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05/22/2018 16:10:57

Know you're enjoying your Fall.  And your pretty page and gfx show it:) Great job, Pat! *hugs*... -di

05/22/2018 12:07:14

Looking good, Pat! I see all your graphics now. Love the wine in My Fav Color, lol.  Hugs, Di

05/21/2018 21:08:20

Good morning Pat! I went to the doctor today(Monday) for results of my bloodwork, I had done last Friday. Need to watch the sugar but other then that all was well. We had rain today off and on. Hope your day will be a nice one where you live! Hugs Shirley

05/21/2018 02:01:14

 I hope your weekend was great and know I'm wishing you a awesome week! Hugs, Deborah 

05/20/2018 16:30:49

Am looking to corresponding with you whenever we can. Meanwhile - have a nice Sunday. It is a cold, damp, rainy day here. Sun came out a bit juet now. Broke down and turned the furnace on !! Just been checking on my plants and they seem to ok. Certainly will not need any watering LOL :>) BBFN (bye bye for now) Huggies, Pat 

05/20/2018 16:22:44

chillipepper wrote:


Hi Thanks for the Invite..I'm happy to have you as a new friend. I must warn you that I'm not a 'daily' person for sending messages but will always pop in once or twice a week to say hi...so if you don't hear from me for awhile its not that I have forgotten its just that I'm busy with voluntary work and catching up with home chores etc.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend..Hugs Pat.

05/20/2018 06:38:57

good morning my friend! we're having a nice little thunder storm this morning! I hope you have enjoyed the weekend so far, not much happening here...

05/19/2018 19:23:24

Have a wonderful Saturday 4You have a nice Saturay evening My friend and yes we are getting rain today and tomorrow, Hugs Lynnie

05/19/2018 12:30:41

Hi Pat, I know you enjoyed working in your garden. I don't have a garden, just a few potted plants and flowers and lately it's been so hot I try to keep them in the shade. Yes I sure did enjoy your blog and look forward to reading your next one. I watched the Royal Wedding too and I thought it was lovely. Megan's dress was just right, very tasteful I thought and I loved the vintage look of it. I wish them much happiness and lots of red headed babies. lol. Hope your weekend has been good and you enjoy the rest of it. hugs to you, Beth

05/19/2018 10:56:44

Have a wonderful today, dear Pat. We finally got some rain, and the air smells so good. No, I doubt the media will leave the newlyweds alone. So glad they acknowledged our Lady Di in several way. Will always love her. *hugs* to you! -di

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