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Tag: memories

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Mama and the Pie
Posted On 01/13/2021 19:39:50 by azjudy
I am not sure but if I did it was one of the very first blogs that was deleted before I knew to save them as blogs.  The incident still makes me laugh whenever I think of it.  My beloved mother is no longer with us but the memories always will be.
Mama and the PieI was home from college for the holidays. Mama spent her days cooking and preparing various dishes.  One of her favorite things to bake were pies. To this day, I have never tasted a pumpkin pie as good as Mom’s but... Read More

I Love Trains...
Posted On 12/17/2020 22:07:45 by yourchoice

I’m not yet ready to write a blog about Christmas, but I’ll get there. This week, I’ve been thinking about trains, especially while watching so many ‘going’ and ‘coming’ through our valley. Trains have change in many ways in my lifetime, and this may bring back a few memories for you too. In the early 1940s, our family lived on a farm, and when it was necessary to travel 80 miles to the city, many times my Mom and I would take the train. The proprietor of our General Store, wo... Read More

A Treasure Trove of Photos - Part 1
Posted On 10/30/2020 03:35:19 by yourchoice
I have always had a passion for photographs. When I arrived in our family, my mother purchased a box camera. I still have quite a few photos of myself, starting as a babe in arms, and my growing up years on the farm. I don't have any siblings so I was the 'star'! When we moved to the city, and I was attending school, Mother used a Brownie camera, with the glass view finder, which I still have in my collection. The definition of a trove, according to Webster, is a collection or store of valuable... Read More

An Affair, Remember?
Posted On 10/20/2020 11:35:20 by texasjane
On the news today I saw a story about a woman who celebrated her birthday by jumping out of a plane.  She was one hundred and two.  Then I remembered my grandmother's older sister, Lilly, celebrating her birthday when she was also one hundred and two.
Lilly, was a real hoot.  She wore a bussell because she did not have much of a bottom.  I used to get a kick out of watching her turn her back to a mirror, then hold another mirror up so she could see what she looked like fro... Read More

Why Are You Surprised?
Posted On 10/11/2020 18:42:19 by texasjane
I want all you grown ups, who are grandparents to read carefully and remember to whom you are speaking.  Before we go any further all you grown ups need to tilt your head just a bit and let all that grown up stuff shake out of your head.  It will come out one of your ears... if you let it.  You have to shake your head a little to get it all.Now, remember back when you were about six.  You were either in first grade or getting ready to go into first grade.  You have... Read More

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