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05/25/2019 11:46:45

Welcome to the weekend! And it is going to be a scorcher of a weekend here. Temps well into the 90s and humidity to go along with. The goal of the next many days will be to keep cool. How is the weather at your house? Or should I say, at Linville? Whatever it is, enjoy today and find something fun to do!

Hugs and love~


05/25/2019 11:11:02
Love and Laughter, Janay

05/25/2019 10:26:39

Good morning, with love from my page to yours..have a wonderful weekend..

05/25/2019 09:17:01

Such a pretty page, Lisa:) Have fun on your trip.
*hugs* and WooFs!

05/25/2019 08:24:18

we went to a free outdoor concert last night, "the Caribbean Chillers" (at the Daytona Bandshell at the beach), they do all Jimmy Buffet type music..it was a blast, but staying up to 12 threw my body off big time...going to do it again tonight! LOL!

05/25/2019 07:22:15

Happy Caturday !

05/25/2019 05:48:56

Good day to you . The warm
weather has really arrived as it has everywhere. Hope the severe storms
& flooding has left you safe . So far it has skipped us by. Going
to pressure wash the driveway, walk & front porch today so will be
able to enjoy the long weekend . Have some ribs,chicken & sausage to
cook out tomorrow & watch some of the 500 mile race Mon.
Remembering what Memorial day is for those who gave their all. Hope you
enjoy your weekend.........George

05/25/2019 05:48:22
Happy camping. The rain has stopped. Not only have there been flood warnings, which don't directly affect me, but last night we had a tornado watch. In my city we don't take that too seriously. We seem to have a natural defense against it. I have only seen one come through this city since I have lived here. Have a good weekend. Take some pictures when you're camping so the rest of us who are city bound can enjoy the festivities. 

05/25/2019 05:45:05
Good morning.  We have officially reached Memorial Day weekend.  Since I no longer work, it is not as relevant as it used to be.  I could go over numerous things for me that the Memorial Day would begin.  Holidays for this writer have become days where one is deprived of certain activities due to people having the holidays off, and if one would go to the store, have to stand in line longer.  But there are still good things.  I'm able to look out the window and see people mowing their lawns, and if I take a constitutional in the neighborhood, actually be able to engage in dialogue with human beings, and their dogs.  When I went out this morning to throw out the water, it felt somewhat warmer.  I actually missed the challenge of going for a jog in the darkness, and I almost succumbed to the feeling.  It is 65°at 4:00 AM.  It is nice that my furnace is not activating.  I am thinking about unpacking my new portable air conditioner today.  It is supposed to get the be 79° so I can give it a test.  I probably would not need it because there is no humidity and it does cool down a bite.  However, it is going to be Memorial Day and I used that as a signpost for summer.  I actually used to plant my vegetable garden and so forth on Memorial Day, give or take a day.  I will not be planting a garden this year as a requiem to the closing of a store that I always purchased my plants at.  Since I have church later this afternoon, all plans are subject to alteration.

Have a good day.  The movie at the theater yesterday was acceptable.  I could give a Spoiler Alert, but I shall not review the movie at this time.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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05/24/2019 22:21:25

05/24/2019 16:15:40

05/24/2019 13:08:18


05/24/2019 10:09:52

Enjoy your getaway, dear Lisa! Dixie will romp and play in strange surroundings w/fervor:) Take lotsa pics so you can share w/those of us who are going nowhere. haha  Safe trip there and back again, sweetie... *hugs*

05/24/2019 10:03:31

My vertigo seems gone. The eye doctor tipped the chair all the way back with nothing bad happening. If it was not for the rain I would have started the motorcycle for a test ride in the neighborhood 

05/24/2019 09:37:40
Love and Laughter, Janay

05/24/2019 09:36:29

Thunderstorms - some may contain locally heavy rain, especially during the morning hours. High near 70F. Winds SSE at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 100%.

05/24/2019 08:28:33

05/24/2019 06:51:41

This Weekend


05/24/2019 06:35:03

Good morning on this Friday morning.  Is raining and shall continue to rain until tomorrow.  It is also MOVIE DAY.  I am uncertain on whether to attend.  The selection in question most likely will not be nominated for an Academy Award.  The thing that is most distasteful about the selection is that it does not start until 10:15 AM.  Fortunately it is a short movie, approximately 90 minutes.  It shall be a game time decision.  Last week I was forced to set extremely close to the screen.  I have not done that since I was a child.  And now with the condition of my eye, I don't think that would be good.  That being said, it does not look like the movie will attract a capacity crowd.

My portable air conditioner arrived yesterday.  If memory serves me, about 1:00 PM.  I have not unpacked the unit as of yet and it is sitting near my living room.  I could possibly give it a test run tomorrow being it is supposedly going to reach 81°.  Not that I would need it at this time of year for that temperature, as there is no humidity and it cools down at night.  But at least I could see if it works.  I shall play it by ear.  Another situation of a game time decision.

I was planning on activating my motorcycle today but because of the rain I shall postpone that decision.  I have been confident that I have conquered my vertigo.  I have been gaining confidence in this situation for a few days and it was topped off the other day with my visit to the eye doctor.  He did something I was not expecting.  He reclined the examination chair all the way back and if I would still be bothered by vertigo, I would have become extremely dizzy.  We are almost upon Memorial Day weekend.  To those of you who are going to be celebrating, try not to be excessive.  Stay out of police lineups and appearing in a mug shot.  Have a good day.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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05/24/2019 06:20:55

happy Memorial Day weekend, my friend!

05/24/2019 02:46:45

Friday quote

Wkend quote

Wkend quote

05/23/2019 22:11:11

Good Night

~Sweet Dreams~  My Friend



05/23/2019 21:41:29

Hey Lisa - just checking in to say hi at this late hour.  Our old neighbor came by for a visit - it was good to see him.  I went to the farmer's market, but the last of the strawberries had just been sold, but I bought their strawberry pound cake, which is so good, and I'll go back early get the berries.  Tomorrow someone at the VFW will celebrate his birthday at the post and is buying meat and cheese trays and someone else is making sweedish meatballs.  So free is on the menue tomorrow.  Works for me!  Since this weekend is Memorial Day weekend, it's early to me, get your flag out - ours is out 24/7 but we'll line the drive with smaller ones.  Hope you have a great weekend - have fun and stay safe. ( Our weather was 88 today and will be around that all thrugh the week. )Hugs, Wendy

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05/23/2019 15:11:53

Happy almost-Friday, Lisa! It's been a full day for me and I'm finally getting the chance to sit down and relax. How has your day been? Dave and I are eagerly waiting to hear that his eye glasses are ready so we can go pick our new glasses up. Mine have been ready since Monday but we were holding off until we could go at the same time. It's been nearly 3 weeks for his and they still aren't in. Maybe tomorrow? Have a great evening!

Hugs and smiles~

05/23/2019 14:35:30

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05/23/2019 12:56:29

Another day one step closer to the weekend. Doesn't get any better than that! Sending love from my page to yours..

05/23/2019 10:56:33

Stopping by to wish you a comfy Thursday, you two. Hope you're still able to sit outside each morning, or to enjoy your swing. Do you have your plans made for the weekend? Ours are easy... we have no plans. lol The kiddos are off in different places w/sports and college stuff. Tomorrow's Friday... yay! *hugs* and WooFs!

05/23/2019 10:32:51

 Risultati immagini per candice swanepoel smiling gif

Have a great day my friend ....

05/23/2019 09:38:52

Good Morning Lisa, I bet you're warming up quickly like we are.  Yesterday I was out running errans and it was 96 degrees according to my car's thermometer. Oh Lordy, I'm not ready for that kind of heat.  My brother has his pool almost ready so I may be visiting him soon to cool off. lol. Do you have plans for the holiday weekend? My plan is to keep cool as we will be pushing 100 degrees by then. Hve a good day and I'll talk to you soon.

05/23/2019 08:08:48

Enjoy Thursday afternoon

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