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E - Words That Start With 'E'
Posted On 08/18/2015 10:42:48 by yourchoice
While trying to decide on a topic for my next blog in the Alphabet Challenge, several words kept creeping into my mind. Several were familiar words I heard at a very young age, in our home, in Sunday School, and from my Grandfather. I learned the words when memorizing Bible verses, hoping to win one of the prizes that were offered to the child who memorized the most verses.There was never the option to question what we were taught in Sunday School or by members of the family, but that eventually... Read More

Posted On 01/23/2015 22:00:25 by Notgrnyyet

When I was 12 I just couldn't wait to be a teenager. I thought I would really be something then. In my teen years I found out it wasn't as great as I had thought so I started looking forward to 21. Now that's when things will really get good I thought. Lo and behold when I turned 21 I discovered that this was not good at all. I had more responsibilities and things were not near as easy as I thought they were gonna' be.After my 20's I started thinking that things just had to get bet... Read More

The Pendulum Swings
Posted On 01/01/2015 18:50:08 by kiwibarb
  At the risk of deviating from what is apparently becoming the trend in Blogs, I am about to post something that I have written myself, without input from the Internet. And it's not Greetings of any kind, seasonal or otherwise. I have read the Guidelines at the top of the Blogs page. The pendulum swings back and forth, and not only in clocks. It swings in our lives, in our circumstances, in our weather patterns, and just about anything that doesn’t remain stable.
Not so long ago, ther... Read More

I Speak English
Posted On 11/16/2014 17:25:04 by kiwibarb
Everyone knows what a complicated language English is, with its “ough” that has such a  variety of different pronunciations. It’s bad enough when you’re brought up with it. How much harder it must be for immigrants who have to learn it. You can’t rely on two words, identical apart from one letter, being pronounced alike, such as cone and gone, or wave and have. It gets worse when legitimate words of English are rendered unacceptable by having more than one meaning. While playing a... Read More

The result from wet, heavy snow ...
Posted On 09/16/2014 23:13:35 by yourchoice
We made our first trip to the city today, after the beautiful week we had in the mountains of British Columbia. We had heard stories from friends and family about the two unusual snow storms that came through Calgary while we were enjoying warm and sunshine days in the mountains (a six-hour drive from home).    I heard about 3000 public parks that were closed because of the fallen and damaged trees, about the request from the mayor to... Read More

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