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78 years old

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A good mystery with not too much violence, science Fiction and travel shows. I usually, browse Netflix until I find something that appeals to me. With age, I have become rather deaf. I do wear a 'Hearing Aid' when out in public but not around the home so I select the movies or TV shows that have subtitles allowing me to read what is going on rather than coping with trying to hear.

Easy listening and popular styles. Good rhythm sounds, Semi Classical, Country & Western. Definitely not into hard Rock and loud Music.

Once again it would be a Mystery Story or Science Fiction. As I was born with impaired vision, the books I read must be in the large print that are readily available from the local Library.

All colours are beautiful but if I had to chose it would be shades of Green, Apricot and Purples.

No real favourites it all depends on the mood I'm in.
Vegetables are high on my list plus fruit, Pasta, the occasional meal of meat and fish.

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I live in a rural area in the mid-North of South Australia & love the peaceful existence of country living. I have a son and daughter, 5 Grandchildren & 4 Great Grandchildren. I am the youngest of a family of seven. Sadly four of those have passed on as have my Parents. I am a 'Down to earth. practical person & love a challenge.
My main work over the years was working in an Aged Care Facility and also out in the field with the elderly. I am now retired but continue to do voluntary work within the community & local Parish although that is now limited as I now have 'Severe Spinal Stenosis'.
I have 3 little dogs who are my constant companions and treasures. I cannot imagine life without them. Also have a cute Galah (native Cockatoo) who 'purrs' like a cat as she was raised from a chick with 3 lovely cats who slept in the Ivy creeper that covered parts of the Aviary. She is visited daily by numbers of small native birds who fly in for their share of the seed and water.
Lastly, I must mention the Gold fish that happily swim in the small outdoor Ponds.

The area where I live consists mainly of vineyards/Wineries & farming although there are many smaller industries within the Valley. There are 7 towns within this Valley. The one that I live in is the largest and major Hub and the centre of the Valley. The Valley is well known for its beauty and one of the top tourist attraction of this State.
It is in a small village nearby in 1848, that the First Jesuit Church and College were established in Australia and is still in use today. At this same time, the Jesuit Bros, planted Grapevines and built a Winery to produce Altar wines to be sent to all churches in Australia. The excess wines were sold as Table Wines to the public, thus contributing to their income also employing locals to work in both the Winery and Vineyards. Up until 2003, the Winemakers at the College were all Jesuit Bros. Since then the Winemakers have been Qualified Laymen and women. The Winery has won many national and worldwide medals and awards for their Wine.

Interests & Hobbies: Computers, Photography, limited gardening, playing my musical Keyboard and listening to my radio during the day. I'm not a TV fan & only have it on in the evenings to watch the news or the occasional British Show while I am working at the computer. I love to edit my own photos and design my own Graphics a hobby that is extremely interesting, challenging & rewarding & without a doubt my favourite Hobby.

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Love and Laughter, Janay

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Have a fantastic  Saturday and a sfe   wonderful memorial  day week-end 



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we went to a free outdoor concert last night, "the Caribbean Chillers" (at the Daytona Bandshell at the beach), they do all Jimmy Buffet type music..it was a blast, but staying up to 12 threw my body off big time...going to do it again tonight! LOL!

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