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03/01/2021 15:16:17

March first  has come in like a fresh spring day and  each day is to be warmer and warmer. It would be ever so nice to have spring weather now but  March can change up north  off and on  as  old man winter still wants to stay.  I will enjoy the spring days during this March .  Thinking about the tulips that were planted last fall. What a treat to enjoying them during the spring time.  May you have a  wonderful week and I will do the same up north. Smiles   Gloria 

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03/01/2021 13:47:15

Hola que tengas un buen lunes especial con muchos

joys, and happiness, with all my friendship,

Maria, take care of yourself, kisses, have fun,

a lot in your own way 

03/01/2021 10:59:26

It's a new day, new week, and a brand new month. March is coming in a bit gray and soggy at my house. Dave hung a new clothesline for me yesterday and it looks like I won't be christening it today. I'll see what else I can get into that's constructive. Let's enjoy the day and this month that brings us SPRING!! Tarlia, I would take a cup of coffee with you any day. How much fun that would be. You are going into my favorite season down under. Fall is my very favorite. Then spring, winter and summer. Summer is my least fave only because it gets too hot and humid to be able to be outside and even REMOTELY enjoy it. 

Happiest hugs~


03/01/2021 09:11:09

happy march! hope you had a nice week-end...wishes to you for a nice start to the week..mk

03/01/2021 06:02:12


03/01/2021 03:38:02

Good morning my dear friend, I hope you have a great week. Happy Monday! Kisses for you. 

03/01/2021 02:00:23




03/01/2021 01:51:08

Have a safe and happy week!  Hugs

02/28/2021 19:02:00

02/28/2021 17:13:31


02/28/2021 16:02:19

Evening., hope your having a great Sunday

me  was a boring day.,  just did some housework. don't know what i'll eat  maybe  cheese and crackers.

hope you have a great night.

02/28/2021 14:06:24

Hello, have a good, beginning, of the week,

special, with many joys, and happiness,

with all my friendship, Maria, take care, kisses 

02/28/2021 12:48:56

Hope yours is being kind to you, dear Tarlia:)
*hugs* -di

02/28/2021 12:29:03



Have A ''FANTASTIC WEEK'' Enjoy!

Thank you for your friendship!



02/28/2021 11:16:31

Sorry  no comments  last night.,

but i went to the store yesterday in the snow and rain.,  and were i don't wear a coat i got soaked to the bone.,  when i came home and put all the meat away i went upstairs to change and lyed down to get warm  i never came back down stairs  .. so skipped all meals yesterday. so far today I had 1//2 cup of coffee.

another cloudy day  and suppose to rain again  so i'll stay in.

hope  you have a great Sunday.,  and don't forgot tomorrow March  1st  yeah  springs  aroung the corner.

02/28/2021 11:01:47

Friendship grows from the seeds of kindness; thanks Tarlia for being a friend!

02/28/2021 04:50:05

Hello friend, I hope you have a fantastic Sunday. I send you kisses

02/28/2021 02:06:46




02/27/2021 13:22:43

The weekend has arrived and mine is cool and rather gloomy. But at least it's not raining today, Tarlia. Hoping we see at least a peek of sunshine as the day goes on. How is your day and are you doing anything special? Whatever the weather and what you may be doing, just enjoy the day! I am doing laundry and not a whole lot else. I did go out and feed my goldfish (I have two) in the yard. We have a 4' galvanized tub with the fish, a fountain and plants (in summer). 

Hugs and smiles~


02/27/2021 13:07:35

Hello, I wish you, a nice Saturday, special, full

of joys, and much happiness, that you enjoy it,

with yours take care, kisses,maria--------------

02/27/2021 04:03:45

Good morning my dear friend, have a nice weekend. Many kisses 

02/27/2021 01:32:57




02/26/2021 21:40:00

Have a good night  sleep well Sweet  Dreams 



02/26/2021 21:11:22

Evening,  weather was chilly but was nice to see the sun.,  tomorrow they say  rain all day

hope you had a good day.,  met the girls for coffee. for a few hours.

have a good night my friend

02/26/2021 20:34:33


02/26/2021 16:39:31

A wonderful afternoon this has been. Spring is more in the air and I am liking it. Soon March will be here as spring and winter clide together off and on during the month. I do belive I need another cup of coffee to make my day even brighter. May you have a nice evening and a glorious weekend . Smiles Gloria

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02/26/2021 13:06:54

Hello, I wish you, a nice Friday, and weekend,

have a great time,  joys, and

happiness, take care ,kisses,maria------

02/26/2021 11:28:08

I hope your Friday is fabulous. Mine is a bit gray and to be rainy but, since it is Friday, I don't mind. My daily work is complete and I will enjoy a do-what-I-want kind of afternoon. You could do the same! I strongly suggest it, as a matter of fact, dear Tarlia.

Feelin' great on Friday~


02/26/2021 08:37:38

good morning and happy friday. i hope you have had a nice week. it's gotten much warmer here, and the snow is melting, could it be that spring might come a little early? thank-you for your friendship, i wish you a wonderful day...much love mk

02/26/2021 02:32:32

I hope you have a special weekend! Have fun and enjoy a lot ... A thousand kisses for you.





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