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10/23/2018 16:48:35

Hope your day was wonderful..

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10/23/2018 16:20:42

Hi Lisa, hope you are getting back to normal and that you are all unpacked.  I've been busy cleaning and still putting things away.  The extra bedroom and back room are still full - looks like nothing has been touched as far as unpacking.  You certainly find out what you can do without and just how much junk you have.  Hopefully Rich will pack his wife's china up and put it up stairs in the attic along with the Christmas dishes.  Boy his wife could spend the money, and she never worked!

I see you had the same weather we did - 70's and sunsine - temp is now dropping and it's breezy out as well.  I've had to put my plants from outside in the garage the last couple of nites due to frost warnings.  Think they will be ok tonite as it's only going down to the high 40's

Hope your day has been a great Tues.  Take care.  Hugs, Wendy

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10/23/2018 13:18:05

Good Morning running late here but brought you breakfast: )

Have a great day blessed friend. Hug 

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10/23/2018 08:06:46

I think I would've done the same thing... go back to finish shopping when more in stock and maybe less ppl:) I don't do crowds well. Hope each day you are more rested.  Isn't the weather wonderful. Happy Tuesday, Lisa! *hugs*

10/23/2018 08:02:59

10/23/2018 06:06:16


10/23/2018 05:43:51

Good morning. The witching hour of Halloween draws nearer. When you are out trick or treating, be careful of the bears. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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10/23/2018 04:27:11
Hugs and Smiles, Janay

10/22/2018 15:53:24

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10/22/2018 10:40:46

Hope the new week ahead is good to ya. 

10/22/2018 10:06:34

wishing you a lovely fall day...hugs

10/22/2018 10:06:26

Hi Lisa, I know you're glad to be back home to Dixie and settled into your routine. Glad you had a good trip and I know the memories will be pricesless. Cool here this morning too, yippee! Yes we live in shorts and tees here too, from April to September. Had to scrounge me up an extra blanket last night since the temps dipped into the 40s.  Yesterday was busy, I helped hubby in the yard and we got up some more of the mess. Things will gradually get back to normal. It will just take some time.  Hope your day is good and enjoy the lovely Fall weather! love, Beth

10/22/2018 09:47:16

momtocam wrote:

Congrats Featured Member -:)

10/22/2018 09:19:25

10/22/2018 06:59:22

... for your congrats:) Did you get your grocery shopping done? Hope you have same cold front we have. It's absotively lucious outside this morning. Enjoy whatever you do today, Lisa. How happy sweet Dixie is!! :) *hugs*

10/22/2018 06:23:13
Good Morning MomtoCam.  Have a beautiful day, with lots of fun and laughter along the way.
Love and Laughter, Janay

10/22/2018 04:03:27

10/22/2018 04:02:21

Hello Dear Friend, I hope this fines you well.  Our weather has really been cold. Last week we got down to 27 at night.  That was really cold. Not ready for the cold yet. lol  lol  But I guess cold weather is coming.  Have a wonderful week. God Bless you. Hugs,Shirley

10/22/2018 00:28:37

10/21/2018 19:33:46

we'll be getting up early in the morning to start our 17 hour trip to Florida...so I won't be back online until sometime Monday evening when we check into a hotel half way there... enjoy this brand new week!

10/21/2018 16:17:13

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10/21/2018 13:13:33

Howdy, just making my weekend rounds.  Seems I have a hard time getting on here during the week, not enough hours in the day especially when I am at work anywhere from 9.75 to 11 hrs. Oh well, at least the paycheck is better. It will slow down after Christmas. Anyway, I do hope you are doing well and enjoying a nice relaxing Sunday.  So glad you made it back home safely.  Nice and warm here but will cool way down this coming week with possible rain. The dreaded cold Winter weather is right around the corner.  You take care and enjoy the rest of your day... Have a wonderful week ahead~~~~ hugs, debijo

10/21/2018 12:38:27

Beautiful day here but more chilly than yesterday - was in the low 70's - today maybe gonna get to 64.  So you'll need a sweater to go shopping - I have had jeans on and long sleeved tops for the past two days.  It's not bad in the house, but 74 still feels cooler in the fall that it does with the AC on in the summer - weird, huh.  

Went to the oyster roast at the VFW yesterday - big turnout - we had chicken with lots of sides, but didn't win any of the raffle baskets or the 50/50 - well we made our donation anyway!!

Hope your morning went well and that your afternoon will be the same.  Have football on and switching back and forth between the games.

Cool hugs,


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10/21/2018 12:34:18

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Stopping by to say hello to you. Its a beautiful sunday. I love sundays. Rest day.

God comes first before me.Im real bad because i didnt go to church. I need to go back.

I love jesus with all my heart and soul. He is our savior.He is King.

He is our healor.He is Love.He loves you and everyone in this world.

I hope you have a beautiful sunday. Please take care. God bless you.

10/21/2018 10:55:24
Love and Laughter, Janay

10/21/2018 09:04:23

Good morning, Lisa:) Hope you're getting rested up and "after-trip" chores are getting cone. It's quite cool this monring, blue skies and windy. Just my kinda day:) Now you have one, too... *hugs*

10/21/2018 08:45:19

Wishing you a wonderful day..

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10/21/2018 05:34:02

I may have to bring out the vinegar for the coffee pot . Took about 25 minutes to make a pot this morning.

10/21/2018 05:05:32
Good morning on this Sunday morning.  It was a little cool out this morning, about 25°.  Fortunately, there was no wind.  If there would have been some wind, it could have been uncomfortable.  Instead, it was a pleasant early morning.  Upon arriving home, I prepared the good coffee, a couple of waffles, and I had already prepared a boiled egg.  I have not had a boiled egg in a million years.  I have no agenda for today except watching some football and other festivities on the television.  And if I see some sun on my window, I may take a constitutional around the neighborhood.  That would be a game time decision.  Tomorrow some of the people on the site will go back to their real lives.  The rest of us shall remain in anonymity of the virtual world.  SPOILER ALERT: I actually enjoyed the movie I went and viewed on Friday.  It did have quite a bit of violence and so forth.  But then again that is what is expected around Halloween.

I leave you now with the full expectation of you having a good Sunday.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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10/21/2018 04:45:12

Halloween is coming and Bubba and Lil G are getting excited. I hope you have a great Sunday my dear friend filled with peace,  love and many blessings. Hugs,  Yvette xoxo

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