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Tag: memories

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The Bronze Medallion
Posted On 03/20/2015 23:27:45 by kiwibarb
I grew up in a society in which we had to do something in order to achieve recognition. If we didn’t come up to scratch in our end-of-year school exams, we were not pampered into the next class. We were doomed to repeat that same year’s work again, and again, until we reached proficiency, before we were promoted to the next level. It may have been a bit harsh, but the end result was that all who were not intellectually handicapped, finally left school completely literate. Sadly, there wasn... Read More

Songs For Grandma
Posted On 03/15/2015 14:32:02 by kiwibarb
Singing was a feature of my life as a child, and I have previously recorded in a blog how my English father established and perpetuated the habit that his two youngest daughters, my sister Hazel and myself, were quick to pick up. Dad, Hazel and I all sang in the choir at church in the early 1950s. As a young mother, I sang to my four daughters and encouraged them to sing too. We always sang in the car, especially on long trips, and our favourites included the songs from the popular radio Childr... Read More

Saturday Night Dances
Posted On 03/12/2015 03:30:46 by kiwibarb
I was 18 years old in 1953, and the thing to do on a Saturday night was go to the dance. What dance? Ah, we had a choice! Every little town had a public hall, and every public hall had a Saturday night dance. I used to spend Saturday, what was left of it after doing the chores for Mum, preparing my clothes to wear to the dance. Girls didn't wear jeans. There was no such garment. They didn't wear trousers of any kind. Flared or circular skirts were favoured, because they swung out as you danced,... Read More

My Only Dog
Posted On 03/03/2015 00:30:56 by kiwibarb
"Mum, can I have a dog?" was a frequent plea when I was 10. We had a cat called Poppet that somebody had given to my sister Hazel, but I wanted a dog. There didn't seem to be any likelihood that I would get one. Mum went to town one day, which wasn't unusual, and when she got home she called me to come over to the fence and see what Mrs Lucas next door had bought for John. It was the dearest little Pomeranian you ever saw. Mrs Lucas didn't want John to get it until Christmas, and this was only... Read More

The Plastics Factory
Posted On 02/28/2015 16:58:30 by kiwibarb
"And what did you do yesterday, Madam, apart from nothing?" was the greeting I got at the Plastics Factory where I had reluctantly taken a totally uncongenial job in order to keep food on the table. Being between husbands, and with four kids to provide for, any job was better than no job. The Plastics Factory was mainly manned by Maori women, and the above question was directed at me by Nita, the Maori forewoman. She was a brisk, capable lady with a whopping chip on her shoulder, and openly dec... Read More

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