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Guess who came to visit ...!
Posted On 08/22/2014 21:54:18 by yourchoice

We had just finished our dinner this evening, and a visitor dropped by ... again, without an invitation. We thought we had explained to the wildlife in our neighborhood that they were welcome to drop by, but to stay on the path that will take them to the river, and not wander through restricted places. Our back patio is definitely a restricted area, but for some reason this one seems to think we won't notice her. Of course, my camera is always handy, and here she is ... 


Banging on the window didn't concern her, but when I opened the door, she knew exactly where to jump down from the wall without damaging herself.

A couple of weeks ago, here is another visitor to our back patio. He's a little hard to recognize in the picture, but we don't want him or his family to hang around our place, especially when Ed is walking between the shop and the house in the dark. Thankfully we no longer have dogs, who think they will win any confrontation with this prickely creature. He's also worn out his welcome when he chewed a large portion of the garage door frame, thinking he could chew his way into a shelter. Porcupines are not one of my favorite creatures.


I realize that not everyone will enjoy the silk flowers in my pots, but they don't have to come and pull them out either. I refuse to have "living flowers" in my planters because the deer will have them eaten before sundown. These guys are no longer welcome either ... they're not the boss of my planters!


About the only creatures who seem to obey the rules are the coyotes. They dash through the yard, hoping that they won't be seen, but there are times that I would like to tell them to 'pipe down' with the howling in the bush because we're trying to sleep.  

I guess I should be thankful for the critters that we have, rather than having a neighbor who can't find his pet python. THAT would be a scary encounter!

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10/06/2014 14:46:17

There seems to be no way to keep these critters away. My daughter has tried everthing but bullets.

08/24/2014 15:00:52

I know how you feel.  Even though I live in a big apartment complex in the city we have alot of critters because there is a patch of woods that surround the buildings.  Lots of deer and they will peer into our windows in the early evening.  And they will eat at the bird feed ers too 

Coyotes are a big problem  here in the city as they roam the alley ways and they cause problems out at the golf course some of them chased some golfers one morning.  Its open season on them all year long for  shooters.  We have a dozen of so of wild turkeys in the woods too.  Onee thing we rarely see anymore are rabbits and squirels  the   coyotes have pretty much taken care of that population  never see any snakes but Im sure they are around lots of groundhogs too.  And about a 4 miles from here at a wild life refuge they have seen 2 bear a mom with a 2 cubs and then later in the year a big old daddy bear these are black bear and they are making a come back here in central Ohio.  I am waiting for the day when the buffalo come back lol

08/23/2014 09:18:23

My friend has peacocks, raised by her next door neighbor, squawking on her porches, etc., She has a groundhog, that keeps trying to burrow under the garage door to get into the garage, and squirrels that eat at the roof to try to get in, also. Many other critters- a great horned owl, snakes, of course, chipmunks, even fox - that is country living in S. PA.

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