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Tag: age

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Our visit to The Insulator Ranch in B.C.
Posted On 07/04/2014 12:08:05 by yourchoice
We are home after a wonderful road trip through the Canadian Rockies, and to visit our daughter and family in Washington state. I thought I would share one of our stops, with a bit of an explanation.I have been a collector of telephone/telegraph insulators for years. If you have read my page, my only explanation of this collection is because they are a part of our history, and many are just pretty glass! It started when my husband began collecting vintage telephones. We often encountered people... Read More

The lost was found ... at the Rummage Sale!
Posted On 06/27/2014 00:11:12 by yourchoice
How did this happen? Or should I ask why did this happen?   We are visiting family in Washington State this week. Two events caused us to pack our bags and hit the road again ... two grandgirls are playing in Championship Little League ball games (we've never had the opportunity to watch them in any of their sports events), and ... the Annual Kiwanas Rummage Sale weekend. We love the adventure of looking for bargains that are so good that we can't afford not to buy them. If we don't need it... Read More

Posted On 03/15/2014 16:14:57 by Notgrnyyet

The young girl stood so straight and true.
Shoulders erect, eyes of blue.
Proud in stature, fair of face
And curls that hung clear to her waist.
She was carefree, happy, pure of heart
Fresh and pretty, lively and smart.
Nothing that hurts, nothing to fear.
She's young, she's unspoiled and held so dear.
Fresh and new gets ruined one day,
When age creeps up and has it's way.
On the face are lines and splotches and grooves,
Gravity kicks in, stra... Read More

How to make my page beautiful ?
Posted On 02/19/2014 11:09:10 by avalonx
Hi all, when I visit people's pages they look so unusual and beautiful. I would like to be able to make my page look nice but I have no idea how to do it. I'm quite techno savvy so am open to any help .Thanks to all who have recently helped me through a very tough time. There is light at the end of the tunnel now I'm happy to say. Xxxxxx... Read More

Pictures for my Christmas Blog
Posted On 12/12/2013 22:40:28 by oppsgal
 Higbee's Cleveland Christmas Shopping  Christmas tree Higbee's  toy soilders on either side of entrance to Santa  Higbee's Silver Grille Resturant  Terminial tower Christmas... Read More

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