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02/07/2023 04:04:46

Good morning Minnie, wishing you a terrific Tuesday.

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Blessed Be my friend.

02/07/2023 02:37:55

Hello my dear friend, Happy tuesday!  Kisses.   Take care.  

02/07/2023 01:19:07

02/06/2023 11:47:00

Minnie, you are a bouquet of possibilities! Have a great Monday.💐

02/06/2023 09:58:57

Hello, friend, have a good start to the week. Ideal

full of peace, and health, have a great time, take good 

care of yourself, kisses, maria

02/06/2023 07:07:41

02/06/2023 05:51:24

Good morning.  I woke up this morning and felt like going for a walk for the first time in over a week at 3:00 AM.  The last couple days I went out during the day and even though it was cold, the sun gave this walker a feeling of warmth.  This morning I found out that when the temperature drops below 32° water freezes.  I noticed on some of the sidewalks water had melted and ice was there.  I also was caught by surprise at the temperature.  It was 14° with a wind chill of 6°, I believe.  In either case, I felt cold.  I was surprised by that but it was good to be out and about in the middle of the night.  I have secured the paperwork that has been corrected and so I shall return to my CPA who does my taxes and submit the correct form for the tax return.  I shall also have to secure some chocolate milk today.  I would like to find a new pair of tennis shoes but my lack of patience is a problem.  The place I formerly purchased my tennis shoes no longer carries Nike.  Have a good day.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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02/06/2023 05:02:24

Happy Monday

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02/06/2023 03:43:05

Good morning Minnie, wishing you a wonderful start to the week ahead.

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Blessed Be my friend.

02/06/2023 03:11:07

Hello my sweet friend, I wish you a nice week...Happy Monday! Kisses

02/06/2023 01:48:22

02/05/2023 11:37:46

Hello, Enjoy your time with who you like to be with

the most. It's a nice Sunday. May the blessing

of God cover you always.happy,

great start to the week


02/05/2023 10:51:48

02/05/2023 06:55:50

02/05/2023 05:54:54

Good morning.  The war for superiority in my fortress continued overnight.  Later last night as it was dark and fairly quiet in the house, I heard an eerie noise as I moved towards the kitchen.  I have my washing machine straddling the border between the kitchen and the utility room, and on top of the washer is usually a bunch of canned goods and boxed items, noodles and such.  And lo and behold I found one of the bags of noodles was torn apart by a trespasser and noodles scattered on top of the washer.  I have been trying to eradicate this creature for quite some time.  I felt all it had to eat was poison and the bait in the traps.  I could not understand why either one of those was not working when there was nothing more to eat.  I now have found the reason.  I have eliminated the food supply for this trespasser.  I have some metal cabinets and I've placed all of the noodles and that sort of thing inside of those cabinets where I am convinced the rodent shall not be able to trespass.  Looking around the area, it looks like the only thing that could be vulnerable is my boxes of cereal and some crackers.  I have placed the crackers in a discreet area where I will know immediately if trespassing is attempted.  The cereal boxes will take awhile to get through and by that time I shall be ready.  Hopefully this vandal will have to eat the poison and pass into history.  I have not been able to sleep peacefully because of this incident.  I would say this is probably the hardest creature I have had so far in getting rid of.  Usually the traps and/or poison is the answer. I know the answer but what is the question!  I guess bad things happen to good people.  I Hope you are having a good day.

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02/05/2023 05:02:43

Happy Sunday

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02/05/2023 03:41:20

Good morning Minnie, may you have a peaceful Sunday.

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Blessed Be my friend.

02/05/2023 02:18:19

02/04/2023 14:40:49

Happy Valentine's Day by Joyful226

Wishing you a day filled with beautiful things and wonderful Dreams and my they all come true!

Lovingly Connie

02/04/2023 11:42:27

02/04/2023 11:15:09

out for a walk. About 12*, some sun. Was a nice day until you take off the gloves. That ice on the creek is like glass. Would be great skating

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02/04/2023 10:01:41

And you're one:) *hugs*

02/04/2023 09:42:05

hello, Every day has its charm and the days

of the weekend are the most charming. Let's live

to the fullest and enjoy, a lot with the family, 

I wish you the best, take care,kisses,maria

02/04/2023 09:20:35

02/04/2023 05:59:52

stopping by to wish you a happy weekend my friend! not much going on here today, just laundry and some reading...got 3 new Charles Martin books to read, "The Water Keeper", "The Letter Keeper" and "The Record Keeper"...he's a Christian fiction writer..and so far, I've read several of his books and all have been "can't put the book down" reading

02/04/2023 03:26:46

Good morning Minnie, wishing you a wonderful weekend with lots of

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Blessed Be my friend.

02/04/2023 03:01:03

Good morning. Happy Saturday. It is 7* but heading into warm later at 32*. This is the cloudiest month so we should have some 30s. It will be good to not have to have the shower dripping all of the time. Going to get the car out of the garage for the first time this week so I may get out some. Of course church later. Playing it by ear. Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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02/04/2023 01:54:41

02/03/2023 11:31:47

Have a Fab Friday & a Wonder-filled Weekend!💖

02/03/2023 10:44:27

hello, Live this Friday with joy and enthusiasm

do everything you have in mind,

always walking in the light of God

and in his ways you will see his blessing.

take care,kisses,maria

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