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Tag: memories

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Down Memory Lane
Posted On 04/22/2014 21:32:52 by Notgrnyyet
   Living down that old dead end dirt road as I grew up was a great childhood. We were happy, we had most everything we needed and some of what we wanted.A smell like pinto beans cooking can transport me back in time and open up the windows to my youth.  I can see Mama standing at the stove stirring the beans. I can see me as I stand on a box to reach the cabinet as Mama taught me to make cornbread. I still make it the same way today. I loved to cook then and I still love it... Read More

The Knitwit
Posted On 03/26/2014 14:57:53 by kiwibarb
  I asked my kids what I used to do before the advent of the computer, and they said I did a lot of knitting. Yes, I knitted for everyone; all my own children, some of my nieces and nephews, many of the neighbours, and various family members. There was always something on the needles. I did fair isle and aran knitting, using pure wool, and it had to be carefully laundered to prevent matting and shrinking. When knitting for the neighbours, the only payment I required was that I got to keep t... Read More

I've Got Sixpence
Posted On 02/14/2014 21:05:07 by kiwibarb
"I’ve got sixpence, jolly jolly sixpence, I’ve got sixpence to last me all my life
I’ve got tuppence to spend and tuppence to lend and tuppence to send unto my wife."

Yes I do know the rest of the song, but I’m not putting it in here. Just hoping it jogs somebody’s memory. When I was digging in the garden, I found sixpence. Big Deal, don’t you think? Depends how you view it. Sixpence is in fact an obsolete monetary unit of my country, which used to have four coins of lesse... Read More

Posted On 02/02/2014 14:35:32 by Notgrnyyet

Memories are what we draw on to remember people places and times in our life that made us either happy or sad. I choose the happy ones especially on a day when I tend to be sad or down about the things of now. Life was so simple when I was growing up. Probably due mostly to the fact that my Loving Parents took care to make me happy and protected. I just didn't know things were hard. That is a gift my Parents gave me that can never be replaced. That warm, safe, feeling loved, and wonderful yo... Read More

Posted On 01/17/2014 12:30:46 by NaturzFury2008

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