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12/10/2023 12:41:23

We got another needed rain... a deluge,
and no wind damage. Others
weren't as lucky:(  Greetings for
a peaceful today. *hugs* -di

12/10/2023 12:41:19

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12/10/2023 12:26:41

Hello and nice to see you again!

Thank You For Your Sweet Visits My Friend , 

God Bless & And Have A Wonderful Day .


12/10/2023 12:24:42

Sunday Graphics and Comments for Orkut Myspace hi5

12/10/2023 10:53:01


12/10/2023 10:09:51

Good Morning ...Have a good day!

12/10/2023 08:49:31

12/10/2023 07:08:28

12/10/2023 06:58:12

6:45 this morning

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12/10/2023 05:29:56

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12/10/2023 05:22:54


Sunday is upon us again and that means the weekend is half over already.  Where did the first 1/3 of December go?  


One day after we did the yard, the WIND blew most of the remaining leaves off the trees.  Soon there will not be a leaf left and we still have 2 months of winter to come.  


What a great month this is to celebrate though.  A month to see excitement as children's eyes light up and also to celebrate Jesus' birthday.  


Share the blessings of this month and Christmas every day with those you meet and remember to visit those that are lonely.  Most of all, share your Love!  



12/10/2023 04:59:06

Happy Sunday. 29* heading to 32* later. A touch of snow on the grass. I plan on sequestration today, totally, with the exception of throwing out the water. Even then it will be off the porch instead of the street. Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet! 

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12/10/2023 04:43:28

Hello, if you can read me, I send you a good hug.

great, if not, I just wish that life hugs you

For me, I carry you here inside my heart,

Smile, there is always a reason and if there isn't,

  May today have one of those beautiful days, 

that from early on brighten the soul. with all my

love, and friendship, I wish you a nice Sunday, with

big hugs, Maria, take care of yourself, kisses

12/10/2023 02:45:49
  • Bonjour Justalice passe un très beau dimanche

12/10/2023 02:31:59

12/09/2023 22:46:42

Hi glad to hear you got your back shots. Wishing you a cosy happy Sunday and new week ahead. Love *Hugs


12/09/2023 21:56:48

12/09/2023 21:55:20

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12/09/2023 19:12:53

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12/09/2023 18:58:30

12/09/2023 18:27:16

12/09/2023 14:23:10

♥Just stopped by to say HI!♥

♥and I hope you have a blessed day.♥

♥Enjoy the weekend sweet friend♥..

♥Thank you for stopping by♥


12/09/2023 12:27:23

not as nice looking during the day

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12/09/2023 11:13:07

Happy Saturday, Alice. Are  you
finishing up a Christmas chore
today? Maybe shopping or
addressing cards accompanied by
Christmas music... perfect! Tis the
Season to be jolly:)

12/09/2023 09:59:47

Have a nice weekend my sweet friend. Blessings and smiles to you.

12/09/2023 07:12:06


12/09/2023 07:08:33

12/09/2023 05:21:49

Happy Saturday. I think I will go over to Walmart early for some Christmas cards. Someone sent me one the other day notifying me of the season. We all know how people think of people sending last year's cards again this year. At one time I tried to regift the cards but people would use ink! I have sequestered myself since the incident and will go early to avoid people cursing and calling me names because of the effects of the incident. I am getting better but I don't want to push the envelope. Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

May be a doodle of cat

12/09/2023 05:06:05


Saturday and I am having College Football Withdrawals!  It will be about 4 weeks until my Texas Longhorns play.  UGH!!!  


Yesterday and today we had and will have warm temperatures but we also have 20+ mph winds on and off.  Thank goodness they settle down at night.  


I had a very busy week, especially for me.  This time of year do you find people trying to be more kind or less kind?  I try to take a deep breath and be more kind every day.  Most days it works but some days it doesn't.  


Some days things just don't go right, everything you do is a setback.  So you just put on a smile.  Somehow things get better and you laugh over the day you had.  

So if you ever have a troubling day, look around and find something that makes you smile.  I hope you have a great Caturday and Weekend being kind to everyone you encounter.  


12/09/2023 04:41:27

Hello, friend, today it's time for a big smile, attitude

positive, calm mind, and a heart, com

much love, to share the good things

with others.May abundance supply you with

everything today, and may you never lack anything in life,

May the light of the stars guide your steps and the Sun open you

the roads in this dawn with big hugs,

your friend, Maria, take care, kisses

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