for us. I don't miss the camping out that we did when the power was out. That got old in a hurry. I plan to go back to church tomorrow. The last I heard the church didn't have power either but they are still meeting.  Have a wonderful day!

10/20/2018 08:32:47
Good Morning Pat  
Love and Laughter, Janay

10/20/2018 07:29:53

10/20/2018 07:21:41

the rains have stopped for the weekend, thank goodness!! all the area lakes are at full capacity & the rivers are over the banks! we see waterfalls, not quite this large,  in places there's never been one before! LOL!

10/19/2018 23:20:02


10/19/2018 19:42:01

Congratulations Kitty

10/19/2018 18:44:25

10/19/2018 17:24:26

Hope your afternoon is going well. Hug

 photo imageedit_1_2225655421_zps0n7crjbr.jpg

10/19/2018 16:40:44

10/19/2018 11:19:59

Fall Congratulations Featured Member

10/19/2018 07:58:01

Sweet page, Pat! *hugs*

10/19/2018 07:52:41

Hi Pat, your Halloween page is beautiful! I am finally back o the HIll after many days with no electricity or iternet.  Hurricane Michael slammed into my area with 100+ winds. The devastation is heartbreaking. Most of my family and friends are still without power. I am one of the lucky 43% with power in my county. Have you gotten any nice Spring days yet? We are supposed to cool off here soon and I can't wait. We had record breaking heat here this week. No fun for all the folks with no power. Have a wonderful weekend, friend! love, Beth

10/19/2018 07:15:51

10/19/2018 07:07:15

10/19/2018 04:22:55

10/19/2018 00:13:05

10/18/2018 14:12:57

Just Bugging You TO Say Good Afternoon Have A Sweet Thursday My Friend I Hope You Are Having A Good Day,We Went To Walmart & Got Our Shopping Done,Got My Pills Also,Many Blessings To You,Love & Hugs Lillie

10/18/2018 10:46:11
Love and Laughter, Janay

10/18/2018 06:33:40

10/17/2018 19:56:05

Wednesday kissesHave a nice evning and I love your notes Hugs Lynnie

10/17/2018 10:31:02

10/17/2018 09:56:54

10/17/2018 09:42:59

chillipepper wrote:


Have enjoyed my visit. Hugs Pat.

10/17/2018 09:16:20

10/17/2018 08:30:21
Good Morning Pat
Love and Laughter, Janay

10/17/2018 04:25:42

10/16/2018 23:29:16

You deliver meals to clients. Your a kind soul. Your blessed.

Very blessed.

10/16/2018 22:15:09

"The stripped and shapely
Maple grieves
The ghosts of her
Departed leaves.

The ground is hard,
As hard as stone.
The year is old,
The birds are flown."

See the source image

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