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82 years old
Bedworth England
United Kingdom

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I usually watch most Films on the TV, such as The XFiles, and All Good Science Fiction, also The Jane Austin's Drama's, her Historical Themes, are lovely to watch .



I enjoy nearly All Music, some Old, some New, some Classical, but I am not into Rap, maybe its an Age Thingy lol !!


As an only child, I was a little "book Worm" as they say, but through my Adult life, other interests, and Family Life took me away from books, but recently I have just started to read the occasional book, one I enjoyed was,The Five People You Meet In Heaven, the Author is Mitch Albom, and at the moment I am reading some of Catherine Cooksons lovely books, also Life in Spirit by Harry Edwards.


Colour is one of the wonderful free gifts we all enjoy, for me to choose just one would be impossible, so I shall just say, all the colours of The Rainbow, after a storm, and the colours of Crystal Gem Stones.


I am very fond of all kinds of Fish Dishes, Pasta Meals, A Mild Indian Curry, Chinese Food, and ofcourse Roasted Chicken, Pork, and Beef, sorry vegetarians, but I am "Too Old To Change The Habits Of A Lifetime" I also Love Apple Pie's with Custard, or Cream, as I do have a "Sweet Tooth", and also enjoy The Naughty but Nice Chocolate, and not forgetting a Nice Cup Of Tea, and Coffee, also the occasional glass of Wine lol !!


If you would like any of my Graphics, you must Download Them to your own Computer, then "Upload Them" to an ONLINE Storage Site.
Please Do Not Just Copy, and try to use that way.


I am a Widow with two Sons, two Grandsons,and one Grandaughter, my youngest Son lives near to me. the eldest Son lives in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England, a few miles away. After my Husband passed away, in 1999 I became a member of our local Spiritualist Church,but have not been for quite some time. In the Summer I enjoy my garden.

I have always been very interested in Art, the Soft Pastels, and Chinese Art, and would have loved to go to Art School, but "it did not happen",so I have my Computer to visit Art Galleries, and admire the Beautiful Paintings.

I have tried to add something to my Noth Pages that is pleasing, and hopefully a little bit different, I am still on a Learning Curve, and that is a good thing as one gets older. It keeps The Little Grey Cells Working, for as long as possible,lol!.



" I like the Spring and Summer Time, visiting my Sons and their families, I like watching my youngest Grandson aged eleven years old growing up ,I enjoy Holidays near the Sea. I love watching the birds in my garden. I also enjoy going for walks in the Country-Side near my home.


As I am quite an "easy-going" sort of person, I dislike Aggressive Pushy People, the Know-All's, and Mean Thoughtless Types, and Bullies. All Cruelty to Children, and Animals.


Hmm, Hobbies, I have had many different Hobbies in the past, to name but a few, Competative Ballroom Dancing with my Husband. many different types of Handcrafts. Crochet, Tatting, Silk Shadeing Embroidery, but last year I did attempt some Acrylic Painting, may have another try later in the year.At the moment I spend a lot of time on my Computer, so I guess its become my Main Hobby.


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Hope your weekend was super Minnie and you are looking forward to the new week.

Hugs Jennxxx  

08/13/2018 14:37:01
Hugs and Smiles, Janay

08/13/2018 14:11:26

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Hope you're having an amazing day Minnie.  Mikey

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