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Tag: memories

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Lessons Well Learned
Posted On 08/01/2020 05:29:14 by texasjane
I once stood at my grandmother's side, holding her hand. We were standing on the steps of our little church after services. A new member of church had been introduced to the congregation. An older man who had been a sea captain in the navy and had retired. He had been glancing and smiling at my grandmother all through the service. She had paid him no mind but it did make me curious.
My grandmother had red hair and very blue eyes that could go soft or cold depending upon her mood. We had been... Read More

Talent Quest
Posted On 07/27/2020 07:52:38 by texasjane
I am not quite sure how old I was when the quest for finding my talent began.  I think it really started, in my mind, one night when we were all watching the Miss America pageant on TV.Each girl would come out and do something to showcase her talent.  It was easy for my younger sister.  She sang about everything.  Singing came natural to her. When I tried to sing the dogs would howl and people around me would scrunch up their faces and put their hands over their ears.  I... Read More

Daddy Shot Who?
Posted On 07/12/2020 19:56:46 by texasjane
I had overheard my grandmother make the remark that men sat on their brains.  This made me worry every time my dad passed gas, my sister sat on his lap, or his bottom was in any danger.  The adults had no idea how worried I was.It was about ten o'clock at night.  My daddy had been working late.  He was a gemologist and diamond expert.  He was quiet often called in to appraise stones from private collections as well as corporations like jewelry stores.  He always had... Read More

EST Moments
Posted On 07/04/2020 12:16:21 by texasjane
I thought I was going to add something to the "sweet" column of my "EST" listings. I had added a few after getting home from the er and getting my electric back on and of course the snake round up. Then I glance over as I hear Sweet Pea coming into the office. I spot Oscar scampering in behind her.Sweet Pea stopped just before coming through the door. She lowered her long gray hound snout to the floor. Oscar jumped on and scampered up her nose to the top of her head then Sweet Pea came in the do... Read More

A Special Memory Relived
Posted On 06/05/2020 09:25:23 by texasjane
I had begun to really enjoy my new project of going through boxes pack since 2009. I had packed them up and moved them to the lake house and never opened them. I had marked the box, Grandmother, so it remained untouched until this weekend. I decided the lock down would count for something. I opened a small cigar box that was very old. It had been my treasure box when I was a kid. I was thrilled to find the rhinestones and ball tucked inside a velvet bag. This had been a special gift from m... Read More

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