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Anyone got any rusks?!
Posted On 04/13/2021 22:17:17

Another day hits town, and for me, it was a 4.30 a.m wake up. I think it has something to do with the fact that I seem to be . . . . teething! YES .... I did say teething! 

Seriously, ever since my mid 20's, every few years, one of my wisdom teeth makes a move; an effort to break through the gum, and when that happens, I feel like I'm teething! I get sore gums, a bit of a face ache, and on the side of this 'event'... I get a sore and swollen tonsil!

  How about that?! I have left it alone because I hear that anything to do with wisdom teeth can be an absolutely horrendous experience, and I figure why rock the boat?!  It only causes a little bit of discomfort - a little pain, for a couple of days, and then it's gone, for another 4 or 5 years... sometimes longer! 

Well wonders will never cease! I tell you....stories I've heard about wisdom teeth, removal of, operations about etc.... well it's enough to make me want to rush off in any direction but that of the dentist! So my early wake up was due to some of the unpleasant symptoms, and now here I am - waiting for the day to follow through with regular routine, so when the time comes, I can get back to bed! I almost never want to sleep in day hours - I've only ever done that on very rare occasions.   

Alright, that's it for this post.  See you later. Hope you have a good day.

Food related post at Easter
Posted On 04/05/2021 03:07:39

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Good heavens....the Easter weekend was so different at our place this year. I mean seriously; where once upon a time it would be easter eggs city, we did not really have them this year! It has more to do with our girl sticking to her Keto diet than anything else.  Not that I was complaining!  No... not me.  Far from it! In fact, I am and have been for some time, rather allergic to the effects of sugar on the whole. So avoiding it is a very survival thing for me to do!

I was not aware I had this kind of bad reaction to sugar and sugar related products.  Mind you the way I was raised, I'm not surprised I had no 'tell' instinct because my mother (bless her sainted socks) would not *underlined* have sugar or their basic products, in the house when I was growing up! 

I'm serious! While other kids had cake, biscuits, lollies, tarts, Corn Flakes breakfast cereal, and including Rice Bubbles and ALL manufactured breakfast cereals, my mother utterly refused to buy such things, or have them in the house. 

We were raised on rolled Oats, cooked or raw, eggs, bacon, milk for breakfast.  Lunch?!  During school hours-  a vegemite sandwich.  365 days per year.  Dinner was beef in the form of chops, steak, or perhaps fish, stews and such things with fresh vegetables every single day.

Once a week, on Sundays - mum would put on a roast.  Either beef, or lamb. With roasted potatoes and vegetables.  Because the oven was hot, she'd often bake a home-made custard (from eggs) or a rice pudding.  A sprinkle of nutmeg and dinner was served!

  So I had no idea of the effects of sugar and by the time I found out, I had become ill from the way I dived into it once I'd left home. I learned the hard way, exactly why my mother divorced herself from sugar, and all the products that were closely associated with the horrid additives.....as time has gone by, there are more and more products on the supermarket shelves simple stacked with sugar!

But I digress..... Our easter this year was without the once a year 'treat' if you can call it that - NO easter eggs.  Our food however, has been very good. I recently took to using pure unadulterated lard in cooking, and having noticed a huge improvement in digestion I fully intend on keeping it going.  It really helps having a fast and happy digestive tract! 

Whatever else has been happening, I am pleased that we have sailed through a very tough time all of us, and keeping the home fires burning with happy people who are well fed without having their systems stacked with anti health oriented food and products.  I hope you may have enjoyed a super nice easter with family and friends. Take care and have a great new week.  Monday being a holiday, it will shorten the working week very nicely!


Weird Pet Behaviour
Posted On 03/14/2021 23:33:42

Hello. How are you!

I thought I'd come over not only because it's Monday, but because I felt it might be good to share some old stories about some of our pets, and their funny little habits!  Here we go!  

* Luba, the family dog,  had a 'crush' on rocks! Oh yes my friends - she LOVED chewing on them. She'd find one she thought was worthy.... sit down on the side of it, and then, tenderly, lovingly, and yearningly, begin to chew on it.... gushing and salavating all over it, she'd be in seventh heaven!  The result of this mad crush she had meant all her teeth had square ends instead of being pointed, because she'd gradually worn them down!

* Binky - our orange and cream pet tabby cat.  She loved onion.  And tomato.  And Lettuce.  She was a Salad-lovin' puss that's for sure. I don't think it had any detrimental effect on her ..... but we all used to laugh about her special 'diet'...She liked well done steak too!!..

* Blackies - my very own, personal and very special cat. I was given her as a kitten, so we were fast friends.  She had 6th sense. She would sense if I was upset.... So if I was unhappy about anything,  she'd climb up on my bed when it was night time, and sit with me! She'd snuggle in, burrowing her head next to mine, and purr loudly! She did this, until she thought I'd gone to sleep.  Then she'd hightail it outta there, zipping up onto the window ledge, and off she'd go, to play in her night time playground. She would wait, always, until I was asleep (I tested it once - pretending to be asleep)

Cartoon Cat Pushing A Flower Pot Off The Window Sill, Funny Naughty Pet  Animal Breaking Things. Stock Vector - Illustration of mischievous, flower:  156731966

* Luba's Ballet lessons.  Sometimes when Luba came into the yard, after a furiously busy morning, I'd find her there, panting with her tongue lolling out of the side of her mouth, her sundrenched eyes half closed in the rapture of the heat of the day. When she was in this zone, I'd sit cross-legged next to her, and begin our ballet lessons! I'd gently take her paw, and point her leg here and there, telling her she was doing great, while her eyes would roll in her head, she'd be 'smiling'!  I did it with her back legs too!  Sometimes I would get her tail into the act. She wasn't too happy about that one, so I usually left the tail out of it!!


* The backyard Fence - or The Pie, from National Velvet. The fence was to all intents and purposes, a horse for me to ride in the grand national! Yes, our Fence was The Pie, and I had a rein attached somehow and off we'd gallop down the stretch.... we were such great winners, the Pie and me..... 

So tell me.. did you have any pets that did strange things, or ate unusual foods?!  Just leave a note below, and share ~ thanks for the fun.....

5 Weird Dog Behaviours Explained | Modern Dog magazine

My fabulous backyard.....memories
Posted On 03/11/2021 04:02:19

Vine drawing

I was born in the Royal Women's Hospital Sydney. After marrying,  my parents had lived on the North Shore, and a couple of places, until they began having children. I was the third in line - after the two boys - Christopher and Nicholas!  Christy and Nick for short.  My first memories of the house on Sutherland Road was of the veranda at the back of the house, and the tiny front porch at the font, with several steps leading up to the front door. 

The front yard was a fairy-land of flowers! Right in the middle of the yard at the front of the house was a magnificent Camphor Laurel tree. I had many adventures up that tree, even managing to hide myself there a few times! No one could find me! aha! What a buzz I got from being able to ‘disappear’!  Growing in profusion around the pale yellow front yard fence were brilliant little yellow buttercups, in contrast to the lush green of the front lawn. On either side of the house were different flowers growing gaily here and there, in carefully selected and beautiful order; such as the pretty yellow rose bush that was trained to climb the lattice which stopped short of the front room window! 

On the other side were the ‘ballerinas’…..so named by yours-truly, because the delicate pink and cream coloured flowers looked like little ballet dancers! There were snow peas, and nasturtiums of every colour imaginable, with beautiful sunny green leaves….and round the corner, snug in the rock-beds grew incredibly bright purple and green ‘pig faces’ - one of my mother’s favourites because of the shine on these glorious flowers! Further along towards the back yard were other flowers all colours of the rainbow - I cannot recall exactly what they were; but I have just remembered that along the front yard fence there was a flower bed separate from the buttercups - chrysanthemums!  These were soft creamy white, and pale yellow, and were picked for Mother’s Day once a year, and we’d take them into mum on the day, with a freshly brewed cup of tea!

Now we come to the magnificent back yard. For a start, it was miles long! It was in at least 3 sections; and each had it’s own special part of our lives at the time.  The veranda had a lovely green lattice upon which my mother had trained and grown a passionfruit vine! What delicious fruits they were and often used in our desserts! There was also a lovely scent in the air from the jasmine vine growing in thick rich flowering vine on one side of the lattice!  The wood was painted the same pale yellow as the font yard fence - a perfect foil for the lush green of the vines growing there.

The first section of the back yard had 2 big gum trees - one of them grew in such a way as to allow the addition of a fabulous hammock which we had the joy of swinging in when ever we liked, and it was FUN! Further up towards the big dividing hedge, was a lemon tree, and on the other side of the path, an orange tree.  Just past the dividing hedge, was a long rope suspended in the old-fashioned way of a clothes line, cleverly tied on either end to the large X shaped pieces of wood, to hoist one side then the other of the clothes line. A bag of wooden pegs lived there hanging off the hook specially provided.  One time, my brother Nick, wanted to help mum with the washing, and firstly washed, and tried to hang up our pet cat, Rosa on that clothes line - mum found out in time and let the poor cat go! 

There was a pear tree, and some other bushes in just past the hedge was kept the rabbit hatch and inside, a beautiful creature; soft and fury, a dear little rabbit. We had so many pets it was amazing how they all lived in good accord with both humans and animals alike!  Not that they always ‘got on’ well… there were some clashes - just as there were between the members of the family who lived there! I cannot recall what the rabbit had been named, but we had Rosa, Blackies (my cat) her mother; Fluffy, Stockinette, SweetPea to name a few of our cats, and kittens. There was Luba, the dog we rehoused because it’s owners could not give it a good life, and at one time, there were 2 ducks, Scotty Micko, and Henry!

Further up the yard in the left hand corner, right by the backyard fence, was a HUGE mulberry tree! It was glorious, and it was the reason for purple and black stained little faces and feet!  OH but we enjoyed each season it flowered with it’s delicious berries - what a feast we had then! Sometimes we’d been sent to pick some for a mulberry pie…. If any actually reached the kitchen in the bowl thoughtfully provided by mum that is! Haha!

A nice little trip down memory lane this afternoon….I wonder who lives in that house now… and whether or not they still have that huge back yard!  Time to close now I hope you’ve enjoyed my story today - it’s lovely memories have been like a warm cloak round my heart here this afternoon!  Take care, and enjoy YOUR memories ….. I’m sure you have some lovely memories to look back on as well....

One from my folder...
Posted On 03/01/2021 23:29:21


I usually like writing with a light-hearted approach because I figure life brings hardship and difficulties and it would be better to bring something to my blog which will help brighten my friend's day. In the middle ground, there is writing what is happening – sort of like filling in a diary – not that I've ever kept one!
On the other hand, I have written articles which simply talk about life, in general with myself as the centre of whatever the experience is that evoked the idea to write it out. After all, when you write something, it would be coming from within; from one's personal experience – trimmed with artistic prose; dusted with pixie dust to give it some colour, and garnished with sprigs of reality!
Accepting change; that can be very difficult. Often when you have been in a set routine for a long time, it becomes second nature; and therefore harder to break! At least, that is what I have experienced. I suppose it's different for everyone. Everyone deals with some kind of challenge; sometimes on a daily basis.
It brings to mind a long winding path from early on in life, from experiences which happened when we were very young, to those issues which were being dealt with once school was a dim history; and in among these new challenges, it is the way that we bounce back that never ceases to amaze me!
Loss of loved ones; leaves a hole in your existence; since no one could possibly replace the person who has passed, you are left to mange that loss; real and long lasting bereavement takes it's toll and yet we find strength we did not even know we had! Gallantly, we carry on, working to be there for those who have also lost and been through similar things; and of course, those who are family who have also experienced the same loss….
Along with personal loss, there is the loss of quote; " What might have been…." In the course of existence, you are at a fork in the road of your journey; you make your choice, and with gathering momentum; you travel the chosen road, where ever it takes you. It is a long, sometimes arduous journey. You learn much along the way......

One fine day, you spot a seat in a meadow.
It looks very inviting so you take off your hat, and sit down, gratefully: it has been a VERY long walk…..
You're sitting there, not really taking much notice of the beautiful butterfly which has landed on your shoe… Instead, you are reflecting on the fork in the road; all those years ago, and wondering what might have been, had you taken the other road…..

No matter which road you are on, it is your feet which must take you to where ever that road leads. Only you can decide the direction! 

Reflections on nutrition and health
Posted On 02/22/2021 21:28:51

For us, over here on this side of the world, May means a step closer to winter. However, most folk I know on my Boomer pages, etc, live in the Northern Hemisphere, and that means the season of Spring! How charming to think of all those folks who have been having to deal with the heavy winter conditions for a very long extended winter this year, finally getting some blue skies and sunshine! Awesome. I myself can take or leave Spring since it usually brings some of the humid weather I don't get on with, and lots of pollen!

On my honor, when I was a young thing, I wasn't subject to any allergies what so ever! I was bug free except for the occasional dose of tonsillitis! I never had those sinus problems nor was I in trouble with asthma, or food intolerance's etc. I was, in fact, very lucky indeed. Those issues were nowhere to be found in my early youth. In fact I didn't see anything like those issues until I had become ill with pneumonia one year in my early twenties; I'd finished a shift of waitressing at around 1 a.m in the morning, and while waiting for a taxi to get home, mid-winter and without a warm enough coat, I contracted the dread disease.....

It was a full 12 months before I was free of the effects; but what marred the whole thing was the wrong medicine initially was given which meant I developed pneumonia within 2 weeks ~ after going to the doctors.. I mention this in particular because it was after that long duration of taking antibiotics and rolling up and down with infections, that I found myself developing some of these allergies, reactions to food and general fatigue and intolerance's to certain food stuffs... Of course, getting older merely enhances all those things you'd like to avoid like the plague (joke) but nevertheless, I spent many hours studying alternative health (holistic) remedies, etc, and data concerning health in general and boosting your immunity and basic constitution through eating right. I don't know how well received it was over the years, but to me, my 'bible' became Adele Davis Let's Eat Right.. in that precious book was enough data to sink a ship, or sink any and all misconceptions about how to regain one's health after illness, and indeed, what to do about it in relation to eating right!

I found it fascinating and following that information allowed me the privilege of getting over a bout of blood poisoning which lasted some 6 months, that had not been picked up by the hospital I was in at the time: they sent me home that way - half dead! Ha! What a laugh ... and because I am not by nature a natural 'victim'... I set about making myself well with the information in that book: and it worked! These days I am fighting with a few health battles, all made worse by prolonged illness in certain fields ~ which came about on top of the low profile I had immune system wise, due to the long term effects of too many antibiotics which is a sad side effect to be sure, because it's what happens when you kill off all the beneficial bacteria in someone's system, they lose the ability to fight off your average infection! It's such a shame really because when you are young, before you've had time to mature your point of view on such matters, you simply follow instructions from your doctor: it seems innocent enough to me! But the result can be devastating!

Seriously I have learned through experience that the worse thing you can do is rely on antibiotics without also trying to handle things with natural nutrition, and/or home remedies, and taking a more holistic view on getting and/or keeping well. I am NOT advocating not seeing a GP when needed, besides it helps always to have a proper diagnosis. How you set about keeping from catching every bug in town falls down to your inner strength against such things; your general stamina and your system's immunity! I just realised I got lost somewhere from where I began on this journal entry but the ends to tie in together because it's concerned with health, what seasons bring with them and how to set about dealing with keeping your head above catching everything which is out there in the air!

With a great immunity, you can deal with things physically without succumbing all the time! Isn't that a far better thing for your health and, into the future when you are older, you'll still have some kick=back, and be able to tolerate things far longer, and in a better frame! Some of what I'm saying might be misconstrued - but I don't want it to be! Doctors are wonderful, effective beings. They serve the general public and for years, dedicate their lives to the health and well being of individuals! But some of the burden of responsibility should fall on our own shoulders; it's up to us to do whatever we can to build up our own immune systems eat right, get adequate rest, and exercise! The streams of people heading off to the doctors each and every day would be terrifying for the old system of the family home doctor: with increases in population, we can see why medical centers became necessary. Also changes - large changes in how and what we eat formed new patterns and habits which were not going to deliver us to the winners circle of GOOD HEALTH

... Sadly a lot of the modern approach to eating involves rather unhealthy habits which result in bad health, and overweight people, and when you get this happening en-mass, why it must be very daunting for those who deal in health concerns! Imagine what a huge benefit it would be if there was a basic area in education that covered WHY you would be better off to take nutrition into high consideration! I know I know: you can't put a old head on young shoulders! In fact, I'm probably talking through my hat but . . . when you see the ravages of time and bad habits boiling down to permanent ill health, you'd shift mountains if you could to stop someone else from walking that path! I didn't get there through bad habits (thank god) my fall into the clutches of chronic illness came about through ignorance to do with the long term effects of antibiotics and what they do to deplete your system of healthy and necessary beneficial bacteria, to help keep the balance of bugs in check. Now this lead to 'bug resistant' medications which is now quite a problem. Sadly, we are all wiser in hindsight.

Having said this, I want to state that I feel it is never too late to turn things around. You might have a battle on your hands to ward off the effects of a system that has been taken over by bad bacteria; but you can and should move in directions to put back some good bacteria those the use of bacteria enriched foods such as organic sauerkraut, and sugar-free yogurt. There are also many fine probiotics on the market, and any product which can re-populate the gut/intestine with these good bacteria are basically something you should use liberally each and every day..... While you are working hard on handling this, you might need to do a 36o turnabout on allowing yourself to ingest sugar of any kind whatsoever! It's tough for sure but sugar (I am sad to say) is the big enemy here because it helps grow THE WRONG BACTERIA and will undo all your hard work if you don't get rid of it from your daily diet (i.e what you eat every day)

Seriously it is overloading the body with sugar that can and has done lead many into the dilemma of diabetes!! We sure don't want to go down THAT road, right?! So knock out all products that have sugar in them: and that includes just about any and all packet foods you better believe it: just check out the labels. Just about EVERYTHING has sugar (for example, barbecue sauce has around 16 teaspoons of sugar per serve or something like that (don't quote me please - I haven't got a bottle here to check on, this data was given me by my daughter, who was on a sugar free program for health reasons) Now the next BIG hurdle in the fight to regain health is eliminating white flour products because of the love-affair being fostered around the globe, with pasta and white bread, just to mention TWO giants in the retail sector of food stuffs that is the Holy Grail as far as most folks are concerned! But if you check around and see what's happening you'll notice the huge obesity problem happening around the world, due to eating these foods liberally...

It doesn't pay, not in any world that wants good health and stamina! I have gone off on such a tangent here I'd forgotten where I started and what I was leading up to about the changing season. I honestly think it's a terrible shame that fast foods and that perhaps through a lack of resources, people rely on that fast-lane way of eating - which leads to some of the issues mentioned above.... On that note, I should end off before this gets any longer! I wish you a warm and sunny May and I hope there are blue skies, and plenty of sunshine! Enjoy the time.... Oh and by the way: sorry about font and color issues here: don't know what happened and can't fix it! (-_-!

Have a great mid-week

Once Upon a time....
Posted On 02/19/2021 21:59:18

When I was a little thing.... I longed to dance! I have very early memories of going out into the back yard, and, standing on the footpath there, with a pair of 'noisy shoes' I'd pretend I could tap-dance, and I'd sing ...."IF she's smilin all the while....THAT'S Peggy O'Neil.....'' and I'd spread out my stick-out dress, and courtsey, plugging my finger into my cheek to create a dimple!

I can smile about it now, thinking back, I had such a great imagination! I used to also recruit half the neighbourhood girls, bring them to my 'stagging' area - a big rock face with a flat surface that was my mock stage, and put on shows, getting them all involved! As I said, a great imagination!

Living not 5 minutes away from me was Colleen Webber - a nifty little thing with blonde curls, 9 brothers, and a 'stage door mother' who used to sew all her costumes, handle all her dancing shoes, and run her through all her tap dance and ballet routines every day! I naturally knew Colleen, in fact we were fast friends - so her mother would permit me, as an ardent fan of Dance, to sit silently in wrapt awe, and watch Colleen practising her dance routines.

Moving forward some years now in my story, we'd moved from where we lived close by to Colleen, to the coast.....a 20 minute ride by train. We used to go back to visit her, and her family for many years, until she moved on, getting married and moving to Queensland with her new husband!  However, I'm getting ahead of myself...

Two years after we'd moved to the coast, I had occasion to visit a small dance 'studio' which was actually a church hall nearby. It was a Saturday morning, and I was thrilled to see the girls in their leotards, and little blue stretch frilled 'tutu's tap dancing in their routines.  I did this, going over to watch the dancers, for a couple of Saturdays, before one time, the dance teacher there, asked me if I could dance!

As I'd taken notice of the steps when I used to watch Colleen dancing, I proudly stood up, and proceeded to show off some of those steps while the dancing teacher stood by watching.  She apparently was impressed, asking me to come and see her after class was over. I approached her when it was time, and she asked me if I'd like to join her dance group!

I was so surprised and delighted, but when she said what it would cost, I said I did not think my mother would be able to pay that amount. I was one of 5 children, and we were always watching pennies.  I cannot remember the exact details, but they offered a cut price rate and, in the end, it was not just I who joined her dance team, but my sisters came too!

I was so elated, and excited, that I practised madly anytime I could, all the routines I'd learned them so fast, and used to put on my tap shoes and work through all the routines even at home, for hours on end! No doubt I drove my family mad with all the noise but no one stopped me in my glee! The teacher was so impressed with my ability to dance, she awarded me two solo's and when they put on a concert, two months after we started there, I had the thrill of doing the two solo dances - one was a 'fast tap' set to Whistling Rufus, and the other a song,  "Pass Me By"  with a jazz ballet routine to follow...

I have never forgotten the absolute thrill of it all, the pretty costumes, and makeup, the hair curlers, making my hair into ringlets, and the elation of dancing on stage!   If I regret anything at all, it would have to be that there are no photos taken which seems odd now, when I look back, because our family photos were legendary, there were SO many, we almost needed a separate house to put them in!  Just sharing some precious memories with you today....

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