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Tag: memories

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It’s All About the 3C’s …
Posted On 02/22/2023 19:51:16 by yourchoice
Many thanks to the host of friends who have kept in touch with me the last several months, even though I have been unusually silent. There must be some reason for my absence, so I’ve instructed my  ‘talking fingers’ to take a few minutes to ‘set the record straight’! The title of this may give you some clue … or maybe not! One of the C’s is definitely NOT Covid, or Complaints or Chemicals. Both husband and I are doing well but not perfect. We are thankful to be able to remain... Read More

Our 'Wheels' of Travel...
Posted On 11/29/2022 00:02:39 by yourchoice
I’m sure everyone has a story to tell to sum up the past two years. Some stories will be unbelievably sad, some will tell of overcoming personal circumstances, and some stories will be just plain boring. This may be one of them, but I’m going to tell it the best that I can.Some of you may have already heard that we had come to the conclusion that our days of travel, nationally and internationally, have come to an end. We have a mountain of photographs that were taken on various vacations whe... Read More

A Walk Down Memory Lane~
Posted On 03/05/2022 08:29:12 by momtocam
This past week I learned a friend and (former coworker) was in the hospital…preparing to undergo heart bypass surgery. We started working together over 27 1/2 years ago. She, along with many other friends, (I’ve worked with) remain in close touch. 
... Read More

Green Cottage Cheese & Eggs
Posted On 02/13/2022 21:01:44 by azjudy
     Green Cottage Cheese &  Eggs
Memories of one thing often make you think of something else. In this case, I was thinking of one of my long-time friends who is gone now.  Around the last of the 1990s,  I took a trip to Ca to visit Cathy and her husband for a few days. We planned to go to a deaf Expo in New York. Well, It was a lot of fun but one day was enough for me. Cathy's husband was one of the worst drivers I've ever known and believe me, I could tell... Read More

Number, Please?
Posted On 02/10/2022 22:09:53 by yourchoice
While watching the news this evening, it gave me an idea for a new blog from me. I do enjoy writing but the last couple of months have been filled with ‘other things’, and my list of ‘no-no’ topics that won’t be entertained by me is getting longer. I try not to be a ‘negative’ person. There is too much of that these days.Back to the news this evening… a town in the northern part of our province has announced that the last pay telephone in town will be retired, because it had only... Read More

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