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Tag: memories

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The Plastics Factory
Posted On 02/28/2015 16:58:30 by kiwibarb
"And what did you do yesterday, Madam, apart from nothing?" was the greeting I got at the Plastics Factory where I had reluctantly taken a totally uncongenial job in order to keep food on the table. Being between husbands, and with four kids to provide for, any job was better than no job. The Plastics Factory was mainly manned by Maori women, and the above question was directed at me by Nita, the Maori forewoman. She was a brisk, capable lady with a whopping chip on her shoulder, and openly dec... Read More

Posted On 02/24/2015 14:07:11 by kiwibarb
While growing up, I knew only one Intellectually Handicapped child. Now there are hundreds of them. Many suffer from Down Syndrome, while others have brain defects that do not affect their physical appearance. The one thing they share is that their brains all have a defect of one kind or another. Some are actually employable, others can literally do nothing at all. When we moved from our island home to the mainland, my husband was approached by a caregiver of the local IHC to play music for an h... Read More

My 9th Birthday
Posted On 02/21/2015 21:13:08 by kiwibarb
I wrote this on my 75th birthday, and decided to share it with everyone. Today is my birthday, and that always brings to mind the day I was 9 years old and had the most memorable birthday of all. On that day, in 1943, I received the two things I most dearly wanted, plus a surprise present that I treasured for years. I wanted a gold bangle, and a new schoolbag, and got both of them. I don't suppose the bangle was read gold, as it was a popular item for schoolgirls at the time, and most of the fam... Read More

And Then I Met Pam
Posted On 02/21/2015 03:08:20 by kiwibarb
The use of the same name as that used by another blogger, is because this is a true story, and Pamela was the given name of the person I am writing about. When I was 18, I used to get a ride home from work with the owner of a private bus who was going in my direction. There were two of us, an older man and myself, and almost daily we were subjected to an account of the beautiful talented daughter of the bus driver. Her name was Pamela, she was a trainee nurse, she was soooo good at her job... Read More

The Bike Ride
Posted On 02/17/2015 15:54:22 by kiwibarb
Coromandel Town is on the Coromandel Peninsula, about 80km from home. The winding road, lined with pohutukawa trees, follows the coastine all the way, and provides a beautiful sea view that changes with the weather. The pohutukawa trees are not yet flowering, but in December they will be ablaze with their famous red flowers, making them a world-renowned New Zealand icon. Reading an item about Coromandel reminded me of something I participated in when I was 19, and leaves me staggered at the very... Read More

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