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68 years old
Hueytown, Alabama
United States

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Hello and thank you for visiting my page!
I hope you will return often.

I am a woman who wears many hats. One of a wife,
a mother, and a Mimi. I love life, my grandsons,
and all the people around me. I enjoy
getting to know new friends and make
new and lasting memories. I believe
that Goodness is about character,
integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity,
moral courage, and the like. More than
anything else, it is about how we treat
other people that matters. I find it works
for me to offer kindness and love to my
fellow man.

God Bless you always and please come
back again and let's get to know one
another better.


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12/04/2020 06:34:32
Good morning.  Friday, the eve of the weekend.  The difference between reality and fantasy.  Of course I refer only to those people that are gainfully employed, and sometimes not gainfully.  In either case, I am moving along this morning on more of a regular schedule.  Went for some exercise and then took in some breakfast.  I have rewarded myself with a couple of Eggos that I purchased yesterday.  As in a previous communique, my day was ruined yesterday and therefore I did not partake in any of the rewards of eating the Eggos.  Speaking of yesterday, I'm still feeling the effects of the negativity.  Laying on the floor and working on my plumbing problem, my hamstrings still are feeling the effect, and of course on the back muscles.  Nothing serious.  Just a reminder that I am not 23 years old anymore.  And then of course, without knowing the torture I was going to go through yesterday with the plumbing problem, I put in extra credit on my exercise yesterday morning.  I would not have done that knowing the agony I was going to go through.  I actually felt like canceling my protocol for this morning but with winter approaching, I knew there would be continuous cancellations due to ice and snow.  I've actually had a good run this year without cancellations.  I believe only about two or three cancellations.  That is a good rate compared to an average year.  And then of course with the virus completely striking down my social agenda, in the real world, I do not have my days off from exercise like in an ordinary year.  Whatever!  I should also claim extra credit for yesterday in that I had to attend Walmart twice.  Have a nice day.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

12/04/2020 05:01:13

morning Deb, what a busy week it has been getting ready for Christmas. Hope
your week has been a great one, the weekend is just a blink away.
Wishing you a Fab Friday.

Amazing-Landscapes-Mountains-5 - King Tumblr
Peace, Love and Joy

12/04/2020 02:42:11




12/03/2020 20:17:08

Evening  been a long day  went to the heart doctor  my pressure still low ., so did blood work  and may change my med's  again.  plus did a lot of errands today

so am tired and going to bed early,

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