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67 years old
Hometown, Indiana
United States

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RELIGION: Christian - other
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I enjoy movies that have a 'happy ending feel-good movies like Hallmark. I also like anything with Richard Gere or Morgan Freeman.

I like to read inspirational books; also womans magazines; craft and gardening books. I also keep up with the daily newspaper...

glitter-graphics.com I like shades of Green,actually,all the colors of nature...

glitter-graphics.com am definately a breakfast person,I've got to have my morning COFFEE,:) I like eggs, bacon and I must have my favorite muffin, fresh fruit is good also. We are regulars at our local IHOP,lol. Other foods I like are Chinese; seafood;and almost anything my mother cooks...

glitter-graphics.com My 'EMERGENCY CONTACT' is "HOMEBODY"- also here on the "HILL

glitter-graphics.com I was born and raised in No.Indiana. I have 3 grown children, and 7 grandchildren. They all live close by, so I can easily keep in touch with them. I have worked in the manufacturing field, and worked for the same company for 28 yrs. I am looking forward to retiring someday, and being able to do the things I enjoy.

I like Summer, and warm weather; I enjoy planting flowers and working outside in the yard. Long weekends; drives in the country;

glitter-graphics.com I don't like extremely cold weather, or being snowed in. Stress; and the sad condition the world is in. Cruelty to animals, or people who are less fortunate than others. I also don't like it when the bunny rabbits help themselves to my flower garden,lol...

glitter-graphics.com I enjoy working on my NOTH page. I also like working in my flower beds in the Spring and Summer. Another favorite thing to do is stop at garage and estate sales, trying to find a special 'treasure' for the house or garden. Like bird watching also...

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04/19/2015 14:47:43

Happy Patriot's Day April 19th  Joyful226

Today April 19th Is Patriot's Day/Paul Revere Day celebrated mainly in New England, USA. I left some history and information on Bulletins along with the what I used and why in this blingee you might want to check out. But to long For here. I went to Church this A.M. it is a nice spring day out with lots of sunshine. I have my window open and can hear little kids outside playing and the screech of the swings going back and forth and the children (not mine at all ) yelling and playing. Does sound like spring is here. :) It sure took a while.  Wishing you a blessed day Love and hugs.. Connie

04/19/2015 10:45:58

04/19/2015 06:37:18

Happy Sunday

04/18/2015 19:11:33

Have a Great Weekend! weekend sunday saturday graphic happy weekend weekend quote good weekend weekend  greeting

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