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12/12/2019 05:52:09

I hope your week has been a good one, Pat,  mine has been busy...even today, we've been up since 3:15 am, took a neighbor lady to the airport so she could fly home to Wisconsin for Christmas, and we won't be able to take a nap, cause this is the last full day my daughter will be here, so we're going exploring!

12/11/2019 14:37:18


12/11/2019 07:44:41

12/10/2019 16:09:55

The spritz cookies are now baked   and  I have already tested  some to make sure they taste just like a spritz cookie.  hahahah  yummy in the tummy.   Merry  Christmas to you and your loved ones.

12/10/2019 15:18:25

Hi Pat hope all is going well .

Wishing you a nice day today .

12/10/2019 10:08:35

Happy Hollidays and Merry Christmas to you my very dear friend!

Love, hugs, blessings and smiles across

the many miles to you,

Carrie :):)

12/09/2019 09:44:30

I love bacon, and donuts, wonder what it would be like together? LOL!

12/08/2019 15:03:24

Happy Sunday !

12/08/2019 09:15:55

 photo 78253681_1186926688165378_9002717318928662528_n.jpg

Good morning. Happy Sunday. How are you today. Hope all is well with you.

It has been a very busy week at work for me.

I worked over time and have to do it again tomorrow.

Im not feeling so well today. I havent been since yesterday. 

Sinus headaches are very sore. 

Thank you so much for you stopping by and visiting my page

and thank you so much for your beautiful comments

and thank you so much for your sweet friendship.

You are a Blessing from God in Heaven.

I hope you have a great day.

Im going to rest. Trying to get better. God Bless you. Take care.

12/08/2019 07:47:57

12/08/2019 07:43:22

12/07/2019 13:35:51

 Lovely, lovely Christmas page, Pat!!
Hope your Saturday is pleasant and you get
lots of Christmas 'chores' done! *hugs*

12/07/2019 12:21:06

12/07/2019 10:38:36


12/07/2019 06:39:23

Remembering Dec 7th in American and the world's history...please read my blog, it's about my dad:


12/07/2019 04:54:41

Christmas hugs,

Carrie elizabeth

12/07/2019 03:47:45

good morning my dear friend,

stopping by to wish you a fantastic weekend!

Maybe do some shopping or check out the

Christmas lights and decorations!

Whatever your plans are have fun and be safe.

Love and big hugs,

carrie elizabeth :)

12/06/2019 19:35:34

Thanks Pat...hope to one day become more creative in designing my page. But have come a long way. I use to just use preset codes from other links here..then began  doing my own thing. I see so many beautiful pages here, and am in awe of the talent..including yours -:) Enjoy the weekend -:)

12/06/2019 09:55:57

The tree is all decorated and I've been wrapping presents.

Now everything is winking blinking and nodding at me! 

12/06/2019 09:27:15

Hi Pat, your Christmas page is just beautiful. We had a very chilly week following our Thanksgiving holiday. I have enjoyed it so much.  We finished up all the leftovers finally. haha. I don't blame you about the decorations, my friend. It is a lot of work and taking them down is always a sad chore for me as I know it will be a whole year till I see them again. Hope you're enjoying some nice temps too as the holiday approaches. I have a busy day planned with the girls so better get going. We're off to the art studio to paint ceramic ornaments. We leave them there afterwards so they can be glazed in the kiln for a few days. Enjoy your weekend, whatever you're up to.  love, Beth

12/06/2019 06:29:06

Good morning Pat! I hope you had a great week! we've got our live tree up, but decided to wait until my daughter is here visiting us from TX, to decorate it, she arrives Monday evening! YEA!

12/05/2019 13:00:21

12/05/2019 12:20:00

12/04/2019 10:54:19

Good morning my dear friend,

Wishing you a tremendously


Love and Hugs,

Carrie :):)

12/04/2019 10:33:25

 Happy Wednesday, my friend, Pat. So glad you tried and like the soup. I'm like you... could eat soup everyday:)  Have a great rest of the week. *hugs* -di

12/04/2019 08:28:09

12/04/2019 06:10:34

good morning Pat! I'm having trouble waking up this morning, I need some help with my "get up and go"...maybe a bigger cup of coffee is in order LOL!

12/03/2019 14:37:26

Stopping by to say hello.

I hope your weather is good to you.

Im in a bad 2 snow storms.

Its bad out side.

Staying home where its safe and warm.

No that im thinking of you and 

hope you have a great day. God bless you.

12/03/2019 13:45:08

blessings images | cute bear printable #TeddyBearandotherCuteStuffsPat your page is very festive& pretty!! Hugs Shirley

12/03/2019 12:31:49

 Hope your day is being nice to you as it is for me today for the sun is out and shinning on the snow.  This snow is not snowman snow but  Angel snow light and fluffy.  A good day to make up some homemade soup.  Abit chill at 21 F. but no wind so that is nice if I am  going to run afew  errands later on today.  May you have a  glorious day doing this and that.  Smiles   Gloria

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