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67 years old
Hueytown, Alabama
United States

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Hello and thank you for visiting my page! I hope you will return often.

I wear many hats. One of a wife, a mother, and a Mimi. I love life and the people around me. I enjoy getting to know new friends and make new and lasting memories. I believe that Goodness is about character, integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other
people that matters.

God Bless you always and please come back again
and let's get to know one another better.


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10/20/2019 08:54:47

10/20/2019 07:37:20
Massive depression! My team got knocked off by some team which is no good. However, since I was planning on the team losing to Ohio State next week, so be it! Alabama had an unofficial bye yesterday

10/20/2019 07:23:51
Good morning on this Sunday morning.  I got a late start this morning due to not being able to get to sleep last night, for whatever reason.  I should've actually went out and it would have worked out better, but I am concentrating for my dental appointment this week.  And, it is a 2 hour appointment so I want to be in top shape for the appointment.  In either case, I got going about 4:30 AM.  When I went out and threw out the water, I was greeted with intense fog.  I was not going to go for my exercise this morning but then decided it would be a good morning for a walk, I was not planning on taking the regular route due to the lateness of the hour, however once embarking on my journey, I decided to take the regular route.  I felt like Sherlock Holmes in London with all the fog.  Being that I had such a late start I was actually glad there was fog.  I am uncertain of the rest of the day as far as an agenda.  It is supposed to be reasonably nice for this time of year and so I may take a constitutional around the neighborhood without any conversation with the neighbors due to my concentration for the dentist this week.  It of course shall be a game time decision.  Have a good day.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!  Status: drinking the good coffee.

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10/20/2019 06:26:45

Good morning Deb, have a peaceful Sunday..
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with love from my page to yours..

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